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Roughly stated and further to our conversations about merging the CN Rail, CP Rail, Purolator, Westjet, and Canada Post C0VlD-l9 lawsuits into one mega class action lawsuit containing thousands against the Government of Canada, use the below link to sign up!

Remember, joining is now open to ALL CANADIANS. Forward this link and share on social media to everyone – this is what us and Canadians have been waiting for. 

If you have questions -reach out! (if your province is unlisted, use the “CANADA FORMS” therein).  


Christian Jones

C0VlD-l9 Lawsuit Group Administration

Information herein deemed reliable but not guaranteed. This email chain may be altered. Figures may be estimated.

Get to know Christian Jones, review a little history about how the Class Action got this far. (From September 2022)

 More information will be posted, as it becomes available.

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