Seasoned criminal defence lawyer Karen Bastow sheds light on the best legal actions concerned parents can take to push back against sexually explicit materials being presented in today’s schools.


Drea Humphrey hears from Karen Bastow, a criminal defence lawyer, who explains what parents can do to push back legally against sexually explicit books in Canadian schools.


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In recent years, schools across North America have become infected with sexually-explicitly books “for kids.”

In today’s report, Drea Humphrey interviews a British Columbia man who has been sounding the alarm for parents and school boards when it comes to sexually explicit books popping up in school libraries across the country.

FULL REPORT by @DreaHumphrey— Rebel News (@RebelNewsOnline) August 13, 2022

The educators who make such sexual orientation and gender identity materials available for students claim the resources help educate students about diversity and inclusivity. Meanwhile, many of the parents and other citizens who oppose them consider the books to be pornographic, inappropriate and even unlawful.

What does the law say about such reading materials? Are children and adolescents being given pornography, handpicked for them by their schools? What legal action can be taken by those concerned about such books and against whom?

🔴 What is going on here?

Chilliwack school trustee Willow Reichelt is advocating for the continued use of sexually explicit books “for kids” in schools and the belief that those who disagree should not educate our kids.

With that message, she asks that you re-elect her.— Drea Humphrey – Prepping and Politics (@DreaHumphrey) August 19, 2022

In today’s report, I sit down to interview an experienced criminal defence lawyer to help answer those important questions.

Karen Bastow with David G Milburn, Trial Lawyers has represented many accused of horrific crimes including child sexual assault and kidnapping. Additionally, for some of her cases Bastow has endured the disturbing task of reviewing child pornography, and thus has a good grasp on the laws that define such a criminal offence.

In preparation for this interview, Bastow also reviewed a report Rebel News recently brought you about a Chilliwack school board meeting that sparked outrage on social media.

MUST SEE: Watch Concerned Grandparents question Chilliwack BC School board ( @ChilliwackSD33 ) about the sexually explicit books their district makes available for students. Click the link for more info.— Drea Humphrey – Prepping and Politics (@DreaHumphrey) February 9, 2023

During the public participation portion of this meeting Chilliwack School District #33’s chair and school trustee, Willow Reichelt, repeatedly interrupted and censored some of the questions and concerns citizens tried to raise over sexually explicit books and gender ideology in schools.

At one point, Reichelt can be seen muting the microphone while Dr. Darrel Ferguson — her former colleague who had previously served as a school trustee — posed a question to the superintendent about what legal stance he has taken in regards to sexually explicit books in schools.

“Dr. Ferguson, um yea, we’re not doing this. There is no illegal materials in our schools, that’s highly defamatory and I’m not going to let you — sorry, too bad” Reichelt declared shortly before requesting Ferguson be escorted out of the meeting.

A couple examples of the school literature available for your kids in Chilliwack school district 33.

Brought to my attention by @pierre_barns
Book: All Boys Aren’t Blue— Drea Humphrey – Prepping and Politics (@DreaHumphrey) February 7, 2023

Since reviewing the report, Bastow has taken the time to examine the laws and code of conduct pertaining to four Lower Mainland school boards, including Chilliwack’s.

Watch the video report to hear Bastow’s detailed explanation on how these books are likely to be defined in the eyes of the law and for a specific course of action parents wishing to challenge the presence of these materials in schools can take.

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