Before he was elected as the MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey in 2013, David Eby was the executive director of the BC Civil Liberties Association from 2008 to 2012.

Yet still believes that forced treatment is right.  If they can do that for drugs users, that’s just the starting point for the unvaccinated – deeming they have mental health issues (as was recently stated by an Ontario doctor.)

Petition status: The recall petition was not submitted by March 20, 2023 as required. As a result, the petition has failed. MORE HERE

Here’s another juicy tidbit to see how deeply rooted he is (click/tap the text below to read the article):

“The UN Organization in Canada and the B.C. Human Rights Coalition presented him with their annual award in 2011 …”

Hundreds protest in Vancouver to recall Premier David Eby and Bill 36

Recall David Eby For His Canadian Dystopian NDP Nightmare Bill 36. How YOU Can Help

BC Civil Liberties Association

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The BCCLA condemns BC Attorney General David Eby for throwing human rights, civil liberties, and evidence under the bus by suggesting the state should be able to involuntarily detain and force treatment on people who use drugs. As a lawyer, Minister Eby knows that such a law would violate Charter rights. Section 7 of the Charter guarantees everyone the right not to be deprived of life, liberty, or security of the person except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice. The right to decide what is done to one’s own body is essential.  Forced treatment of people who use drugs cannot be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. He also knows that just this Spring, his government abandoned a similar proposal to involuntarily treat youth because of  “the trauma associated with holding youth against their will, especially Indigenous youth.” Health experts know that the evidence does not support Eby’s dangerous musings; all evidence is clear that involuntary drug treatment can cause great harm – even death – and does not save lives. 

Minister Eby said involuntary care is needed to give people who use drugs a “chance” to survive. He is wrong and he knows it. What is needed is an end to the criminalization of drugs, a safe supply, and culturally safe, accessible, and voluntary treatment services for all.

This attempt to score political points for his leadership campaign is misleading, immoral, and reckless. But David Eby knows that too.

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David Eby Net Worth

How much is David Eby worth? David Eby net worth is estimated at around $3 million. His main source of income is from his primary work as a politician. David Eby’s salary per month and other career earnings are over $400,000 dollars annually. His remarkable achievements have earned him some luxurious lifestyles and some fancy car trips. He is one of the richest and most influential politicians in Canada. More here.

2023 Vancouver-Point Grey Recall Petition

Petition status: The recall petition was not submitted by March 20, 2023 as required. As a result, the petition has failed.

Recall petition number:RP-VNP-2023-001
Electoral district:Vancouver-Point Grey
Member of the Legislative Assembly:David Eby
Member financial agent:Jaime Matten
320-34 West 7th Ave,
Vancouver, B.C.  V5Y 1L6
Proponent:Salvatore Vetro
c/o Rick Dignard
10441 245B St.,
Maple Ridge, B.C.  V2W 1G5
Proponent financial agent:Salvatore Vetro
c/o Rick Dignard
10441 245B St.,
Maple Ridge, B.C.  V2W 1G5
Petition issue date:January 17, 2023
Petition due date:March 20, 2023
Signatures required:16,449
Recall petition proponent expenses
Member’s expenses limit:$33,902.72
2023 recall contribution limit:$1,401.40
Registered recall
advertising sponsors:
Recall advertising sponsor expenses limit:$5,839.16
Financial filing deadline:April 17, 2023
News releases:Recall Petition to be Issued in Vancouver-Point Grey Electoral District
Recall petition application:Application for Recall Petition (PDF)
Links:Recall Petition Canvasser GuideRecall and Initiative ActRecall FAQs
Registered canvassers:Approved canvasser listing (PDF)

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