Elton Robinson of Parents Rights Coalition of Canada is encouraging all Canadians to stand up united during the month of June to celebrate that Canadians love all Canadians we are Everyone Under One Flag!

Elton Robinson to Peoplesworldwar.com:
“As far as the Canadian Pride I’m in light house and someone was sharing their School boards information for June, and they mentioned about the red and white for pride week, I did not just want to target that week so I came up with the whole month idea.

So basically I hope others join and plan events celebrating all Canadians and hoping the focus is on the children as well, as if we rally support and show the children what true unity is we will save the future of divide that the school system seems bent on pushing.

So asking everyone to send the kiddos to school in red/white/Canadian flag clothing for the month of June. [You should start seeing Canada Day ‘geared’ clothing at the Superstore links in during the month of May.]

Also I support the 2SLGBTQIA+ this is not a bash on that community at all, as All Canadians Matter.

I want to show and hopefully everyone else will in the month of June that Canadians love all Canadians.”

The Canadian Superstore has Red & White Canadian Proud clothing available in stores and on line.

Click to purchase: [You should start seeing Canada Day ‘geared’ clothing at the Superstore links in during the month of May.]


From Rebel News (click to purchase):


Mission: Parents for Parents Rights (PFPR) believes that the parents and guardians are the most important educators and first role models of their children.

Parents teach their children ethnocultural, spiritual and personal beliefs and traditions.

We promote the importance of respecting family values and beliefs – emphasizing communication, mutual support and transparency between parents and schools.

This partnership will encourage a positive environment for their child’s education.

  • Keep your Children Home from School on Rainbow Days 
  • Send a Message about your concerns with an empty desk
  • Contact you MPP/MLA
  • Join a support group
  • Consider Homeschooling, Learning Pods or Alternative apolitical education
  • Demand School Vouchers

Schools Teach an Unquestionable, Radical Social Justice Doctrine, While Bureaucrats & Boards Censor Concerned Parents

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Stop Classroom Grooming

Ideological Neutrality

Children should be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think.  

Our taxpayer funded education system should be be respectful and reflective of the viewpoint diversity of our society.  This needs to be made explicit in public education policy in Canada because this seemingly common-sense idea about public education is long-lost to classrooms in Canada.  

We are far beyond a scandal of any single educators bringing their biases into the classrooms and indoctrinating children with questionable beliefs.  

Political activist organizations and dogmas are promoted in schools as the “correct views” for children to hold about the world.  Unions, like the BCTF, declare themselves explicitly to be “Social Justice” organizations – which is a doctrine rooted in Critical Theory and Marxist Learning Theory.

In order to build a thriving society, children should be educated with fundamentals not fundamentalism.

Age-Appropriate Education

Children should never be burdened with adult worries, fears or issues of behaviour.  

Every society in the world recognizes that children go through developmental stages and recognize that at certain stages children are capable of taking greater responsibility and a larger role in their communities and the world at large; while also recognizing that they need protections from adults while they are young.  

It is clear that schools have lost sight of what is age-appropriate for children and instead of teaching to err on the side of childhood innocence and imagination that respects the cultures of the home and a reasonable degree of modesty, barriers are being torn down in the name of so-called “Inclusion.”

 These controversial inclusion doctrines tear down barriers of sexual propriety and protections for children found in all cultures in the world and when parents make attempts to confront school officials violating the boundaries of common modesty and child-protection, they are being villainized and censored and bullied by these bureaucrats.

Preparing for the Future

The A.I. Revolution is upon us, subsuming the Social Media and Internet Revolutions that came before it and we need a radical revolutionary approach to educating our children and our population at large.

These electronic revolutions dwarf the technological resolutions of the past, like the automobile revolution and the industrial revolution and the Gutenberg Revolution.  

Each of those historical moments was accompanied by radical changes to our approach to preparing our children for the future.

Today we are faced with monumental challenges in a radically transforming world and neither our education system nor our leaders appear capable of either comprehending it or preparing for it.  

We require creativity and innovation to meet the demands of the moment and of the future hurtling towards us.  

In Canada we face a severe housing shortage that will take decades to fix.  We have massive shortages in skilled trades and skilled tech workers.  We are obsessed with sending kids to universities that are simply unemployment deferral mechanisms that flood our economy with even more social justice activists who can’t take care of themselves or contribute anything to the world except grievances. 

School Vouchers

There are no meaningful choices for Education in Canada.  Each province has its own Ministry of Education and except for Alberta, if a parent wants a different education for their child, they are responsible for funding it themselves. 

Given that schools are not educating children in a manner reflective of the values of the broad society, but politicizing classrooms, parents need an ability to guide their children’s education in meaningful ways.

Each province funds the school system based on a per-child allotment.  In Ontario, a child attending a public school means the school board receives about $13,000 in funding.  

A voucher system means that if a parent chooses to send their children to a private school, that the school will receive a provincial voucher towards the cost of educating that child in the same way that the public and Catholic boards do. 

Charter Schools

A Charter School is an opportunity for parents to take back control of the education of their children.  Combined with a voucher system, Charter Schools can be build around the shared values of a community.

It is a type of private school where parents and educators get together to come up with a vision of educational values and a worldview that reflects their common aspirations for their children.

Charter Schools are responsible for hiring their own administrators and teachers and the board of directors that creates the charter oversees the school(s) to ensure that they are meeting the standards and expectations set about in the founding documents.

Towards a Parents Union

It has become exceptionally clear that entrenched activist power in the Teachers Unions and School Boards will not change easily or quickly.

Individual attempts to confront boards and entrenched policies are proving fruitless and one way to confront these political and institutional forces is to organize Provincial or even a National Parents Rights Unions.

Education Ministries, Unions and Boards, backed and framed by radical activist “Human Rights” doctrines rooted in Critical Theory and victim/oppressor narratives will not surrender their control easily or willingly.  

By banding together and taking mass action, like keeping children home from school in strategic attempts to defund schools and affect the bottom lines of boards may be the only way to accomplish this.

Activist Teachers

Activist teachers assert & teach that we live in a genocidal country infested with racism, white supremacy & systemic colonial oppression.  

They teach historic guilt based on skin color, that white people have unearned privilege & all others face racial animosity & prejudice.

Canadian institutions have been captured by, & promote a belief system about the world imported from the USA, which has a very different history than Canada.     

BLM is a promoted Marxists Political movement in Canadian Schools.  Activist teachers promote the idea that police and society are genocidal enemies of Black and Indigenous people – and schools foster hatred of police in students.

Teaching Oppression Doctrines infantilizes Black  and Indigenous children giving them the belief that the system is hopelessly stacked against them.

Radical Social Justice Doctrine

The official doctrine of the public education system in Canada is Critical Social Justice, Anti-Racism & DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion); It disguises itself as a Human Rights movement that censors and bullies anyone who questions it.  

It’s commonly known as Wokism.  Wokism includes Radical Gender Ideology, Intersectional victimhood, Defund the Police, legitimizing Sex work, and Drag Queen Story Hours for children.

In spite of nice names, and virtuous claims these are toxic and destructive ideologies.  

The is no case where DEI policies have improved the culture, morale or trust within an institution.  They only inspire grievance as part of deeply pessimistic, divisive and disempowering worldview.  

Our School have become recruitment centres for a grievance cult indoctrinating an entire generation of impressionable children.

Keeping Secrets about Sex-Changes

Kids today are taught there is no such thing as biological sex & that children can chose to be a boy or a girl.

The very introduction of “gender pronouns” in the classroom, which can start in kindergarten, opens impressionable children who still view the world through a magical lens, to the false belief that your sex is a matter of choice, not a matter of birth. 

If a child expresses gender confusion, or a gender identity other than their birth sex, (thanks to schools confusing them) the school will protect the so-called “privacy rights” of the child & hide behind the argument that the child might be “Unsafe” at home.

There is no standard definition of “Unsafe.”  The fact that a child might be from a politically conservative or religious home, or that a child might face questions from concerned parents, is sufficient to justify the secret transition.  

Schools do not follow a “Duty to Report” which is the obligation that all professionals have if there is evidence that a child is in danger.  “Safety” means being emotionally comfortable.  

The outcome of gender confusion is increasingly that your child may be put on a path to medical sex-change without your involvement.

Pornographic Books in Libraries

For the last three years we have been hearing about pornographic books in school libraries and the battles parents have been waging against school boards all over the US and more recently in Canada.  

In the US, school boards enlisted the FBI in an attempt to declare parents to be domestic terrorists for pushing back at the board’s insistence that these books are appropriate for children.

Accusations of book burning and censorship are levelled at concerned parents for raising issues, while the same bureaucrats remove Dr. Seuss, censor Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and purge books deemed politically incorrect.

It appears that the Supreme Court of Canada has already decided that books in schools reflecting the diversity of Provincial and Federal Charter protected classes cannot be questioned, not even on religious freedom grounds.

This is the backbone defence of explicit sexual materials made available to minors in elementary schools.

A review of the above book, available in at least 30 Toronto area school libraries, and all across Canada can be found via the link below.


State Sponsored Intimidation

  In October 2021 Chris Elston visited Ottawa with a sign that says: “Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers.”

I joined him that day along with one other person.

We were met by an estimated 200-300 people, whipped into a hateful & violent mob by radical activist groups, as well as local ELECTED politicians and the Ottawa School Board. 

Parents who have tried to ask questions about political doctrines and dangerous anti-science whimsies that kids can chose their sex are met with harsh opposition, even demonization at every level.  

There seems to be no length to which these radical ideologues will not go to prevent their false realities and destructive ideologies from being questioned.

Parents across Canada feel isolated, alone and helpless.  We are demonized and silenced by school boards, media, public officials and politicians

We are not helpless. 

We MUST join together with others and speak up. 

Send a Message to Policy Makers and politicians that wokeness has gone too far.

Take Action on June 9th

Above information shared from these websites:

Supreme Court ruling cuts former Chilliwack school trustee Barry Neufeld’s defamation case short

Drea Humphrey discusses with lawyer Paul Jaffe the landmark Supreme Court decision that put an end to the defamation case of a former school trustee who sounded the alarm on radical gender ideology in schools.

The Supreme Court of Canada handed down its decision in the case of Hansman v. Neufeld, and West Vancouver lawyer Paul Jaffe believes it’s a concerning decision for all who value freedom of speech and expression.

For the past 6 years, Barry Neufeld, a former Chilliwack school trustee, has been making headlines related to the concerns he has raised about BC’s sexual orientation curriculum SOGI 1-2-3 and radical gender ideology being taught in schools.

Neufeld’s unwavering position on the matter attracted public condemnations from both some of his former colleagues and the BC Teachers Federation’s Glen Hansman, who accused Neufeld’s words of being bigoted, transphobic, and promoting hate in the media.

Neufeld’s message also gained great support from parents and other citizens who share the same concerns about SOGI 1-2-3 and gender ideology for kids. So much support, in fact, that Neufeld was re-elected as a trustee in Chilliwack before ultimately losing his seat during BC’s most recent municipal election.

In today’s report, I interview Neufeld and his counsel, Paul Jaffe, about Canada’s highest court’s decision to end Neufeld’s ability to continue pursuing a defamation case against Hansman and what this means for freedom of speech in Canada’s future.

If you appreciate that instead of vilifying Neufeld, we’ve done multiple reports that allow him to express his concerns surrounding SOGI and gender ideology for kids, please consider supporting the many costs involved in bringing you reports like this. A fun way to do so is to treat yourself to some of our new merchandise at RebelNewsStore.com and use coupon code “Drea10” to save when you do.

Shared from https://www.rebelnews.com/supreme_court_ruling_cuts_former_chillawack_school_trustee_barry_neufeld_s_defamation_case_short

Stop Classroom Grooming

Young children in elementary school are being asked to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity for a school survey in Ontario.

Some school boards in Ontario are soliciting sexually explicit data on young, school-aged children under the guise of being required by the Ministry of Education.

The information is being collected from the surveys to monitor and review the effectiveness of bullying prevention and intervention policies.

Additionally, the survey asks students, parents, and school staff for input on areas important in understanding school climate, specifically focusing on a sense of belonging, positive relations, learning, safety, and well-being.

Nowhere in the notice for the survey does it say that the school will ask your child sexually explicit questions, yet depending on the school board, children are being asked about their sexual orientation.

Educators should not speak to kids about sex or sexuality, especially without parental consent. If you agree, sign the petition on this page.

You can also send an email directly to Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce demanding he investigate this sexually-explicit survey by clicking here.

The harsh side effects of gender hormone therapy.

Trans man Buck Angel speaks out against gender ideology in today’s society.

Petition Drop-Off: Ontario Education Minister MUST Investigate Sexually Explicit School Material

Why are pornographic novels being distributed in elementary schools in Canada?

Des vidéos de Drag Queen sont présentées dans une école sans le consentement parental

Drag queen content is being shown at a school without parental consent

UKreporters.co.uk | Rebel News UK Reporter Callum Smiles met with Lotus Eaters presenter Connor Tomlinson in Central London. Connor has become an expert on Drag Queen Story Hour and the falsified science surrounding gender transition.
Drag Queens have traditionally been adult performers, but in recent years, there has been a new market for provocatively performing for children, with performances even taking place at the Tate Modern and even daytime shows at pubs. Visit Rebel News for more on this story https://rebelne.ws/3qgK2Yb

Should sexuality be normalized amongst children in school? People react!

Please review the videos on this page. If you agree that Chilliwack will benefit from having Willow Reichelt resign or be removed, please sign and share.

Shared from https://www.rebelnews.com/tags/stop_classroom_grooming

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