On 10 March 2022, the European Parliament established a new special committee on the COVID-19 pandemic The 38-member Special Committee on “COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and recommendations for the future” will look into the European response to the pandemic in the areas of health, democracy and fundamental rights, economy and society, and the EU’s global relationships. The vote to establish the special committee was carried 642 in favour, 10 against and 39 abstentions.

Specifically tasked with looking into how the European response to the pandemic and the lessons learned can contribute to future action in a variety of EU policy areas, the new committee held this afternoon its constitutive meeting, and its members elected by acclamation the following committee leadership:

The majority of the special committee’s work will focus on four pandemic-related areas: health; a coordinated response respecting democracy and fundamental rights; the societal and economic impact; and the EU and the world. Full details on its objectives and tasks are available here.

The first ordinary meeting of the special committee is planned for 11 May.

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Watch the Conference with Professor Perronne

Information on the next committee meetings: (Videos of all meetings are below the schedule)

2023 Meeting schedule

8 December 2022


29 November 2022

Full Morning Meeting

Full Afternoon Meeting

28 November 2022


14 November 2022 / Topic: Jobs, Employment, Poverty


27 October 2022


26 October 2022


Conference With Professor Perronne
This Is A MUST Watch!

October 19 2022 Full Conference with Prof. Perronne, “It’s a covid blackmail fraud.”

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13 October 2022

13 October 2022: Full Morning Meeting

Full Noon Meeting

10 October 2022

Full Afternoon Meeting

7 September 2022


5 September 2022


30 August 2022

Full Morning Meeting

Full Afternoon Meeting

13 July 2022

Full Afternoon Meeting

Full Morning Meeting

21 June 2022


20 June 2022


12 May 2022


19 April 2022

Full First Meeting

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Pfizer Appears to have Corrupted the Entire Western World

Europe awakens from a nightmare to the ground truth

Robert W Malone MD, MS

Nov 8

Christine Anderson: A member of the European Parliament. She represents the Alternative for Germany (AfD), which is labelled as a “populist political party” in Germany. AfD is known for its opposition to the European Union, as well as the open border/immigration to Germany policies which the EU mandates. As she does not believe in open borders, Christine Anderson is labelled with such terms as “far-right,” and “anti-Islamic.” Near as I can tell, these are just more propaganda talking points by Wiki and their ilk.

The short clip above is important because Christine Anderson is getting at an important point, which must be researched. There is evidence that Pfizer and Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla have corrupted government leaders worldwide. That this corruption is deep and wide.

The people have been lied to. It was a gigantic lie. And on this lie, everything that governments, especially in the Western democracies did to infringe on people’s rights, to take away their freedom, to lock them in their homes, imposing curfews, all of this was based on that gigantic lie.

Ursula von der Leyen, EU Commission president is now under a lot of pressure, and rightly so. The people have a right to know what went on in these contracts with her exchange of SMS with CEO Pfizer, Bourla. The people need to know who they can hold responsible and accountable for whatever may have gone on behind the scenes. Things are changing now, their house of cards is tumbling down, and it is doing so rightfully.

And you know what? One more thing though, I am sick and tired of being called a COV-idiot. And I’d much rather be a COV-idiot than being a GOV-idiot, because that’s what all these people that blindly trusted their governments turned out to be. And I will say it again, it was never, never, ever about public health, it was never about breaking any waves, it was always about breaking people. But, and that’s the good news, they failed. It didn’t work. And that I am very proud of, and I’m proud of the people that I am so honored to be allowed to represent. And I will continue to do just that. Thank you very much.

Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen is president of the European Commission since 2019. The European Commission is the leadership of the European Union. It operates as a cabinet government, with 27 members of the Commission headed by the President (now Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen). It includes an administrative body of about 32,000 European civil servants.

Leyen had been secretly communicating with the CEO of Pfizer about the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines via text messages. In early 2022, a journalist requested for copies of these texts and the European commission rejected the request. This has opened the door for widespread speculation of malfeasance and corruption.

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said in July that she is no longer in possession of text messages. The EU’s ombusman has determined that this is malfeasance.

Christine Anderson writes on the European Union:

The EU is elitist, aloof and distant from the citizens. With its tentacles, it takes a stranglehold on the sovereignty of the European nations and dictates to the citizens in every detail how they have to behave.

I want an honest and free Europe of free people and not a construct of political elites. I consider putting a stop to these false elites here in Brussels and Strasbourg to be the most urgent task in my political work.

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