Thank you, for standing up for our parental rights and the citizens of our province by exposing sogi123.

We have Message for your opposition.

Citizens in British Columbia are prepared to remove their children according to their constitutional right of education from all educational institutes that teach sogi 123 by January 2024

Today we inform the opposition the residents of British Columbia understand the federal government will try to pass a law that all businesses must implement sogi123 practices after securing majority leadership among the economic demographic.

We, as taxpaying citizens have executed a list of enterprises, franchises, firms, organizations and businesses who receive funding from our current governments. We are boycotting these outfits provincially and federally.

Thank you for standing up for the residence in British Columbia!

Bruce Banman Reads “Eleonor & Park” In BC Legislature

Did B.C. Conservative leader John Rustad have a point comparing SOGI 123 to residential schools?

New BC Conservative leader picks up the fight for parental rights

Rebel News’ Drea Humphrey speaks with MLA John Rustad about why he joined the Conservative Party of British Columbia after being removed from the BC Liberal caucus.

Don introduces MLA John Rustad


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