Baby W’s parents are concerned that it would not be safe for Baby W to receive a blood transfusion from a COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated blood donor.


At a clinic visit at Starship Hospital on 16 November 2022, the parents were warned that surgery
would likely be required. They informed the clinicians that they believed there were spike proteins in the blood of people who have been vaccinated and that these proteins were causing unexpected deaths relating to transfusions. They emphasised the need to use only blood from unvaccinated donors. Dr Finucane,2 Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon in Chief at Starship Hospital, agreed to address the issue again with the NZBS director and asked the parents to send through data they had so she could better understand their concerns. Baby W’s mother explained that she was a midwife with nursing training.

Video of exact moment New Zealand Authorities “Medically Kidnapped” baby Will against parents request for non-vaccinated blood to be used in surgery; it’s government way or no way; ARDERN is a DEVIL

The New Zealand government did this and their sellout inept fraudulent compromised doctors for to cede to the parent’s wishes of using unvaccinated blood would mean that there is a potential that the vaccine is indeed harmful. So this is taking steps to ensure the narrative about ‘safe and effective’ is maintained. The New Zealand government could not give a rats arse about baby Will.

What Ardern did to New Zealander’s across the 3 years of COVID was monstrous and it is as if New Zealander’s have no voice and no power. Do they not understand that all of them who took this fraud vaccine is vaccine injured at some level and the future will dictate the extent. Do they not understand that the government works for them? What Ardern is doing here to baby Will is monstrous and will go down in history as kidnapping and let us hope baby Will survives the vaccine spike protein myocarditis inducing blood. Some accommodation was in order here and this is simply about power-drunk governments. There was no need to do this, non-vaccinated blood is well available and the government could have allowed. Acting as if they care about baby Will. Care?

Samantha Savage, Cole Reeves, parents of Baby Will, and journalist Liz Gunn of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose government medical tyranny as they lost custody of their child for demanding unvaxxed blood donors.

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