June… PriDE MONth. Chilliwack’s RCMP detachment office is currently decorated with ‘pride lights’ ?-(what is that anyway?)… and the Radical Trans-Queer activists’ flag, called the ‘Progressive Pride’ flag.

Chilliwack RCMP June 2024

A close up view.
Based on the below policy, when referencing appendix A, is the intent, that political flags (such as this radical-trans-activists’ flag) should be flown on on such properties?

*Upset Ex-Mountie says Pride lights make BC RCMP depot look like ‘a brothel’*

Contact the Mayor, and RCMP to let them know how you feel about this. Link to contact info here.

Chilliwack’s Current (as of June 2024) Flag Guidelines Policy Directive No. J-10

(see BIA Street Banner directive)

June 11, 2024 Statement from Chilliwack City Hall contact:

Upset Ex-Mountie says Pride lights make BC RCMP depot look like ‘a brothel’

A former Mountie says an outdoor display of pride-themed lights makes his former detachment look like a brothel and denigrates a memorial there to fallen colleagues.

“They turned my first posting into a brothel, Chilliwack Detachment, BC, now known as UFVRD Upper Fraser Valley Detachment,” Leland Keane told the Western Standard from his current home in Nova Scotia.

Keane submitted the headline photo of this article, recently taken by a retired policeman from Keane’s era.

Keane said “the denegration of the memory of a person who died in my arms” triggers traumatic memories of colleagues he lost, such as Verne Genaille.

“I backed Verne up on December 22, 2002 at a B&E (break-and-enter) where we arrested two suspects. We solved a crime. He died of a massive heart attack while doing follow up with the victim while I was watching the suspects in his car.

“Worst two minutes of my life waiting for an ambulance doing CPR on him with two other members who showed up to assist….And then they deface your first posting where they memorialized two of my brothers in blue. It is so disgusting.”

Verne and fellow officer Gerry Fortis were memorialized after the latter died on duty on Christmas Day.

“He died after hitting a patch of ice and losing control while on his way to open Christmas presents with his kids. I knew both men and trained them both in firearms. I marched with Verne a year before his death on Remembrance Day. They were good men. Professionals,” Keane recalled.

Keane said the rainbow lights represent the “denigration of the memory of a person who died in my arms.”

“This is how they piss on his memory,” he said.

“This is a cheap move …. to look popular to 1.7% of the population. Enough. How does this improve arrests, cases cleared, or victims supported? It’s politics, not police work and it’s cheap and frankly predatory and in clear violation of the OIC’s [Officer in Charge’s] oath of impartiality.”

Keane wrote the OIC Davy Lee on June 12 to protest the light display.

“As you are aware, a memorial cairn to two members of the RCMP is in close proximity to the building and the awning. Gerry Fortis, and Verne Genaille were my brothers. I trained both of them on the current pistol in 1995. I worked the same streets they did,” Keane wrote.

“Verne died on a B&E call we were on in Popkum on December 22, 2002. We arrested two suspects at the scene and solved the case. His wedding anniversary was supposed to be on the 23rd. I notified his wife of his death after doing 20 minutes of CPR with two other members who came after to assist me. I drove  his ambulance to the hospital in order that the paramedics could do as much as possible to save him.”

Keane wrote that the rainbow awning breached the oath of impartiality and was contrary to the Christian faith of the memorialized officers.

“Your actions have also in my opinion made a mockery of the valuable service of two wonderful men who died in service of their nation and their brothers and sisters in the RCMP,” Keane wrote.

“Please inform me of the cost to taxpayers of your approval of the awning.”

The next day Keane received a reply from Darren Pankratz, Management and Admin Services Inspector for the UFVRD that did not include an estimate on the cost of the lights.

“Our detachment has raised the pride flag as a symbol of our dedication to creating a safe and inclusive environment for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. The flags have been raised at detachments across British Columbia, often at the request of RCMP officers which is reflective of our own organization and the communities we serve. As a whole, the RCMP is committed to continuing to improve Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,” Pankratz explained.

“The pride flag will be flown for the month of June in recognition of Pride Month, and at the end of June the E Division flag will be returned to that flag pole.  The lights at the front of the detachment will remain in the current ‘pride’ format until the end of the month, and then will be turned off or changed colour as determined by the OIC. The lights are LED and can be arranged in any colour formation required.

“UFVRD and it’s [sic] members continue to honour the memory and service of both Gerry Fortis and Verne Genaille.”

Shared from https://www.westernstandard.news/news/upset-ex-mountie-says-pride-lights-make-bc-rcmp-depot-look-like-a-brothel/55253

Municipal Politicians (It is imperative you contact Chilliwack’s Mayor and council, as well as the RCMP)

Chilliwack Mayor: Ken Popove

Councillor: Bud Mercer

Councillor: Chris Kloot

Councillor: Harv Westeringh

Councillor: Jason Lum

Councillor: Jeff Shields

Councillor: Nicole Read

Contact RCMP Community Policing Office

The Chilliwack RCMP Community Policing Office (CPO)  serves as the operational police detachment for the City of Chilliwack and is located at:

45924 Airport Road
Chilliwack, British Columbia V2P 1A2
Non-Emergency Telephone:
Phone: 604.792.4611
Fax: 604.702.4243

Chilliwack BIA displays these as well. From Downtown, out as far as the train tracks on Yale. (Scroll down for policy)

BIA Directive for the Downtown Street Banners, such as the ones Downtown.


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