“We’ve got to stop this insane fear of nothing” says Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D. on today’s “Good Morning CHD” episode. Dr. Mikovits shares eye-opening discoveries related to COVID, RSV and more. Viewers won’t want to miss her insight into bioweapons, spike protein shedding, fear and prophylaxis treatment.

Healthy Baby

A MUST watch for Mothers, Fathers and Caregivers.

HOT SHOTS: The Real Dr. Judy mentions HOT SHOTS – Covid “Vaccine” information on toxicity. Check the toxicity of YOUR lot number by entering it into this website: How Bad Is My Shot.

Visit Dr. Judy’s website, learn more about her therealdrjudy.com

Children’s Immunity | RSV & Media Panicking Parents | CHD Conference Videos

RSV: is the media frenzy a fraud on RSV and meant to panic parents and force them to take the coming
RSV maternal vaccine made by the crooks at Pfizer?

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: “as more and more children get infected with RSV, their innate immunity will get better and better trained and we’ll probably soon see a steep decline in cases (just like we previously witnessed with SC-2-mediated cases of MISC!). The more the kids get their innate immunity trained (due to SC-2, influenza or…. live attenuated childhood vaccines!), the lower the incidence of RSV will become. Of course, one could try to make people aware that all of this is due to the mass vaccination and that we need to stop this.” (GVB, personal electronic communication, November, 20th, 2022).

Shared from Dr. Paul Alexander https://palexander.substack.com/p/rsv-is-the-media-frenzy-a-fraud-on

Children’s Health Defense: Conference 2022
The Path Forward — Uniting To Create a Better World

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Children’s Health Defense’s mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and to establish safeguards so this never happens again.
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Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Than Vaccinated — New Evidence by Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Children’s Health Defense Europe – Brussels Press Conference. MUST watch for families. March/2022

Children’s Health Defense Conference 2022. Click the image to watch.

Nov. 12/22 Sheila Ealey, Ed.D. Lifetime Achievement Award Presented by Leila Centner
Nov. 14/22 Lyn Redwood, R.N. M.S.N. Lifetime Achievement Award Presented by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Nov. 15/22 Moment of Silence for the Injured  Presented by Kari Bundy
Nov 15/22 Pharma Corruption: Injuries + The Path Towards Healing Presented by Paul Marik, M.D.
Nov. 15/22 COVID Propaganda: Censorship of Effective Generic Drugs + The Physicians Who Prescribe Them Presentation by Pierre Kory, M.D.
Nov. 15/22 Eye on the Prize Presented by Mary Holland, J.D.
Nov. 15/22 Q+A with Catherine Austin Fitts Moderated by Sally Fallon Morell
Nov. 15/22 A Message of Faith Presented by Sheila Ealey, Ed.D.
Nov. 16/22 Democracy + Public Health Presented by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Nov. 16/22 Journalism in Crisis: The War on Dissent Presented by Whitney Webb
Nov. 16/22 COVID-19 + The War on Public Health: Where Do We Go From Here? Presented by Robert Malone, M.D.
Nov. 16/22 Vax vs. Unvax: What Does The Science Say? Presentation by Brian Hooker, Ph.D.
Nov. 15/22 Growing CHD’s Worldwide Community CHD Team Moderated by Laura Bono
Nov. 17/22 Conference Overview & Recap

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