Fauci will be remembered as one of the most prolific serial killers and torturous murderers in history

In honour of the memories of Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis (1944-2019), researcher and gay rights activist Hank Wilson (1947-2008), writer and activist Christine Maggiore (1956-2008), journalist Terry Michael (1947-2017), journalist Liam Scheff (d. 2017), and biomedical researcher David Crowe (d. 2020) who worked ceaselessly and courageously to expose the numerous frauds of Anthony Fauci and his fellow conspirators in the HIV/AIDS industry.

Fauci’s First Fraud is a 2020 independent film exposing how Fauci perpetuated misinformation over the AIDS pandemic leading to millions of deaths.

“The Nobel Prize winner who discovered HIV, Luc Montagnier, said it does not cause AIDS,” explained producer, Ken McCarthy in an email interview. “Another Nobel Prize winner, Kary Mullis — the one who invented the HIV PCR test that Fauci used to find ‘infected cases’ among the healthy — called the use of the test for diagnosis of AIDS a fraud.” Sound familiar? Watch the film below.


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A deadly new virus is discovered… there’s no treatment or cure… it’s highly contagious… everyone is a potential victim…the world is at risk from asymptomatic super spreaders… new clusters of cases reported daily… Everyone must get tested even though the tests are unreliable…positive antibody tests are called “infections” and “cases” even when the patient has no symptoms.

…every politician gets involved…media hysteria in high gear…activists demand salvation from government and Big Pharma… Billions of dollars are authorized for fast track drug and vaccine research… simple, effective remedies are rejected while expensive, dangerous ones are pushed…… presumptive diagnoses… exaggerated death statistics… falsified death certificates…

Covid 2020? No. AIDS in the 1980s. Every single fraud technique being used today to “sell” CoVid hysteria was invented in the 1980s and 1990s by Tony Fauci to sell the AIDS fraud.

The content starts at about timeline: 3:35

Are you surprised to hear AIDS called a fraud? You won’t be after you see this film. This is the first and only film to put Fauci where he belongs: squarely in the middle of the AIDS fraud story.

Share widely. Demolishing the AIDS fraud is one of the keys to undermining the CoVid Con and it will save millions of lives here in the US, in Africa and around the world.

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Remarkable Parallels Between the AIDS and COVID Scare

The description for this documentary about the 1980’s AIDS scamdemic reads like the COVID-19 headlines of 2020:

“A deadly new virus is discovered… There’s no treatment or cure… It’s highly contagious… Everyone is a potential victim… The world is at risk from asymptomatic super spreaders… New clusters of cases reported daily…

“Everyone must get tested even though the tests are unreliable… Positive antibody tests are called ‘infections’ and ‘cases’ even when the patient has no symptoms… Every politician gets involved… Media hysteria in high gear… Activists demand salvation from government and Big Pharma…

“Billions of dollars are authorized for fast track drug and vaccine research… Simple, effective remedies are rejected while expensive, dangerous ones are pushed……Presumptive diagnoses… Exaggerated death statistics… Falsified death certificates…”

It would seem that the only significant factor differentiating the AIDS pandemic from the COVID scandal is scale. As McCarthy explains:

“Every single fraud technique being used today to ‘sell’ COVID hysteria was invented in the 1980s and 1990s by Tony Fauci to sell the AIDS fraud.”

The New Normal May Not Be All That New After All

The documentary presents a compilation of interviews, press releases and documents collected from YouTube, VHS, periodicals and even an audio cassette, showing the parallels between the new normal theater of 2020 with the HIV scare of the 1980s and 90s.

For example, the documentary includes an interview with Charles Geshekter Ph.D., a three-time Fulbright scholar who teaches African history at California State University in Chico. He explains how the WHO came to the conclusion that AIDS in Africa could be diagnosed with a broad list of common symptoms, just like COVID: “A fever, a persistent cough, loose stools for 30 days, and a ten-percent loss of bodyweight over a two month period.”

The entire film is packed with such parallels. Another example, later in the documentary, states: “Over the last 36 years, Fauci has repeated the claim that all his AIDS patients were ‘otherwise healthy.’”

Yet, a clip with a gay historian, Mark Gabrish Conlan, shows that such victims were not healthy at all:

“The very first AIDS cases were five gay men diagnosed in Los Angeles in 1981… What linked them was that they were all in the ‘fast lane gay lifestyle…’ They were taking many different [recreational] drugs at the same time, combining drugs, much more than was the pattern for straight drug users. They also partied a lot, at the bars, the clubs, the bathhouses. They met a lot of men, had a lot of anonymous sexual contact. As a result they were exposed to a lot of the classic sexually transmitted diseases — like syphilis and gonorrhea. Because they were getting those diseases, they were also frequently going to doctors and getting antibiotic prescriptions….

“All that created a situation where a handful of gay men were burning the candle at both ends and putting a blowtorch to the middle. It’s no wonder that after a while their immune systems started to collapse and they started getting sick in these unusual ways that previously had only been seen in older people whose immune systems had deteriorated from age.”

Today, Fauci and company have expanded their case load from a fringe group of homosexuals to the 73 million baby boomer population in the United States.

Of course, we are now being told, the old are dying from COVID-19. As if, before the coronavirus went novel, frail nursing home residents were “otherwise healthy” and not already succumbing to respiratory diseases.

Just like, before AIDS, the overuse of antibiotics and a wide range of “party” drugs by a small subset of the gay male community was not severely compromising to health. These recreational drugs included “poppers,” an immune-suppressing inhalant widely used and sold in gay clubs and bathhouses. As the documentary shows, poppers were heavily advertised in most gay magazines.

Of course, why would heavy narcotic use have anything to do with the collapse of their immune system? We are assured, two-thirds through the film, by much younger version of Anthony Fauci: “There have been a number of theories as to what the origin of HIV/AIDS is. One of them was a theory that certainly turned out to be completely incorrect — that it is a lifestyle phenomenon.

36 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Manipulation

“The documentary includes footage of Fauci at various points in his career, starting in 1984 and extending to the present, describing his work in his own words,” says producer, Ken McCarthy. “This is how Anthony Fauci built his career, credibility, and political base.”

McCarthy studied neuroscience at Princeton University in the late 1970s under Bart Hoebel, a pioneer in the study of sugar addiction. McCarthy is considered a pioneer, himself, in the field of internet marketing. A Time Magazine article credits Ken McCarthy’s insights into click-through tracking as a key factor in the commercialization of the World Wide Web.

Such marketing expertise makes McCarthy keenly aware of the true motivations behind mandating a COVID-19 vaccine.

“You have to understand, the vaccine business is fantastic,” he jokingly states in a interview on the The Finding Genius podcast. “Government mandated means [vaccines] have no marketing costs. Universal? Most markets are niche, even big markets. I can’t sell hair curlers to bald men; but [they] can dictate that every child in America get a vaccine…. If [they] can dictate that every breathing human being in America gets a vaccine the money becomes mind-boggling.”

In additional to pioneering fundamental elements of the commercial Internet, McCarthy has also been a pioneer of independent online journalism.

“In 1995, I organized and hosted the first conference on the subject of web-based reporting for local news markets,” he explains. “In 1997, as a demonstration of the potential of the medium, I produced what is still the most detailed documentation of an election fraud – the 1997 San Francisco 49er Stadium Bond Initiative – that appears in any format.”

And now he has compiled a detailed documentary showing how Anthony Fauci sold the HIV/AIDS scare in the 1980s, and is doing so again in 2020 with a brand new set of acronyms.
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John C. A. Manley has spent over a decade ghostwriting for medical doctors, naturopaths and chiropractors. He currently writes the COVID-19(84) Red Pill Daily Briefs — an email based newsletter that questions and exposes the contradictions in the COVID-19 narrative and control measures. He is also writing a novel,  Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story. You can visit his website at MuchAdoAboutCorona.ca. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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The Fraudulent Dr Fauci – Part I: The AIDS Racket

In this series of posts I’m going to attempt to do the impossible. [Part II here. ]

Tell me; how do you undo over 38 years of official fraud, over 200,000 scientific papers all based on a faulty premise, tens of thousands of hours of, well to be charitable, fake news? And how about over 500 billion, half a trillion dollars in research money that has so far failed to come up with a working vaccine and failed to come up with a cure? That’s the story of Tony Fauci and AIDS, hardly anyone knows it, and this is the guy who is leading the fight against C19.

There is a vast infrastructure; it involves scientists, it involves universities, it involves non-profits, government agencies, journalists, and they’re all working with one aim, and that is to sell whatever bullshit Tony Fauci and friends have to sell that day. Doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, doesn’t matter whether it has a scientific basis or not, doesn’t matter whether it’s logical or not, they are going to sell it. So that’s what this series is about – undoing over 36 years of fraud.

Yes, you can find this information elsewhere, but it will take you dozens of hours to put it all together into one picture, and that’s what I’ve attempted to do for you here. So to the extent that you can; enjoy, and let’s work together to dismantle one of the biggest frauds in human history, one that’s bigger than most people can even imagine is possible.

Documentary: Emerging Viruses and Vaccines by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

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Dr. Kary Mullis – Nobel Prize Winner – PCR Inventor – Exposes Who Fauci Really Is

Fauci’s Powerbase: AIDS

During the four decades since the United States government proclaimed, via then Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler, April 23,1984, that a single retrovirus was the “probable cause” of an amorphous health condition known as AIDS, hundreds of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have been doled out to thousands of HIV/AIDS grantees, “investigators” as they are known in the language of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Although Robert Gallo, standing next to Heckler at the press conference, had not yet published his alleged proof for his hypothesis, by April 24 The New York Times was calling Gallo’s HTLV-III “the AIDS virus,” and all research into other probable causes of AIDS came to an abrupt halt. Later that same day, Gallo filed a patent for what is now misleadingly known as “the AIDS test.”

The decision to spend billions of tax-payer’s money on a theory never properly vetted in an honest peer review process can be tracked to one un-elected medical science bureaucrat, America’s de facto AIDS czar; Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since November 3, 1984, Fauci has never approved grants for anything but the simplistic single pathogen theory of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the amorphous disease by ever-changing definition. From the beginning of his tenure, he has ignored the “multi-factorial” hypothesis for immune deficiency, including unusual exposure to old pathogens (VD), heavy ingestion of toxins (drugs), and chronic and acute stress (fear of dying). He has embraced scientific reductivism, what can be termed a 19th Century-style, single-germ theory for a complex web of factors that collapsed the immune systems of a subset of gay men in the early 1980s.

Fauci has built a research empire that has funded thousands of studies of every conceivable aspect of the “HIV equals AIDS” hypothesis, including clinical trials of deadly so-called “Anti-RetroViral Treatments,” – chemotherapy known by the acronym “ARV” and sometimes as “ART.”

Early AIDS research grants were for studying the theoretical pathogenesis of what Dr. Luc Montagnier and Dr. Robert Gallo claimed to have “discovered” (identified) after a failed decade of research trying to relate retroviruses to cancer. Montagnier labelled his the “Lymphodenopathy Associated Virus” (LAV) and Gallo dubbed his the “Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus-III (HTLV-III.) To settle the dispute about who discovered what, the U.S. and French governments in 1987 decided to agree that Gallo and Montagnier “co-discovered” the same thing, and that it would thereafter be called the “human immunodeficiency virus,” (HIV) – a medical science finding by government proclamation.

Once President Ronald Reagan announced about a billion dollars just for starters for AIDS research, the AIDS gravy-train was established, and of those who jumped over from cancer research to AIDS research, the best known is Bob Gallo. “HIV didn’t suddenly pop out of the rain forest or Haiti. It just popped into Bob Gallo’s hands at a time when he needed a new career,” as Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test (who died late 2019, just prior to the misuse of his PCR test to sell the C19 pandemic), noted with a wink.

Gallo’s papers were printed in the journal Science well after his press conference, and also after he had filed the patent application for an antibody test, later fraudulently named “The HIV test”. Thus, nobody was able to review his work prior to his spectacular TV appearance, and for some days afterwards. This presented a severe breach of professional scientific etiquette, and as reviewed later, showed Gallo’s studies did not deliver any proof for the virus thesis.

Eventually, much of the research funded at the NIAID and its parent organization, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), centered on the efficacy of ARVs in those who were HIV positive and had actual presenting illnesses, and then in those who theoretically had AIDS based only on CD4 T-cell counts under 200, but with no illness – the latter being a definition of AIDS arbitrarily devised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and made effective January 1, 1993. That definition was designed only for “case surveillance,” a short-cut for counting potential cases of actual illness, but not as clinical evidence of AIDS for treatment purposes. But it very quickly led non-ill HIV positives, with no defining illnesses, into taking the chemotherapy with highly toxic adverse effects.

Relevant also is the fact that all top scientific advisers to “Operation Warp Speed” on C19 are tied since decades to the bogus and destructive HIV/AIDS research and propagation of false theories. Alongside Tony Fauci of NIAID stands Deborah L. Birx, M.D., Obama appointee as US Global AIDS Coordinator, who worked under Tony Fauci at NIAID from 1983-1986, and Dr Redfield.
*Report on Dr Redfield and Dr Birx’ egregious falsifying of AIDS research data – Public Citizen, 1994. [PDF]


Dangerous leap into the ARV unknown: “Test-and-Treat”

By the latter years of the first decade of the 21st Century, Dr. Fauci and his agency had jumped on the “test-and-treat” bandwagon, even after Dr. David Ho’s “hit hard, hit early” (with Antiretroviral – ARVs) theory of the mid-1990s had been discredited among mainstream ‘HIV causes AIDS’ investigators like Dr. Jay Levy of the Univ. of California-San Francisco (sometimes called the “third co-discoverer of HIV.”) Levy warned in 2001, and still cautions, against “early intervention” with toxic chemotherapy drugs, before HIV positives present with any illness.

David Ho’s dangerous advice led scores of thousands of non-ill positives to fall into the AIDS drug trap, and many eventually began to suffer from liver dysfunction, renal failure, and heart disease, along with microbiome-damaging chronic diarrhea (weakening the innate immune system in the intestinal tract), and the disfiguring facial fat wasting and fat redistribution that are well assessed effects of the drugs. (See a well-documented account with video of the long-term toxic effects of ARVs in gay men in New York magazine, Nov. 2009.)

Despite the warnings, Fauci began to fund human subject experiments, giving the drugs immediately to those who tested “positive,” without regard even to the spurious clinical markers (CD4 T-cell counts and “viral load”), let alone presenting illness. See The Washington Times report, March, 2010, about one of the studies Fauci funded to experiment on mostly African Americans in the Washington, D.C. area.

After criticism of “test-and-treat,” that moniker morphed to “Test-and-Lead-to-Care,” or “TLC,” invoking thoughts of “tender loving care.” The HIV-AIDS Industry has been masterful with its use of benign-sounding acronyms. The so-called “drug cocktails” with which David Ho encouraged HIV carriers to “hit hard, hit early” were designated as “Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Treatments” or “HAART” (You gotta have HAART).

AZT – The DNA Terminator

In 1987 the war on Aids took another drastic turn for the worse; AZT, the toxic chemotherapy deemed too poisonous for cancer treatment after animal testing, was approved to treat symptomatic and asymptomatic HIV patients in attempt to kill the virus that was alleged to cause Aids.

It’s not the first time that medicine has gone mad, but I think that if ever the grievous mis-diagnosis that is the marketing of AZT, in full; ‘azidothymidine’, also called zidovudine, as an ‘anti-HIV’ drug will be judged the gravest pharmaceutical disaster since the days of strychnine, arsenicals, thalidomide, and mercurous chloride.

AZT is a DNA chain terminator, a poison designed to randomly destroy the DNA synthesis of reproducing cells. It was initially developed to treat leukemia victims, but after testing the FDA determined that it was too toxic for use in human beings and banned it. But in 1987 when the Aids scare hit its height, the FDA was pressured into approving the drug for use for the first time in human beings, even for people who were healthy and showed no sign of Aids.

AZT is highly mutagenic, meaning that it destroys the genes and cells, and has been shown to cause cancer in rodents. It targets the bone marrow where B lymphocyte blood cells are being made, these are the very cells an Aids patient needs most for immunity. AZT randomly destroys bone marrow, kidneys, liver, intestines, muscle tissue, the brain, and central nervous system, resulting in a wasting appearance. Not unlike the presenting symptoms of Aids.

Peter Duesberg, a German American molecular biologist and a professor of molecular and cell biology, claims AZT actually causes AIDS itself;

AZT is directly causing AIDS defining diseases, you know AIDS is a lot of things but it doesn’t cause Kaposi’s sarcoma or anything, but it does cause immunodeficiency – it was designed to do that, it was designed to kill human cells, in fact the manufacturer says that specifically that it can cause AIDS like diseases. The manufacturer says it is often difficult to distinguish adverse events possibly associated with Zidovudine (AZT) administration which is AZT from underlying signs of HIV disease. In other words, even they acknowledge not just this but that AZT causes AIDS, or is defining diseases.“PETER DUESBERG

In his book Poison by PrescriptionThe AZT Story, John Lauriston, journalist, Harvard analyst and active in the gay rights movement since the 1970s, explains how AZT tests conducted by the FDA and Burroughs Wellcome, the manufacturer, were scientifically sloppy and outright fraudulent.

During the experiments patients taking AZT became anaemic and suffered low white blood cell counts, accompanied by vomiting, and over half had to have blood transfusions, with twenty percent transfused several times. Again, not unlike the presenting symptoms of Aids.

A document written by Ellen Cooper, the FDA Medical Officer who reviewed the New Drug Application for AZT, indicated that many serious violations of the “protocols” of the study had occurred in all of the centers. (Since protocols represent the rules of the game, so to speak, to violate them constitutes cheating.) The Boston center, whose principal investigator was Robert Schooley, was especially bad. It was so bad that an FDA investigator recommended that all data from the Boston center “be excluded from the analysis of the multicenter trial”.JOHN LAURITSEN, THE AIDS WAR (1993), CHAPTER II: “AZT ON TRIAL”

By then, Aids patients had grown so desperate that they would sample any of the bootlegged underground therapies, some of which were probably life-threatening. 

Despite a warning by FDA toxicology analyst Harvey Chernov that AZT not be approved, the FDA was pressured by AIDS activist organizations to lift the ban, and hundreds of thousands of people began taking AZT, even though AZT cannot cure Aids and is only supposed to slow down the progression. The main activist group that lobbied the FDA was called ACT UP. It’s said that ACT UP was a ‘fake activist’ group that recruited unwitting members, all quietly organized and controlled by big pharma for the purpose of using fomented public opinion to sway the FDA. It’s not an uncommon tactic. St Fauci then painted himself as the picture of humanity by agreeing to meet and hear the gay community’s plight, contrary to the cold, hard attitude of the FDA, and agreed to allow them the use of AZT. Well played.

(Now’s a good time to mention the bizarre conflict of interest in the fact that Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, RN, Ph.D., heads the Dept. of Bioethics at NIH. Yup, Fauci’s wife is head of the ethics dept. at the NIH).

The logic behind AZT treatment was flawed; HIV only infects about one T-cell in one thousand, and so nine hundred and ninety nine healthy T-cells must die to kill the one cell that is infected, and so the destruction is enormous, and this can only happen early on before HIV becomes dormant and is still making DNA. Yet Aids patients were given AZT for months on into years, randomly destroying DNA in all parts of the body.

AZT is expensive, and costs between eight and twelve thousand dollars a year per victim. The manufacturer then, Borrough’s Wellcome, now GlaxoSmithKline, generated sales over one billion dollars a year with AZT. Because of rules allowed by the FDA, a bottle of AZT that costs about five dollars to make can be sold for over five hundred dollars as a prescription, and much of this mark-up is being subsidized by the taxpayer.

The treatment causes a very similar condition we would expect from an aids patient that’s why nobody noticed that there was something wrong with the treatment.CLAUS KÖHNLEIN

The results of the early AZT trial on people with full-blown AIDS appeared to be so convincing that the drug was given a new fast-track approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before any long-term toxicity trials in animals had been completed. The basis for this was the so-called Fischl study, which was published in July 1987 in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) — and already then Fauci was in charge of federal AIDS funding.

The Fischl experiments were, in fact, stopped after only four months, after 19 trial subjects in the placebo group (those who did not receive AZT, but rather an inactive placebo) and only one participant from the so-called verum group (those who were officially taking AZT) had died. Through this, according to the AIDS establishment, the efficacy of AZT appeared to be proven.

But the Fischl study was not even worth the paper it was printed on. Not only was it financed by AZT manufacturer Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline), which is clearly a conflict of interest, but it was “clear that Fauci‘s NIH and the FDA had far too ‘cozy’ a relationship with Burroughs-Wellcome,” as Lauritsen writes.

A clinical trial observation period of only four months is much too short to be informative, considering the usual practice of administering AIDS medications over years, or even a lifetime.

The Wellcome Foundation, the UK manufacturer of AZT, saw its shares spiral upwards when AZT was to be the new wonder drug, then in 1989, after the trials were terminated early in the United States because results looked promising, it was announced that AZT could be used not only on people with AIDS diseases, but in a much larger group, including anyone with HIV, and even those with merely low immune cell counts, but no other symptoms. Wellcome’s shares soared to new heights, adding £1.4 billion pounds (£3.56 billion today) to the company’s UK stock market value in one day.

Before a drug is licensed for use it normally has to undergo animal toxicity studies and clinical trials in humans. No long-term animal studies were completed when AZT was licensed. The clinical studies in humans, called phase two, which led to the licensing of AZT, were financed by Wellcome – they were presented as complying with the only reliable scientific test for a drug; double blind studies, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) in July, 1987.

Toxic drugs for HIV negatives

In HIV research-gone-wild, Dr. Fauci then began to finance clinical trials of the toxic drugs in HIV “negatives,” on the theory the chemotherapy would “protect” them from becoming “positive.” Employing another HIV-AIDS drug marketing acronym, aggressive mis-use of the chemotherapy was called “pre-exposure prophylaxis” or the benign-sounding “PrEP.”

In December 2015, the NEJM published Fauci’s article Ending the HIV–AIDS Pandemic: Follow the Science. In this piece he made a case for “dramatically scale up HIV testing and treatment around the world” — including preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP), i.e. “using ART [antiretroviral therapy] for HIV prevention in HIV negative persons.” That is to say, healthy people should take highly toxic drugs, such as Truvada. But again; as self-assured as Fauci presents his statements, he was not prepared to substantiate them factually.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in federal outlays from NIAID to study test-and-treat and PrEP, plus grants engineered by Fauci from other agencies like the CDC and USAID, and from non-profits like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been allocated with no results.
Fauci is also part of the Gates Foundation cabal, and in 2012 Fauci was named one of the five Leadership Council of the Gates Foundation-created Global Vaccine Action Plan.

In particular, vast sums of money have accrued to the benefit of a little-known pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Foster City, California, with the Bible-inspired name “Gilead Sciences,” alluding to the healing “balm of Gilead”. Jeremiah 8:22 – “Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there?”. Most major drug companies are named after founding families, e.g., Bayer, Glaxo-Smith-Klein, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott, Boehringer Ingelheim. Gilead’s use of a heavenly-inspired name is testament to its marketing savvy.

The earthly publicly-held AZT manufacturer, Gilead Sciences, Inc., has long standing political ties, as well as to Dr. Fauci, who named its CEO, John C. Martin, to his NIAID advisory council over 14 years ago in March 2000. Martin, who led Gilead to greatness in developing the hugely profitable HIV drug franchise, passed 30/March, 2021 at the age of 69, cause unknown. There is a petition that requests Fauci disclose his financial relations with Gilead, since he hasn’t done it yet.

Gilead makes a huge amount of money from Truvada and other HIV products. These drugs contribute to 76% of the company’s revenue. The company earned $14.6 billion from HIV drugs in 2018, which is $1.6 billion more than was earned in 2017.

It’s also worth noting that Donald Rumsfeld was chairman of the operating board of Gilead from 1997 to January 2001, when he resigned to accept a position in George W. Bush’s cabinet as Secretary of the Dept. of Defence, which, several years into Rumsfeld’s tenure, stockpiled millions of units of Gilead’s best-selling Tamiflu, now regarded by many experts as a nearly or completely worthless flu palliative. Gilead made huge profits, and Rumsfeld still held a large position in Gilead’s stock.

In addition to Rumsfeld, who had been on Gilead’s board since 1988, also on the board have been Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State, George Shultz; George H. W. Bush’s Special Trade Representative, Carla Hills; and the wife of former California Republican Gov. Pete Wilson. Gilead Sciences is the deep-state’s pharma cash register. Plain and simple.

Fauci’s “Guinea Pig Kids”

The recent #BeagleGate scandal accomplished what a questionable global COVID pandemic, a “gain-of-function” research scandal, worldwide vaccine mandates, and a career of squandering American tax dollars could not: It got the world to stop and question the integrity of Dr. Anthony Fauci. While experimenting on man’s best friend is a step too far for most, the world appears to be not so interested when it’s done to children.

In 1992, NIAID provided funding to reintroduce the Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) as “an outpatient clinic for HIV-positive children”, and the clinic became part of Columbia University’s Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Unit. The ICC, which marketed itself as “New York City’s only skilled nursing facility providing specialized care for children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS,” was the scene of crimes against humanity.

New York’s child welfare department, the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), was empowered to offer up the vulnerable and underprivileged children under its care as lab rats to test toxic AIDS drugs like AZT, Nevirapine and various protease inhibitors, as well as experimental AIDS vaccines, over the span of two decades. Most of the children were Black, Hispanic and poor, often born to drug-addicted mothers. NIAID, capitalizing on the prevailing AIDS orthodoxy, justified the unethical experiments performed on these kids as the only chance they had to survive.

At ICC, the cooperation of experimental subjects consistently took precedence over their wellbeing. Children were required to take these medications regardless of their negative impacts, and adverse effects were attributed to their presumed illness (AHRP discovered that NIAID allowed its pharma partners to experiment on children without lab-confirmed HIV infections).

When some parents refused to consent to the trials, children’s services officials would promptly remove them and place them with compliant foster families, or in children’s homes where a child’s participation would then be authorized. When children resisted or refused their medications they were brought to Columbia Presbyterian hospital, where plastic tubes were surgically inserted into their stomachs for drug administration.

According to Vera Sharav, at least 80 children died over the course of these clinical trials. “Fauci just brushed all those dead babies under the rug,” Sharav said. “They were collateral damage in his career ambitions. They were throw-away children.”

In Nov. 2004 The BBC reached out to Sharav as part of an investigation for a documentary film, “Guinea Pig Kids”. After it’s debut the short film was abruptly taken off the air. Based on the extensive findings of investigative journalist Liam Scheff, the gut-wrenching documentary exposes Fauci’s torturous clandestine medical experiments on allegedly HIV-infected children in the care of ICC. The 2004 documentary states “the trials are still continuing at at least six other locations in NYC“.

The graveyard where these children were thrown into mass graves is called the ‘Gate of Heaven Cemetery’ in Hawthorne, NY. The pit is filled with hundreds of coffins, sometimes stuffed with multiple children, and buried under an AstroTurf cover.

Taking the Show to the Third World – The (PrEP) Trials

There have been four major “Phase III” PrEP clinical trials, with at least 2,000 and up to 5,000 test subjects each, between 2007 and 2012. The third phase of drug trials are supposed to confirm drug efficacy, monitor side effects to determine protection from long-term poisoning, and check to see if subjects will adhere to “treatment” (take the drug as prescribed.) Phase I and II trials commonly make use of small groups of test subjects, from a few score, to several hundred, to initially evaluate drug safety, determine a safe dosage range, and identify adverse effects.

Summarized in a chart, those four trials have received the greatest media attention since they were begun, concluded or prematurely halted, and then reported. In each case, almost all test subjects were “Third World”, and all drugs were “donated” by Gilead Sciences pharmaceutical company, which stood to gain potentially billions of dollars in revenue if their highly toxic Truvada drug was judged to “protect” test subjects from sero-conversion (from HIV- to HIV+) in assays for antibodies – not actual tests for whole, purportedly pathogenic virions.

Two halted and failed clinical trials were ignored by the FDA when it approved, for PrEP, the drug Truvada, again, the test chemotherapy donated by Gilead in both trials. They were: FEM PrEP, 2,120 heterosexual females, all HIV negative, 100% Third World/African; and VOICE PrEP, 5,029 heterosexual females, all HIV negative, 100% Third World/African.

Before the Fem-PrEP study was halted, 33 of the 1,024 subjects in the Truvada cohort sero-converted, compared with 35 among the 1,032 subjects in the slightly larger placebo cohort – a statistically trivial difference.

Buried deep in the iPREX report in the New England Journal of Medicine was a claim of over 90% “protection” in Truvada subjects who faithfully adhered to the drug. That 90%+ claim took on a life of its own, and is now the figure most commonly used in popular media reports about Truvada and PrEP.

To use the well-worn but accurate cliché, the study results were cases of “figures lying and liars figuring.” The creative figuring became the “evidence” used by the FDA to grant Gilead the right to sell its toxic AZT chemotherapy drug Truvada for a new use in non-ill and non “positive” men and women.

Tens of millions of mostly taxpayers dollars were squandered in behalf of Gilead, so the drug company could reap billions in new revenues. A clear case example of oligarchic capitalism is apparent in the company’s collusion with Fauci at NIAID; with FDA advisory panels and commissioners, and their BigPharma conflicts; and with the CDC, reflected in its May 2014 recommendation, urging physicians to prescribe Truvada for negatives in the so-called “risk groups,” an official government imprimatur for an extremely profitable drug that has helped Gilead’s stock price only.

Malpractice in HIV negatives has now been endorsed by the NIAID, the the FDA and the CDC, all for the benefit of one politically-connected drug company, and Fauci, up to the time of the first claims of the virus in Wuhan, China, was still promoting his 35-year fraud around HIV.

Conclusion: It is Time for Anthony Fauci to be Removed from Government and be Tried for his Crimes Against Humanity.


Everything published in this article is OLD information. Yet for some reason, Fauci is only now in the hot seat for his involvement in the Wuhan lab and the creation of a COVID-19 bioweapon, and who knows if that will amount to anything.

Aids is a huge multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, too many people are making too much money, and so now it doesn’t make sense for them to find a cure, because too many businesses will go under as a result.

A few senators have finally started to ask questions and raise some concerns, but none have gone far enough yet, or acted upon conclusive evidence, and nobody has yet dealt with the abundance of evidence contained in this article.

With Fauci having survived 5 administrations, clearly he’s a deep-state asset, but the question is; is Fauci too untouchable to face justice?

In researching this article I repeatedly came across the same names of a group of whistleblowers. Unfortunately, much of their research articles were published toward the end of last century, and so just missed being uploaded to the then relatively new www, however transcripts survive on a website called virusmyth.com;

One of the most important whistleblowers is Dr. Peter Duesberg, professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley.
*Duesberg’s story on AZT, more about the AZT epidemic, and his evidence that AZT accelerates death, and his study on the drug’s toxicity.

Finally, a shout-out to the long-term outspoken critics of Fauci, AZT, the AIDS racket, as well as the long-term misuse of PCR testing; Kary MullisEtienne de HarvenDr Frank Plummer – all died in suspicious circumstances just prior to the pandemic.

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The Fraudulent Dr Fauci – Part II: The Remdesivir Scam

Updated 13/Apr/2022

In April, 2020, Anthony Fauci cited a study which he said proved Remdesivir could block coronavirus.
He also claimed in both 2018, and ’19, that a study showed Remdesivir was safe and efficacious in the use against the Ebola virus, but this was also a lie. If one were to actually look at the study, titled; ‘A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Ebola Virus Disease Therapeutics‘, which was testing four different drugs against the Ebola virus, they will find that the safety board pulled Remdesivir out of trial six months early, because over 50% of patients who received it died.

Table 2. Comparison of Death at 28 Days According to Treatment Group.

Fauci quoted a second study in support of his mandating the use of Remdesivir, a study conducted by the makers of Remdesivir titled; ‘Compassionate Use of Remdesivir for Patients with Severe Covid-19‘, wherein 53 patients with C19 were administered the drug for 10 days. 23% of them suffered from multiple organ disfunction syndrome, septic shock, and acute kidney injury. 8% of them had to be taken off the drug after only 5 days because it was killing them.

In February, 2020, a state-run Chinese lab sought a patent on the use of Remdesivir to treat coronavirus, based on the results of a single patient. After the CCP and Fauci recommended the use of Remdesivir, the U.S. secured the world’s supply, and began treating Americans with it. Patients immediately began suffering kidney failure, which was then blamed on C19, even though studies by the manufacture show Remdesivir causes it in 23% even after only a few days.

When the kidneys fail the lungs fill with liquid, which is how thousands have died in the hospitals, being mis-diagnosed and put on ventilators, and it’s all being blamed on C19. But if we read the fine print, we can see that all this is to be expected with Remdesivir, and Fauci knows it.

Gilead Sciences, the biblically-named ‘cash register’ pharma company with a long history, and who make Remdesivir, said it will charge the US government $390 per vial for its virus drug Remdesivir. That’s over $2,300 dollars for a typical five-day treatment. Per person. The longer 10-day treatment course will cost governments $4,290 per patient, and $5,720 for a US patient with private insurance.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, called the pricing on Remdesivir “outrageous.” “Without a taxpayer investment of $99 million, this drug [Remdesivr] would have been abandoned. It would be on the scrap heap of failures,” he told NPR.

In an offensive display of hubris and disregard for the public, Gilead has priced at several thousand dollars a drug that should be in the public domain,” Peter Maybarduk, director of Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines Program, said in a written statement. Analysts at Royal Bank of Canada forecast the drug could generate $2.3 billion in revenue 2020.

The following two excerpts are from RFK’s recent excellent book; The Real Anthony Fauci. [READ THIS BOOK FOR FREE HERE]The book details how Fauci, Gates, and their cohorts use their control of media outlets, scientific journals, key government and quasi-governmental agencies, global intelligence agencies, and influential scientists and physicians to flood the public with fearful propaganda about COVID-19 virulence and pathogenesis, and to muzzle debate and ruthlessly censor dissent.

Update – In a stroke of what I can only describe as pure evil, the FDA recently approved (21/Jan) the use of Gilead’s Remdesivir drug named Veklury to be used exclusively in newborns in the US, both hospitalised, and non-hospitalised. So in summary; they know it kills, yet have mandated it be the only drug used, from adults to babies, everywhere. I’m at a loss for words.

Remdesivir, aka Run!-death-is-near!, is just another in a long history of drugs approved solely for the purposes of reaping big profits for Fauci and the democidal cabal that he fronts, bilking the tax payer of billions, and all while quietly euthanizing an unwitting public.

Just like the so-called “vaccines”, of which the FDA was fully aware of how deadly they are since at least October 2020, proven by the accidental? Split-second showing of a frame of a draft of a ‘working list of all major side-effects’, during a nine-hour video conference. The frame, pictured below, can be seen for a split-second at 2 hours, 33 minutes and 40 seconds (video cued – WATCH CLOSELY);

Shared from https://carterheavyindustries.wordpress.com/2021/09/21/fauci-remdesivir/

The Real Anthony Fauci By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ~ Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health



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