Chris Sky is a motivational speaker and the world’s most prolific human rights advocate.   His vast knowledge and articulate delivery are second to none when it comes to examining and presenting the facts to find the truth.  The truth that is intentionally kept hidden from you. ANNOUNCEMENT HERE

Chris Sky not only provides the knowledge to assert your rights and preserve your freedoms.  He leads by example and puts his very life on the line, everyday.  His mission to help and educate others has seen him targeted and persecuted by our own government in previously unspeakable ways, which are now becoming a common place as our country and much of the world slides steadily towards tyranny.  Chris has been the victim of personal and even physical attacks. His message of truth and advocating for basic human rights has made him a target of our government. Placed on the “no fly list” and having his verified instagram of almost 250,000 followers disabled. Even his personal website was removed the very first day it was published! All attempts to de-platform him and to stifle free speech were ultimately carried out to violate and suppress the rights of all of us. is here to provide you the knowledge and courage you need to preserve your future.

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8 minute direct announcement. Feb. 18 2023

He shouts out his phone number and email address on this video, for people who want to reach him.
(416) 400-9994

“Gil Penalosa (@Penalosa_G) Is a WEF Stooge Who is 100% Pushing “15 minute cities” and Limiting Private Vehicle Ownership “District by District” “

Learn the globalist’s definition of “Sustainability” HERE

Quote about Penalosa in this video. Hear it in context

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