On March 21st, 2023 a petition was entered at ourcommons.ca e-4369 and sent to the Member of Parliament who stands as the “Official” leader of the opposition in Canada’s Federal Government.

​Petition to the House of Commons
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  • Citizens have lost faith in the abilities of the Liberal Party to effectively “Constitutionally Govern” Canada
  • We demand the Governor General to exercise or compel her duty using the “Unconstitutionally Governing” clause to remove the Liberal Party of Canada
  • We demand that Elections Canada and the Commissioner of Canada Elections deplatform the Liberal Party of Canada
  • The People of Canada are demanding an immediate start to a fair and democratic to fairly elect a government of our choice

We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to People of Canada, have lost trust in the abilities of the Liberal Party of Canada to maintain a safe country, a fair electoral process.

​Canadians no longer have faith in the Liberal Party of Canada’s ability to manage our nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refuses to set an example and lacks leadership.

Commissioner of Canada Elections remove the Liberal Party of Canada from participating in the next election.

Episode 110 speaks to this ‘Rally’

Organize in Your Local Communities April 1, 2023 in Support of


​Canadians are demanding for a call to an immediate and fair democratic election because the current standing “ruling” party “The Liberal Party of Canada” and the current Prime Minister have failed to “Constitutionally Govern” Canadians and manage the affairs of Canada.

​The Liberal Party of Canada have violated and continue to violate ethic laws or are involved with various scandals with attempts to cover up crimes.

​The Prime Minister and Liberal Caucus have been accused by National Intelligence agencies regarding political and national security interference on multiple occasions.

The Liberal Party of Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are clearly attempting to cover up accusations of foreign interference by imposing a public inquiry which is completely full of conflict of interests issues. These issues are that the rapporteur is a personal friend of the Prime Minister’s and Ms Telford who is scheduled to testify benefited from a $84 million dollar payment received by her husband via the Trudeau Government. We cannot allow a cover up and we can no longer allow an unfair process.

​China used political interference tactics using Elected officials and other Members of Parliament with bribes which manipulated Federal Elections whereas the outcome favoured Justin Trudeau and The Liberal Party of Canada.

​Canadians no longer recognize Justin Trudeau and The Liberal Party of Canada as an official body of Government. The voice and democratic process of Canadians have been violated due to election fraud.

Can the Governor General remove a Prime Minister?

YES. – ​”Unconstitutional Governing”

​It’s stated in the “House of Commons” Procedural & Practice under the “Parliamentary Institutions” section [122] 2nd Paragraph states the following:

​”Ostensibly, the Governor General also has the power to dismiss the Prime Minister.  However, no Canadian Governor General has ever done so.  When the Australian Governor General dismissed the Prime Minister in 1975, his power to do so under the Australian constitution was upheld (see House of Representatives Practice, 3rd ed.,  pp. 5-6).”

​Therefore Canadians need to compel the Governor General of Canada to use this clause within the Procedural & Practice rules to dissolve Parliament via Unconstitutional Governing Challenge presented by the Citizens of Canada and call for an immediate election due to electoral interference by a foreign state in collusion with members of the current standing Government which favored results of previous elections for Justin Trudeau and The Liberal Party of Canada. 

​1. It’s Unconstitutional Governing when a ruling Government manipulates due process for a fair election.

2. It’s Unconstitutional Governing when a ruling Government attempts to cover up facts of foreign interference which erodes the trust & confidence of Canadians in turn affecting elections.

3. It’s Unconstitutional Governing when a ruling Government focuses on the primary needs of foreign nations over its own citizens. These actions have caused mass homelessness, addictions and death due to legislation tabled in partnership with private corporations and big pharma.

4. It’s Unconstitutional Governing when a ruling Government refuses to address domestic issues causing harm to domestic interests and the Canadian economy.

5. It’s Unconstitutional Governing when a ruling Government allows it’s leader IE: Prime Minister to publicly attack, shame and discriminate Canadian Citizens with hate speech overtones.

6. It’s Unconstitutional Governing when a ruling Government focuses on dividing its people rather than bringing its citizens in solidarity.

7. It’s Unconstitutional Governing when a ruling Government imposes legislation that favors its corporate donors with special interests to destroy the pursuit of innovation regarding our energy sectors.

8. It’s Unconstitutional Governing when a ruling Government pays off media companies which allows for propaganda to condition the minds of Canadians using fear initiatives to control its citizens. CBC is prime example with misinformation campaigns and hit piece against Canadians rightfully expressing real concerns affecting our country.

9. It’s Unconstitutional Governing when a ruling Government ignores the concerns of its National Intelligence and Security Departments, create their own Intelligence Group of Parliamentarians which consists of the PM and MP’s with the goal to undermine national security and disregard CSIS and it’s affiliates. 

10. The budget did not balance itself.

11. Money for every other country and Liberal interests but no money for Canadian Veterans.

12. First Nations/Indigenous/Tribal Issues have yet to be resolved in over 150+ years. No clean water.

13. Liberal mandates and policies have allowed the erosion of public safety whereas crime rates have blown out of control in communities across Canada. Children are no longer safe.

14. Liberals only work for their voters and not Canadians as a whole which is unfair representation and is considered Unconstitutional Governing as a result.

15. 85% of the actions by the Liberal Party of Canada have caused severe harm to Canadian interests, national security and public safety.


​​In the event of violence, threat of violence, disengage and inform an officer.

​Be kind and respectful towards your fellow Canadians & International supporters.

​We’re working with authorities to help ensure public safety, we ask that all individuals be on their best behaviour.

​Canadians condemn hate symbols, individuals who are expressing messages of hate and division therefore those ideologies will not be tolerated.​


  • We encourage the use of a “buddy” system as an extra safety precaution. Stay aware of your environment. 
  • There will be NO vehicles permitted on the hill. City will tow and fines imposed.
  • Please be respectful to local bylaws, provincial and federal laws.
  • Always remain peaceful. In the event you witness a cause for concern please address it to the closest officers.
  • No camping out. Reserve your hotels or arrange accommodations. We recommend Bookings.com for hotels/airbnbs.
  • Parking: We suggest Rideau mall, public parking or designated parking within the Ottawa core. Carpooling is HIGHLY suggested.
  • Canadian Flags are NOT a prop. It is a symbol of our nation. We recommend Canadian flags, Indigenous/Tribal Nation Flags and Other nations.
  • Please respect all of your surroundings, do not litter. Use public disposal bins.
  • Please pitch in to help keep all areas clean & safe.
  • If you bring children ensure you have a family plan in place for safety.
  • Events start each day on the hill at 10:30am and end at 6:00pm
  • All prohibited weapons or objects considered a threat are not permitted.

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Organize in Your Local Communities April 1, 2023 in Support of

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