Scientists reveal how climate change is a scam.

How can a worldwide network of billionaires further increase their power, wealth and control over the rest of humanity? By scaring the heck out of us, so we would obey their every command, to save ourselves. What are they using to terrify us into obedience? Lies, hoaxes, and scams. Pure deception. They project a terrible threat into our mind, repeat it over and over again, until we believe it is true.

Then we will dance to their every tune, and become the perfect slaves. That’s how a small group of astronomically wealthy criminals are able to control billions of other people, all around the world.

The current scare scam is called climate change. First they said the world was cooling down and we were headed for an ice age. Horrible! Get your wintercoats out! Build igloos! Save yourselves!

That proved to be such bullshit, that they changed it to global warming. We are all going to be boiled alive! The ice is melting from the poles, and our countries will drown like Atlantis. Get your swimming suits on! Prepare the life boats!

That proved to be wrong too. No such thing. So they changed it again to “climate change”. This way they can go any direction. Is there a sudden cold spell, somewhere in the world? “See??? It’s climate change! We are all going to die!” Is there a heat wave elsewhere on Earth? “Yes! It’s happening. We will burn alive. Climate change!”

Any weather event can now be used to push their fear onto the population.

It is silly and insane, but nevertheless extremely dangerous and destructive. Because this insanity is used to impose suffocating tyranny on humanity, of the likes which this world has never seen before. Forget China communism. What they are preparing for the entire world is China on steroids. In other words, hell on earth.

All meat production must be destroyed and humanity must be forced to eat genetically modified bugs, bred in factories. Farms must be eradicated from the face of the earth, and replaced with labs and factories, where artificial food is created. If one eats meat, it must come from a lab, where synthetic “plastic” meat is grown in tubes. That this will cause cancers to become more commonplace than a simple cold, is not important to them. As long as we all eat their plastic stuff from the labs.

All finances must become fully controlled, by making it 100% digital, so the tyrants can block any bank account at will, if they determine that our spending is “dangerous for the climate”. Or… if we dare to say one word against this craziness.

In Europe people can already go to jail, for spending more than 1,000 USD in cash. “Cash is bad for the climate, you moron! Do you want us all killed? Here, think about your silly behavior in prison for a few weeks, maybe that’ll teach you some common sense.” No more cash. Everything must be digital and controlled. That’s what will stop climate change! It’s no joke.

It doesn’t end there. People must be vaccinated on an ongoing basis with injections that will somehow, magically help prevent climate change. And we must all pay more, more, more and even more, and still more taxes, to “save the planet”.

Nobody is allowed to own anything, as that is bad for the climate. We must share homes, kitchens, cars, clothes, tools with everybody else in the neighborhood. Owning anything is bad for the climate!

Travel is no longer allowed, but hey, the solution is that we can all travel to exotic locations from our coach, by wearing virtual reality headsets. Fake travel! Awesome! Meanwhile we are locked inside our homes, because these climate alarmists are already announcing worldwide climate lockdowns, to “save the planet”. Destroy millions of small businesses, and make sure everyone buys only from Amazon and Ebay, which they own. Splendid businessmodel. Destroy all small businesses through lockdowns and make the entire world dependent on our own mega corporations. Hurray!

When there are no lockdowns, we will all be imprisoned in our neighborhoods anyway, as 15-minute cities are being installed worldwide, which prevents us from going more than fifteen minutes away from our homes. After all, any type of movement is bad for the climate…

The level of madness these criminals are busy implementing in our world is too much for words. Some who read this, may not even believe it, as it is so ridiculous. Wait until you end up in jail for visiting your mother, who lives 16 minutes from your home…. You went one minute too far without a permit. That is what is being prepared, literally. A permit will be required for moving beyond our designated perimeter. In some cities of the UK it is a reality already!

And all this is based on one single thing: CLIMATE CHANGE!

Plastic meat, GMO bugs, destruction of framing, vaccine mandates, lockdowns, travel ban, no more private ownership, renting and sharing everything, being limited in your movement, being tracked and monitored wherever you and go whatever you do, being arrested or losing all your finances because you said something on social media against this insanity, …. all this – and much more – to save the planet from becoming too cold, or too hot, or too dry, or too wet, or whatever. It doesn’t matter, just call it climate change and the masses will follow you.

How do we end this madness? By revealing the truth. A great way to do this is a newly published film, called CLIMATE, THE COLD TRUTH. It features scientists and experts who expose how this is an incredibly ridiculous scam, designed to enrich the rich and enslave the rest.

We may be busy and distracted, occupied and bound to all kinds of obligations, but at some point this film is a must watch, and especially something we should all share far and wide.

On the same page you find documentaries that show how these entities are manipulating the weather and causing natural disasters, in order to further push the narrative of climate change on the population. Weather warfare has been around for decades and is used to cause earthquakes, floods, droughts, hurricanes, snowstorms, wildfires and every other imaginable weather catastrophe, which is then blamed on climate change.

It’s simple: strike a match, lit a tree on fire, cause a forest fire and shout to the world how climate change is burning our world down! Or open a faucet, let the water run out on the streets, and holler how we will all drown, because of climate change. That’s the principle. Of course they have much bigger faucets to open and DEW or Direct Energy Weapons to play with.

Humanity is being threatened by a level of evil this world hasn’t seen before, in its entire existence. If we don’t stand up and start spreading truth, there is no telling what will happen.

I encourage you to watch this film, and spread it far and wide.

Let your voice be heard – loud and clear!

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They need some support protesting a carbon tax.

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Webmaster comment:
[I’m a BC Conservative supporter at this time. I must say that I’m not impressed when they work with the BC Liberal Party…. Who changed their name to UNited Party for some reason.. Was it to try to seem like they are united with the people? Or was it to send a message to the United Nations, that they are still on board??]

Thousands of Canadians gathered across the country yesterday to protest the latest hike to the carbon tax. This increase makes almost everything more expensive while Canadians are already grappling with a rising cost of living, but the federal government has been unflinching. Justin Trudeau says premiers are to blame for making “political hay” instead of coming up with their own alternative carbon taxes.

Janet Dermody is on the scene at the NL/NS ” border” aka NL Ferry region for the Carbon Tax protest. [18 minute timestamp for axe the carbon tax.]

Janet Dermody hosts the Cape Breton Originals podcast. She has been covering, among other things the Opioid Crisis on the East coast of Canada where I am. “Safe supply” of drugs and free housing in tiny shacks in our communities are causing havoc.

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Across Canada people protesting the upcoming carbon tax system are protesting at provincial border crossings. Here is an update from the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border.

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