… by the Fauci created synthetic tripartite viral bioweapon monkey virus SARS COV2. The bioweapons spike protein contains the deadly sequences of HIV/ XMRV/ SARS. The weaponization (gain of function) of this man-made bio toxin began in the early 2000s. It has been injected into vulnerable populations via polio, MMR and Flu vaccines for at least two decades. The COVID “vaccine” is simply the injection of the disease causing spike protein in a synthetic virus.

Our innate immune response to viruses is dysregulated with EVERY vaccine. Essentially all contain either other animal or human viruses by virtue of the endogenous viruses that are present in all animal cell lines and aborted fetal tissue cell lines used in our vaccines for 3 decades. 

NEVER a single placebo controlled safety study has been done on any single vaccine or the combination of several animal/human nucleic acids and proteins, since all liability was removed removed in 1986.

COVID is a coverup of of the explosion of chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer CAUSED by the cumulative dysregulation of the immune systems to millions of Americans. In fact, when we isolated XMRV, and many variants (mouse cancer and neuroimmune disease causing viruses)  from humans with those disease, we demonstrated the contamination of the blood supply for more than 30 years with XMRVs (Omicron is an XMRV as is the original SARS COV2). 

On March 29, 2011, I first reported at the NY Academy of Sciences the contamination of the blood supply (and the technology to clean it up as detailed in our book Plague of Corruption) and another scientist opined earlier January of 2011 on the probability infectious XMRVs being transmitted unchecked for three decades by biologicals including with vaccines.

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Academic Career

Dr. Mikovits earned BA in Chemistry from University of Virginia in 1980 and her PhD in

biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University in 1992. Her PhD

thesis defense changed the paradigm for therapeutic treatment of HIV. For this work, she was

awarded prestigious  Graduate Student of the Year George Washington University in 1991.

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