What if a president of a nation would stand up radically against the evil elites, and rebuild his nation so that the people will prosper?

That’s exactly what Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, did. A few years ago he took a bold stand against the criminal globalists and said “NO MORE!”. He kicked them out of El Salvador and started rebuilding this beautiful country from the ground up. He removed corrupt judges, and installed righteous rulers instead, along with many more dramatic reforms.

As a result his nation is flourishing as never before, which is a bright beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

During his revolutionary speech at CPAC last week, this brave president rocked the United States, and challenged them to follow his example.

This is perhaps the most powerful speech – and the most important one – ever to be given to America, and the world.

It is possible to resist the satanic globalists, who want to enslave the entire human race to their cruel claws of control and suppression. It is possible to build a better world, where the people thrive instead of suffer. It is possible to restore our nations without the so called “help” from psychopath billionaires who want to gobble up everything for themselves.

There is a beautiful way forward.

Make sure to listen to this phenomenal message from Nayib Bukele, which inspired many leaders in the United States and worldwide. And make sure to spread it far and wide.

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El Salvador is NOT participating in CBDC as of Feb. 2024

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*Note: At the above link: Any country that shows in the colour white, without a name when you mouse-over, is not participating in CBDC. To date, 7 countries have cancelled their participation, they are coloured red.

Yes To Bitcoin! No To CBDC!

May 3, 2022
Unlike any other righteous leaders, President Nayib Bukele approves Bitcoin as an unrestricted legal tender and puts El Salvador on the map.

Their Bitcoin Law states there is a Trust Fund exclusive for Bitcoiners while their central bank continues to manage USD as their fiat currency.

Bukele understands Bitcoin is an evolution of money filled with a set of decentralized rules without rulers.

There is no need to trust someone or anyone even him. There is no need please people. You just need to trust the system.

Bitcoin is a programmable money that is made of math formulas that are safely stored inside an untracked block chained together in one peer network.

This network is visible to the public, which put a stop to corruption.

As the president of El Salvador, Bukele serves as the executive leader of the country. He is granted with powers to approve or veto laws.

Making Bitcoin a legal tender is a brave decision amid the FUD Propaganda. This made me realize the president can protect his citizens against the threat of Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC.

The citizens can buy anything, whether as small as a cup of coffee or as big as a vacation house near the sea without paying layers of fees.

A cashless society is easier and less stressful with Bitcoin.

There is an internet connection every where in El Salvador. Bitcoin is highly promoted too. There are signs that say We Accept Bitcoin. There are Bitcoin ATMs too.

President Nayib Bukele made it happen! This is something to look up to!

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