Keith Wilson, Tamara Lich’s lawyer joins a special episode of the Round Up daily broadcast, hosted today by Drea Humphrey. He gives his honest thoughts on Public Order Emergency Commissioner, Justice Rouleau’s final report that says Justin Trudeau was justified in his invocation of the never before used Emergencies Act.

“This is a dark day for Canada. And the reason it’s a dark day for Canada, is anybody who was observing the events in Ottawa during the protests know that there is no way any thinking person can say that they came to the same scale of national emergency, that World War One, World War two, and the FLQ crisis from the 1970s did, where there was bombings, kidnaping of diplomats and murders.”

Freedom Convoy Lawyer reacts to Emergency Commission ruling

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LIVE REACTIONS: Justin Trudeau’s statement regarding the Trucker Commission’s ruling

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Trucker Commission’s Final Report on Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act to clear Freedom Truckers

Justice Rouleau of the Public Order Emergency Commission gives his final ruling to the public regarding Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the never before used Emergencies Act to clear the peaceful Freedom Convoy from Ottawa last year this time.

The Democracy Fund is disappointed with Commissioner Rouleau’s findings

TORONTO: The Democracy Fund (TDF) is disappointed with Commissioner Rouleau’s findings that the federal government met the high threshold required to invoke a public order emergency.  

While TDF agrees with the commissioner that a “reasonable” and “well-informed” person could disagree with his conclusion, we respectfully disagree that there were reasonable grounds to believe that threats to the security of Canada existed.  

Lawyers at TDF will be studying the report in more detail over the next few days. In the meantime, we will continue to defend protestors who were charged in connection to the Freedom Convoy. 

Click here to see all our work in the Public Order Emergency Commission.

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