Freedom Warriors Around The World

Reuters Reporting

April 21-24 2021 ~ “Peace, freedom, no dictatorship!” protesters chanted, many waving German flags & banners saying the coronavirus lockdown undermines values enshrined in the constitution.
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The Mirror UK Reporting

April 24, 2021 ~ Thousands of Londoners Rallied in the streets. The message: Medical Freedom.
“No health passports.”
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Tillsonburg Vehicle Parade May 8 2021

Druthers News Ontario Reporting

May 8, 2021 ~ Vehicle Parade from Tillsonburg to Norwich Ontario. Where, in Norwich there will be public speakers.
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If “vaccine” commercials were honest

The people of El Salvador receive when they are struck down with Covid. Puts all western democracies to shame.

Dr Robert Malone There Will Be Childhood Death