“Unacceptable Views” Excellent 2022 Documentary on the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa, Canada

A Freedom Convoy Documentary by @Citizen_Camera By Gord Parks explores and separates fact from fiction and takes the audience on a visually stunning ride featuring real voices from the frontlines of the Convoy, including truckers, doctors and independent media.

Bright Light News ~ From the brilliant mind of Mitch Fillion, aka Citizen Camera, comes “Unacceptable Views,” a documentary that helps you relive the “greatest thee weeks in Canada’s recent history,” according to reviewer Noww. Fillion is a master of bringing visuals and the story behind the Freedom Convoy together in a way that makes you feel as if you were at the Convoy again or can feel what it was like for the first time. Enjoy this masterpiece now cemented in Canadian lore and history.

Video source: Citizen Camera on Rumble “The Canadian Truckers Were Right”

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Canadian Doctors Speak Out! On ‘Covid-19’ Vaccine Disaster & Sudden Deaths Of 80 CDN Doctors

Canadian Doctors Discuss the “Covid Vaccine Disaster” Sudden Deaths, Turbo Cancer & Deaths Of 80 Canadian Doctors

Nov. 12, 2022 Covid-19 News

Canadian Doctors Speak Out On “Covid Vaccine Disaster” Turbo Cancer & Sudden Deaths Of 80 Canadian Doctors

Doctors Charles Hoffe, Stephen Malthouse, Christopher Shaw and guest doctor William Makis discuss the mysterious sudden deaths of 80+ Canadian doctors and the rapid turbo cancers they are now seeing in patients. They also discuss deleted death data, smear campaigns, case studies and more.

The latest flu vaccine / booster scheduled for release in Autumn 2022 contains mRNA for producing three variants of spike protein + the flu vaccine combined into one shot. FDA and CDC have exempted these shots from ALL safety testing. The spike protein causes extensive damage to internal organs, and effects fetal development. Please exercise parental oversight and extreme caution. Despite being hounded by multiple controversies, vaccine maker Pfizer pushed through with clinical trial for its mRNA flu vaccine. The new shot utilizes the mRNA technology that can be found in the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) Shots.

Real lives, real experiences of the Covid Vaccine injured. Remember, these people all took the vaccine to help stop this pandemic! Now they are being marginalized, abandoned and ignored. This is an amazing website:

The COVID-19 Tyranny” Was The Largest Psychological Operation In Human History!

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The Pushback Documentary | World Wide Freedom Rally | GreatAwakening.World

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Canada Trucking 4 Freedom website

Chapter One: How We Got Here | Trucking for Freedom Canada

Ottawa, Canada: Police horses trample peaceful protesters in Ottawa Feb. 18, 2022

Woman with walker gets trampled by officers on horses.

Maxime Bernier, PPC

Canada Trucking 4 Freedom website


Chapter One: Winter Wildfire | Trucking for Freedom Canada


The Freedom Occupation: The Movement That Fuelled a Nation

It’s been a year since the Freedom Convoy descended on Ottawa to protest nearly two years of Covid-19 restrictions. For three weeks, thousands of demonstrators, bolstered by pick up trucks and semi-trailers, filled the city’s downtown core. It was the first demonstration of its magnitude in Canadian history.

Was the government justified in invoking the Emergencies Act? Was the convoy peaceful, or was in fact there a real threat of danger?

The Freedom Occupation: The Movement That Fuelled a Nation seeks to uncover the truth about what really happened in Ottawa last year.

Distributed by True North, this documentary from Emmanuel Productions seeks to expose the real story behind the Freedom Convoy and to tell the whole story.

A Tribute to Canadian Truckers
Keep On Truckin In The Free World Music Video
Source: Digileak News – Jan 30, 2022

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