Danish toymaker Lego has just launched a range of mini figures dressed as drag queens to promote “gender identities” to children as part of the company’s Pride celebrations.

In social media posts, Lego wished its fans, many of which being children, “Happy Pride.”

The company posted an animated video clip featuring Lego furries, drag queens, and other leftists and LGBTQ identities celebrating Pride.

The video promotion was posted on the company’s Instagram last week.

Alongside the video, the caption stated:

“These dazzling minifigures are ready for Pride with their very own spectacular Pride celebration!”

The clip begins with the title, “Mini Stories Pride Prade.”

It shows several characters sliding down a rainbow.

Boycott Lego. WEF Partnered.

One character with blue hair later marches with several furries in the Lego scene. Several of the Lego characters then hop on a small automated vacuum.

The vacuum then goes around the floor which serves as a drag queen stage. Multiple groups of figures were seen in different scenes making rainbow displays. At the end of the video, confetti rains down as the phrase “Happy Pride” appears at the very front of the video.

In addition, the Lego store is promoting the Pride Month Lego kit called, “Everyone is Awesome.” The site states that the Lego kit is meant to be for those over the age of 18. However, the pride promotion video (see above) is clearly aimed at kids.

Several of the other social media posts on the company’s Instagram appear to be designed for children rather than adults.

In a previous post on June 12, the company stated: “We asked you for your Pride builds and you didn’t disappoint. “Thank you to everyone who submitted a build to LEGO Ideas, we loved seeing all of them. “Here are just a few of our top picks!” One of the company’s picks was a Pride parade float.
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