As a former educator, I am committed to sharing the latest developments in the field of children’s education, as well as community initiatives.

Welcome to RH Media, dedicated to advocating for children. As a former educator, I am committed to sharing the latest developments in the field of children’s education, as well as community initiatives. Our mission is to provide a platform that fosters understanding and promotes positive change in the lives of young learners. Join us as we explore the ever-evolving landscape of education and work towards creating a brighter future for our children.

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Pitt Meadows Mother shares how the principal, of the secondary school, and superintendent handled her concerns regarding a teacher inappropriate Instagram posts of topless photos of herself.

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How to persway MLA’s and school boards to our way of thinking, and concerns we have regarding policies in place.
Learn tools and avenues such as:
learn how to be a delegate, emails to send, setting up meetings, building repertoire, offering solutions to problems, influencing town councils etc…
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For Stop SOGI 123 provincial petition and #TrudeauMustGo federal petition

This episode sheds light on the unfortunate mockery and disrespect faced by parents, grandparents, and concerned adults during a SOGI Myth Buster event organized by two school districts in Vernon and Mission, British Columbia.
Regrettably, parents were not given the attention they deserved and were even escorted out of the event for daring to question the presentation of myths and facts regarding the SOGI slides conducted by the school board.
Castanet Vernon news article of Dave being escorted out

Kathryn Watkins, the founder of Exposing the Lie and Co-Host of the radio show Liberty Tactics, is renowned for her extensive research in the sex education industry. With a focus on the impact on innocent children, she delves into the intricacies of educational programs and curricula in our schools.

Kathryn profound expertise in this field allows her to shed light on the effects of these programs on our young learners. Through meticulous research, she uncovers the hidden truths and unveils the consequences that these educational systems impose on innocent children.

Kathryn website :

Co- Founder of Gays Against Grooming Canada will be discussing Sogi, sexually explicit books, X- rated curriculum, no child is born in the wrong body, and protect childhood innocence’s.

Gays Against Grooming Canada on Rumble

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Gays Against Grooming Canada shares their answer to pride flags at schools.

An anonymous school staff member reveals the current state of public education, shedding light on hidden agendas, secret clubs, and curriculum developments.

Oct. 30 2023

Christine Ronceray former school trustee in Manitoba, has been fighting to have a policy put into place that keeps materials that break the criminal code’s definition of child pornography, and inappropriate touching off public and school library shelves. Christine petition to sign

Concerned Citizens X

Scott Newgent discusses the alarming battle against child transition, shedding light on the malevolent agenda that is being imposed upon our most vulnerable youngsters. It is imperative for parents to come together and march peacefully, advocating for the protection and rights of all children. By uniting their voices, parents can ensure that the Million March for Children resonates throughout Canada and the United States, leaving an indelible impact.

A B.C. father shares his heart breaking story of trying to protect his daughter, and endured so many government/ court battles, must remain anonymous . His parental rights denied in protecting his minor daughter from gender transitioning, and served prison time. He has been silenced in speaking his truths. The government had charged him with family violence for not affirming, and obeying the tyrannical rules in Canada.

A concerned father, and a member of the Diverse Families United Group shares what his group and parents are doing to push back against the ideologies that are being taught in public education.

Parents are daily protesting at city hall , and school board meetings to be heard! Parents have the right to protect their children from the explicit curriculum and materials their children are exposed to on a daily basis. To connect with Kanwaljit you can find him on:
Telegram: Stop Sogi123 protect our children. Instagram: @khalsaaviators

Listen to 5 Amazing fathers who have continued to be on the front lines of the war for our children’s minds in education

These dads share their personal awareness, and struggle to keep their children safe from SOGI, gender ideology, explicit books in their schools.

Jim is a teacher who was fired from telling their students the truth.
Barry a former school trustee who has been to supreme courts to rid of soggy in education.

CD a father shares his horrific story of trying to keep his daughter safe, and what government has done.
Shannon has lost his daughter to the gender war.
Geoff has toured United States in raising awareness of harms in schools

List of dads : Jim McMurty, Barry Neufeld, Geoff, Shannon Boschy, and CD. Hoping this inspires, motivates, and encourages more dads, uncles, grandfathers, and concerned men 🙂

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A mother discusses some tips to share with parents on how to counter the messaging children are learning in school. Learn tools, language, and conversation ways to safeguard your child from confusion of the gender ideology.

As your children go back to school, please listen to this video and make the best decision for you and your child. Many schools messages that is being told to students is being weaponized against the nuclear family! Your child is taught to keep secrets from you. Schools are becoming less transparent, and taking the parental authority role from you as to what is best for your child!

This is a special public announcement to listen to before your kids go back to school! No family is immune to what is happening to our kids in school while you’re at work.

Our Canadian PM has given money to an organization that grooms young minors. This carless spending without public opinion has caused an outrage as homelessness and mental health increased.

New Brunswick education policy 713 of sexual orientation , and gender identity needs to be removed from all schools.
Cheffrey and his team “Strong and Free NB” fighting to protect all children from this insanity in all schools.

Canada Wide Webinar for concerned parents to protect your child from the harms of indoctrination at school. Listen to 10 amazing Canadian Organizations share pdfs, forms, tools, and actions you can use at school now.

1). Elana – Take Action 4 kids
2) Terry – Mama Bears Project
3) Elton Robinson & Shannon Boschy Parents for parents rights &

4) Emily Duggan – Moms Against the Norms
5) Cindy & Cheryl- Sogi Pop Up tents- contact
6) Dave – Bikers against pedos-
7) Laura – Clean Our Schools (Home Schooling Info) – &
8) Amrit – Freedom Party BC-
9) Pierre Barns –

Defending children’s rights in public schools. School board trustee of 27 years, Barry Neufeld of B.C. is trying to rid inappropriate materials in all public schools. He has been a strong advocate in speaking out about the harms of SOGI 123, inappropriate library sexual books in school libraries, critical race theory and the transgender curriculum.
He is trying to get schools free of all this brainwashing that are harming children and families!

This video takes you thru the steps on how to remove X-rated, inappropriate books from your child’s school library. Pierre shares step by step process, the Canadian laws, and what information is needed to submit to the superintendent of your school district.

Pierre Barns website:

Jewlie Milligan trustee candidate for Vernon, B.C. school district defends parental right’s at school board meetings. Jewlie has been vocal in advocating for parents as the primary educator , and served a no trespass order by RCMP from School board. The Vernon school district has made false accusations against Jewlie, and she has now filed a petition at B.C. Supreme Courts.

New Articles:

True North News:

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A heart warming, and beautiful documentary by Kim Laureen local film maker; on the affects of social media on young women and teens. She discusses how technology impacts youths, mental health, confidence, and self acceptance.

To view this award winning movie “Selfless”

To contact Kim Laureen for parent workshops and more info

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New Canadian children’s author writes a fabulous, hilarious book for children/teens/adults about how some children and adults have lost the skill of common sense the last 3 years.
The story is thought provoking about how silly sometimes policies, news and society can be. Honestly, it’s as if people have lost all common sense.

Whistleblower! School board trustee Candidate who ran in last year election in 2022, shares All!
You will be shocked to hear what is happening in a school district. How the school board head office handled the issues she brought to the board!
She was arrested and then released, on being the voice for the children in that school district.

Father of 2 young girls speaks up to the school board in Ontario Canada. He shares the explicit, X-rated library book content that are in elementary school libraries.
Why are schools deeming this book Identical , appropriate for young children?

Identical Book Review For Parents Here

Brave mother voiced her concern after her daughter got home from school, and said there was a male in the women’s washroom.
Samantha had a private school board meeting about the safety for all the girls of the school ; regarding washrooms and changerooms used by men who identify as females.

Schools are filled with all sorts of propaganda advertised to your children. Parents are purposely kept in the dark, so you don’t know what is happening at your child’s school while you are at work or home!
Wellness centers are popping up all over Canada and the U.S. schools. It is not for the safety and well being of students.

Interview with Kimberly from Wales U.K. We discuss how the schools in Canada and the U.K are very similar in sexual education, parental rights striped, children being exploited and abused by the school and government.
Face book

Fearless Friday Ep 3. We share the current hot topics in schools, Social justice grants teachers are applying to bring in agenda, clinics in schools on Vancouver Island B.C., resources, and much more.

Teacher grant applications for social justice.,21-social-justice-application-form.pdf

Who is funding Sogi

On this episode you will learn what is Sogi 123, who founded it, inappropriate books that are in your child’s school library, school board policies, curriculum and program that is being taught in all schools.
We discuss what is the Infant/Minor Act, and how it is stripping away your parental rights. Lastly, we share how parents can advocate to get these programs out of schools! When we unite as community we can protect our most precious children. Pierre Barns

Jon Uhler is LPC Therapist, and founder of Survivor Support. net , and the host of journey to healing.
We discuss the methods and the mind of the child sexual predator, and the impacts of the sexual inappropriate books and materials in schools. Jon also shares the trans deception in schools and their end game.

We discuss what is zoophilla, and the furry trend we are staring to see
Jon website is or


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