• In an early-December 2022 Parliamentary speech, Gerard Rennick, senator for Queensland, Australia, reviewed some of the lies told by members of Parliament and the Department of Health about the COVID jabs

Australian Senator Gerard Rennick

Ed Dowd: Disability Rate Increase Directly Related To COVID-19 Jab. Table 5.7

  • By September 2022 Australia had logged more than 10 million COVID-19 cases, even though 20 million of Australia’s total population of 26 million had received their COVID jabs
  • In 2021, Australia had 8,706 extra deaths above norm, even though New South Wales remained in lockdown for three months, so, in theory, the death toll should have been lower, not higher


Help Me Stop The Mandates And Help Those That Have Been Negatively Impacted By Them

By reporting your COVID mandates story to me – whether it be a vaccine injury, a loss of employment or an AHPRA Regulatory Action – you will help me gather important data to investigate vaccine safety further, fix and bring back confidence in our medical system.

This reporting system will give me the means to also communicate information of importance to you, in order to help your current situation if you are still affected by mandates or a vaccine injury and to strive to end the mandates.

Note: Your information will remain confidential and be treated respectfully. Should I need to pass any of your information, including your name, onto a third party or government department, I will seek your approval first.

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  • Australia has logged 140,000 COVID jab injuries ­ more than all the injuries reported from vaccines since 1971 ­ yet the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) refuses to look at or acknowledge the safety signal. Chief health officers also admit not reading key science documents that detail COVID jab hazards
  • Waning effectiveness is the justification for repeated boosters, but artificially inflated antibodies caused by repeated boosters signal to your body that you’re chronically infected, and the resulting immune response may end up accelerating the development of autoimmune conditions such as Parkinsons, Kawasaki disease and multiple sclerosis

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No one is coming to save us except “We the People”. It’s time we standup and save ourselves.

Regulators and gov’t agencies and media-tech complex received money from big-pharma and governments to suppress negative information whilst promoting the obviously fraudulent tag line “Safe and Effective.”

…This is a battle for the marginal mind and when we alert enough people the sentiment will shift and we reach a societal tipping point. 

Please use this information here in your local action with schools boards, your company’s vaccine mandate and lawsuits. 

The time for sitting on the bench is over and time to get on the field is here and now. 

If we let this stand our freedoms are over and you are a slave.

Activate yourself and those around you!

Share this site, the information and the PDFs so that others can use them in their battles to take back our media, our court systems, our education system and our freedom! 

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Table 5.7

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