Logic and rational thought have prevailed ahead of the 2023 camp season, with underprivileged minors no longer being coerced into compliance with vaccine mandates to attend Tims Camps.

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps was discriminating against underprivileged kids and further coercing them into COVID-19 vaccine compliance by mandating all staff and campers be double vaccinated just to attend their camps throughout the summer of 2022.

And it appears that they are slowly and quietly removing the unscientific (and arguably never justified) requirement, after we launched a successful petition campaign at LetKidsCamp.com.


Two parents, both of whom wish to remain anonymous, shared a communication from Tims Camps with Rebel News that reads:

While we continue to encourage and highly recommend campers to become fully vaccinated against COVID-19, it will no longer be required to attend camp. The health, safety and welfare of our campers is our top priority. Tims Camps is committed to providing a positive experience in a safe environment for all campers. We continue to monitor and respond to new information, including government and public health directives, advice, guidance and information received from public health experts.

Thank you for your interest in Tim Hortons Foundation Camps and our vaccination policy. Our response over the past 2+ years has evolved as we continually review our actions and policies to ensure they are aligned with public health, travel regulations, and local accrediting bodies. Based on the updated public health guidelines in our operating locations, along with updates to vaccination requirements in most public settings, while vaccinations are strongly encouraged, Tims Camps does not require campers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in our programs.

Last summer, the Let Kids Camp campaign gathered over 38,000 signatures of people who agreed that this was an absurdly useless and likely harmful policy.

Tims Camps are meant to lift children out of poverty and give them once in a lifetime opportunities that would otherwise not be available to underprivileged and at risk youth.

And “at-risk” is not in an immunocompromised health sense, but rather in terms of the classic definition of marginalization: a young person who is facing circumstances or conditions which may negatively impact their academic or social progress. This impact impedes their becoming a fully functioning and contributing adult member of society.

These were the same kids that Tims Camps were further coercing into complying with an experimental medical injection. The mandate even went above and beyond the provincial requirements that were dropped months before the camp season even begun.

Tim Hortons arbitrarily and hysterically went ahead with the knee-jerk reaction frenzy, but to this day have never been able to answer any of Rebel News’ questions on the rationale behind this policy.

Oddly, Tims Camps never posted this policy publicly, either.

It was only through tips to our email line and email communication with parents who wished to remain anonymous that Rebel News was able to confirm the existence of this mandate.

Since the injections did not perform the way they were advertised — you could still get infected, you would still be infectious and you can still end up in the hospital or dead — it reiterates how useless this mandate really was at keeping anyone “safe.”

Yet if you were privy to that and your private, informed medical decisions went against that of the managerial mania then: no camp for you.

The fearless leaders at Tims Camps were so ferociously in favour of this mandate that when Rebel News went to deliver this petition, staff fabricated a trespassing tale and called on the police.

Shared from https://www.rebelnews.com/success_tims_camps_drop_covid_19_vaccine_mandate_for_campers

The Original Story

Underprivileged kids are being discriminated against and denied opportunities because of their medical status — this must be stopped! Tim Hortons Foundation Camps, founded in 1974 for low-income youth, will require all campers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before attending their camps.

April 28 2022

May 11 2022

June 22 2022

If you agree that Tims Camps should let teens attend regardless of their vaccination status, please sign the petition here http://www.rebelnews.com/petition_let_kids_camp?recruiter_id=5108758

PETITION: Let Kids Camp

When provincial governments all across Canada gave institutions, agencies, employers, and foundations free reign to implement universal COVID-19 vaccine policies, do you think they foresaw that these entities would go above and beyond provincial requirements to force people to comply?

Unfortunately, despite the government no longer enforcing a vaccine mandate, Tim Hortons still is.

Founded in 1974, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps run several camps across North America for teens from low-income families.

The foundation’s own website claims to foster a sense of community for the teens while creating a safe and inclusive space for them to flourish.

So why are they barring those in need from attending their camps based on a private medical decision?

That’s why I am launching this petition to have this overreaching vaccine policy reversed.

If you agree that Tim Hortons should allow all qualified youth to attend their camps regardless of their vaccination status, please sign the petition on this page.

Denying minors the ability to partake in fun activities is cruel and unwarranted. Kids have already missed out on so much, and Tim Hortons needs to let them camp!

Sign here: http://www.rebelnews.com/petition_let_kids_camp?recruiter_id=5108758

Shared from https://www.rebelnews.com/petition_let_kids_camp

Tim Hortons Camp just announced they aren’t allowing any unvaccinated children/individuals to enter. This is highly controversial and goes against government policy since mandates have been lifted for the most part.

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