A Small but also “HUGE” Win for Freedom, with Chris Weisdorf (Not A Lawyer) who assisted with a case involved the appeal of a fine under the “Quarantine Act” in Ontario.


Quarantine Act:
Section 14 (1) Any qualified person authorized by the Minister may, to determine whether a traveller has a communicable disease or symptoms of one, use any screening technology authorized by the Minister that does not involve the entry into the traveller’s body of any instrument or other foreign body.

Ruling: It was not legal to attempt to force someone to submit to a PCR test with a swab in their nose…a violation of the person’s body.

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Chris Weisdorf (21 May 2024):
“The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not an illusion, but it can be “hacked” or outright broken by breaches that are backed by scientific or medical evidence. Even if it’s only in the mainstream media. Even if it’s all a fraud.

The use of ‘judicial notice’ in a scientific or medical context should be banned and done so by constitutional amendment. We also need other constitutional amendments securing our property, privacy and firearm rights, and another amendment fundamentally restructuring our democracy away from the British Parliamentary System.

The latter is what has allowed various international organizations and related foreign powers to buy our politicians and outlaw dissent by other politicians who dare to publicly disagree with the bribed and co-opted.

No one should be muzzled or otherwise feel like they are forbidden from dissenting, discussing or debating- particularly a contentious subject. And especially during a time of emergency or war. Least of all anyone who purports to represent us, and has the power to make or unmake the law in our names.”

Ontario court judge overturns woman’s COVID-19 PCR test conviction in landmark ruling, citing unlawful Quarantine Act enforcement.

Brampton, Ontario – In a landmark legal decision, Ontario Court of Justice Judge Paul Monahan has overturned the conviction of Ms. Meththa Fernando, who was previously found guilty of failing to comply with an order under Section 58 of the Quarantine Act.

Ms. Fernando was charged after she refused to undergo a random COVID-19 test upon arriving at Pearson International Airport on April 9, 2022. Although vaccinated, she declined the nasal swab test, which was to be conducted by Public Health Agency of Canada officer Joshua Roxas. Her refusal led to a conviction and a fine totaling $6,255.

Fernando, represented by non-lawyer Mr. Christopher Weisdorf, appealed the conviction, challenging the legal grounds under which the nasal swab test was mandated. Central to the appeal was the argument that the Quarantine Act did not authorize the use of screening technology involving the entry of any instrument into a traveler’s body.

Justice Monahan ruled in favour of Ms. Fernando, emphasizing the provisions of Section 14 of the Quarantine Act, which states that screening technology must not involve the entry into the traveler’s body of any instrument or foreign body.

Justice Monahan determined that a nasal swab constitutes both an instrument and a foreign body, making the requirement for such a test unlawful.

“In my view, a nasal swab is ‘an instrument’ or ‘foreign body.’ In my view, the Quarantine Act did not permit a screening officer in this case, Mr. Roxas, to require Ms. Fernando to be tested at the airport by insertion into her nasal cavity of a nasal swab,” Justice Monahan stated in his ruling.

As a result of this interpretation, Justice Monahan reversed the decision of the Justice of the Peace and entered a finding of not guilty for Ms. Fernando.

The Canadian Independent spoke with Chris Weisdorf, the man who self-represented on behalf of Ms. Fernando. He said he “was very happy with the decision” and that he “thought the appeal would be successful because the government had no counter arguments.”

Weisdorf says the “government didn’t make any written submission” and that “the likelihood of them filing an appeal is next to zero.”


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