Transgender Navy SEAL Detransitions: Going Trans ‘Destroyed My Life’. [scoll down for full video]

A retired U.S. Navy SEAL, who became famous after coming out as transgender, has announced he has “detransitioned” while revealing that going trans has “destroyed my life.”

Chris Beck, formerly known as Kristin Beck, made headlines nearly 10 years ago after coming out as transgender.

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Chris Beck, a combat veteran with 13 deployments, was introduced to America when he came out as the first Trans soldier. He’s sitting down with Robby Starbuck now to reveal that he’s de-transitioned, how the VA provided doctor convinced him he was trans in a 1 hr session, how the VA doctor hatched a deal to release a book together, how CNN used him and most importantly, to warn the children who could be harmed next. Together, we unmask + deconstruct the truth about what’s being done to popularize trans identities and what’s being done to children!

Beck’s story was celebrated by the liberal corporate media and used as “woke” propaganda to push for transgenders in the military.

However, Beck now says the move was a big mistake and he’s calling on Americans to “wake up” about how transgender health services are hurting children.

“Everything you see on CNN with my face, do not even believe a word of it,” Beck told conservative commentator Robby Starbuck in an interview published earlier this month.

“Everything that happened to me for the last 10 years destroyed my life.

“I destroyed my life,” he asserted.

“I’m not a victim. I did this to myself, but I had help.”

“I take full responsibility,” he continued.

“I went on CNN and everything else, and that’s why I’m here right now.

Beck served in the Navy for 20 years, including on SEAL Team Six.

He was deployed 13 times and received more than 50 medals and ribbons for his service.

Beck said he’s speaking out about transgenderism to protect children in the current political climate.

He warns that there are gender clinics, performing irreversible and life-altering sex-change surgeries on children “over all of America.”

“There are thousands of gender clinics being put up over all of America,” he said.

“As soon as [kids] go in and say, ‘I’m a tomboy’ or ‘This makes me feel comfortable,’ and then a psychologist says, ‘Oh, you’re transgender.’

“And then the next day, you’re on hormones – the same hormones they are using for medical castration for pedophiles.

“Now, they are giving this to healthy 13-year-olds.”

“Does this seem right?” he asked.

“This is why I am trying to tell America to wake up.”

Beck said that when he began transitioning, it took just an hour-long meeting at Veterans Affairs to be offered hormones.

“I walked into a psychologist’s office, [and] in one day I have a letter in my hand saying I was transgender,” Beck said.

“I was authorized for hormones.

“I was authorized for all this other stuff.

“I had so much going wrong in my system when I started taking those,” he added.

“Some of that was paid for by the VA, and I’m sorry to the American people that I did that.”

Beck said he has been off the hormones for about seven years now.

“This is a billion-dollar industry between psychologists, between surgeries, between hormones, between chemicals, between follow-up treatments,” he continued.

“There are thousands of gender clinics popping up all over our country.

“And each of those gender clinics is going to be pulling in probably over $50 million.”

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