There are more cameras tethered to the internet in the United States, then there are in China. The UK is third, with the total number of surveillance cameras watching people. While people were in lockdown, cameras were installed everywhere.

This was one of the more sobering interviews I’ve produced. Silicon Valley tech veteran and freedom lover, Aman Jabbi, delivers his in-depth Power Point presentation on the unfolding and seemingly irresistible tide of digital surveillance and growth of the AI mind amid the massive, and rapidly expanding data gathering landscape.

WATCH PLEASE. Aman Jabbi on twitter

His same video, with interview by Maria Zeee

Aman Jabbi, same video, interview with Maria Zeee

Catherine Austin Fitts on digital currency and passports
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Some slides from his video: (Reece Report below images)

Greg Reece Report. Introducing Aman Jabbi

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