I have just been arrested and charged at my Catholic high school for attending class after being excluded for indicating my intent to adhere to my religious beliefs.

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I agree with Josh that biological males should not be sharing school washrooms and change rooms with females.

I agree with Josh that all students are to be treated with dignity and schools are to be free from bullying or harassment.

I agree with Josh that people who hold to the Christian faith should not be discriminated against for their beliefs in the education system.

I agree with Josh that school boards must state in their policy that washrooms and change rooms will be off limits to those of the opposite sex, regardless of whatever gender they self-identify as.

Josh was excluded from attending his Catholic High School because, during class debates and on social media, he expressed his Christian beliefs that there are only two genders, that students cannot switch between genders, and that boys should not be permitted into the girls’ bathroom. Josh was suspended after trying to organize a student walk-out because the school refused to address the safety concerns of a female student.

The Bible teaches that God created us male and female. Jesus affirmed that teaching when he said, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female..?” Matthew 19:4.

Email The Renfrew County Catholic School Board Trustees

Chair, Susan Humphries
Email: humphriess@rcdsb.on.ca

Vice Chair, Leo Boland
Email: bolandl2@rcdsb.on.ca

Trustee, Dave Dobson
Email: dobsond@rcdsb.on.ca

Trustee, Kim Dougherty
Email: doughertyk@rcdsb.on.ca

Trustee, Mike Guenette
Email: guenettem@rcdsb.on.ca

Trustee, David Kaiser
613-628-5428 or (mobile) 613-635-2137
Email: kaiserd@rcdsb.on.ca

Trustee, Bryon Morris
613-687-6468 or 613-401-1096 (mobile)
Email: morrisb@rcdsb.on.ca

Trustee, Jodie Primeau
Email: primeaujj@rcdsb.on.ca

Student Trustee, Ava Beggs – Activist for social justice, women’s rights, and inclusion within her own school and community.
Email: beggsa@student.rcdsb.on.ca

Student Trustee, Taylor Novosedlik
Email: novosedlikt@student.rcdsb.on.ca

See all their BIOs here.


I write as counsel for Josh Alexander, a grade 11 student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School. I require that you copy me on all written communication to Mr. Alexander. I also request you refrain from attempting to engage in substantive oral discussions with Mr. Alexander regarding his recent suspension or the conditions of his continued attendance at St. Joseph’s unless I am in attendance by phone or videoconference. READ FULL LETTER PDF

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High School Student Arrested for Religious Beliefs

In what world is it okay for a high school student to be arrested and charged for expressing religious beliefs?  In what world do we punish a student brave enough to stand against the establishment, protecting teenage girls?  In what world is it okay for a student to be denied an education because he voiced his beliefs?  It appears that world is Canada.  We’re speaking about the arrest of Grade 11 student, Josh Alexander, for standing up for his fellow students and his own religious beliefs at St Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario.

We have seen the erosion of basic decency and increased sexual exploitation of our children in schools across Canada.  The trustees seem to have forgotten that their role is to educate our children while offering a safe environment for learning.  It is not to punish students for protecting each other because the school boards fail to do so.

The blatant hypocrisy is staring us in the face. Yes, the biological male who identified as a female, and entered the change rooms based on this choice, is protected by the same human rights as Josh and others who speak in opposition. We can’t pick and choose whose rights we protect and who’s rights we ignore. If the school insists on protecting one, they must acknowledge all.

I remember a Canada where common sense ruled, and students could feel safe.  Sadly, this is no longer the case.  Students are exposed to teachers wearing prosthetic breasts, sexually explicit books in the libraries, and feeling threatened while trying to conduct the most basic of human functions.

If our youth are not free to voice their opinions, and defend their right to believe in whatever faith they choose, or none at all, what sort of Canada will they have as adults? It is our job to protect our kids.  If you feel Josh’s Charter Rights have been denied, please let the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board know.

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