Free to Fly Aviation Legal Campaign

The aviation sector was thrust to the pointy end of coercive, destructive vaccine mandates imposed by employers and government. Most unions have not only failed to represent members seeking health freedom and bodily autonomy but have been complicit in the imposition of mandates.

Free to Fly has retained lawyer Umar Sheikh as we seek justice and assurance this will never happen again. As a registered not-for-profit, we have the infrastructure, public standing and connections to coordinate a collective campaign that will resonate throughout Canadian aviation.

Far from being limited to select companies or union members, this campaign will encompass those terminated, on unpaid leave and employees working but coerced into vaccines, across the entire aviation sector. Restitution will be sought under four umbrellas:

  • reinstatement, back-pay and damages for employees placed on leave without pay, or terminated;
  • severance, back-pay and damages for employees placed on leave without pay, or terminated who cannot or do not want to return to work;
  • a remedy for employees who have felt compelled to retire early because of the proof of COVID-19 vaccination mandate and have had their pensions reduced; and
  • a remedy for employees who were coerced to comply with the proof of COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

Consult our Charting Our Course document for more detail.

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