2022 is the year of truth & Humanity! Save our Lives NOW… it’s up to all of us.

People have lost their jobs and lively hoods. Health, Friends and families. A work stoppage will be difficult for some. BUT… some of us have already lost the freedom to work. Support! Solidarity! This may well be the only way to turn Canada around. Freedom Fighters, ONE AND ALL.

They data shows, that not only do the ‘vaccines’ not work, they are causing people to become more sick, with other ailments.

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The Trudeau and Legault governments want to implement the digital ID that will be associated with your insurance, bank account, employment taxes and also your medical record via the vaccination passport. This passport will soon become the permit to enjoy services if you are good citizens. The program has been in place for a few years in China. You accumulate points as a good citizen that will allow you to attend shows, go to the gym etc. and if you do not comply with government directives then we can block your bank account or your access to other services. In addition, the CAQ already has in its plans to sell your medical record to pharmaceuticals, (look for Fitzgibbons and gold mine medical records).

Do you doubt and find me a conspiracy theorist? Go to the restaurant tonight without your passport just to test…And then ask yourself where the person in the restaurant takes the information about your vaccination status if it is not in your medical record?

The other aspect, we will have no more paper money… Finished! Everything becomes traceable with digital identity and the government can block your assets. Interesting isn’t it? Even truckers would no longer be able to buy gas or lose their license just with a click from Trudeau!2)

And it’s worse!!! To understand why on March 14 you need to know how the Organization of Municipalities works.
So here it is: Legault has awarded more than $4 billion in contracts without a call for tenders since the beginning of the emergency measures. The day he lifts the measures, the opposition will have only 3 months to demand the disclosure of these contracts by decree (this is the law). After the 3 months, contracts will become secret and archived without the right of access. But Legault knows this and he plays his cards well. First, it will pass the law validating the passport before the lifting of emergency measures on March 14. It, therefore, ensures that citizens with a vaccination passport have legally agreed to give access to their medical records to the government, which can then sell this access. Legault will then be able to link the passport to the digital identity. Then he will wait until March to lift these measures. However, the House of Commons will be closed in “recess” for 2 months just before the summer holidays. So by lifting the measures in March, LEGAULT IS ENSURING THAT NO ONE IN PARLIAMENT CAN HOLD IT ACCOUNTABLE FOR CONTRACTS AWARDED WITHOUT A CALL FOR TENDERS. So if we ask him questions when the assembly returns to the House then the grace period of 3 months will have passed, he will no longer have to answer and the contracts will be archived.

In short, we will never know to whom he gave the contracts and how much he and Dubé invested in these secret companies. Try to find out who wrote the software for the passport and how much the government pays in rebate for each use. It’s practically impossible… A secret well kept by Legault. I bet it’s PetalMed, the company of Charles Sirois, the founder of the CAQ, and that Dubé and Legault have invested heavily in this company. PétalMed had already received 6 million before the pandemic and received 36 million more (see in Le Devoir and La Presse) without a call for tenders at the beginning of the pandemic. Coincidence? It’s up to you to judge. Copy and paste to max my friends, the world must know.

Timestamp 9 minutes is a good place to start to hear thoughts about Trudeau and Canada. Or listen to the whole thing.

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