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Understanding Pride Flags, as they relate to the LGB+ community

Here are two files showing who funds trans-activism & why it’s elitist propaganda:
1. Advancing Trans* Movements Worldwide: Open Societies Foundation is George Soros
2. George Soros: The money behind the transgender movement
Also: The Open Society Foundations & The Transgender Movement
Also: Black Lives Matter: Produced By George Soros (See a pattern?)

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Caitlyn Jenner: We are a grassroots movement! Please donate now http://fairnessfirst.us

George Soros and radical well funded liberal groups are spending millions to redefine Title IX to allow boys to compete in girls sports it’s WRONG! I cannot keep fighting this battle without your help!” Caitlyn on Twitter

Watch “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” by Candace Owens.

“One of the first big things for me was figuring out where the money going to BLM was actually being spent on. I learned it wasn’t going to black communities, it was not going to black businesses. It wasn’t even going to quote the victims of police brutality. All of this money was going to pretty much progressive politicians or it was going to other activist groups, particularly LGBT and the trans organizations that had nothing to do with the black community.”

June 23/23 Another Paper in Canada

I will stand for the Children [..] There are some pretty nasty books in our school libraries that are very s3xually explicit. I mean extremely explicit. The pliable minds that are vulnerable to this is criminal and actually punishable under law. I urge you all to visit some sites to be educated on what is invading our family life. Please if you have any interest in our children’s future I urge you to stand with us.
Many blessings and much light.

Two SOGI Informational sites for parents:



The Kids ALSO Want The Pride Month Rainbow Mafia To Leave Them Alone

Snip shown in video: James Lindsay interview with Ben Shapiro: https://youtu.be/cV0XSPbo1CY


It is not only parents and sane people standing up to the indoctrination of children into gender ideology and the LGBTQIA2S+ cult, but now it’s the young people themselves standing up and fed up. Multiple protests and walk outs have happened in schools all over the United States (eg. Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Massachusetts) and Canada (eg. Ottawa-Carleton District School Board) in recent weeks against forced Pride celebrations.
We are seeing a wave of young people, mostly Gen Z, speaking out against the woke agenda and the rainbow community cult. As teenagers are prone to do, they are rebelling against what has now become mainstream, boring, and old. Something that the schools, millennial teachers, school boards, woke parents, and governments were not expecting. And due to the cognitive dissonance, their brains are exploding.

Extended Version of This Meeting Here

Sign Petition: Willow Reichelt, SD33 School Trustee/Chair, must resign or be removed

Parents of Chilliwack. Please think about attending SD33 board meetings.

Chilliwack school trustee Willow Reichert behaves like a dictator & refuses to answer questions or challenges that members of the public put to her. In an effort to prevent them from fully airing their concerns, she routinely cuts them off, refuses to record their statements for the public record, and even threatens to expel them. In this video of a Chilliwack School District Board Meeting on 02/07/23.

Full Canadian Paediatric Society position statement: https://cps.ca/en/documents/position/an-affirming-approach-to-caring-for-transgender-and-gender-diverse-youth
JoiN True North – https://tnc.news/subscribe/

The Canadian Paediatric Society’s new position statement on gender affirming care for children is the kind of thing that needs to be seen to be believed. Among other absurd recommendations and positions, the paper advocates the prescription of hormone blocking drugs like leuprolide acetate to adolescent boys and girls. This is the same drug that is given to repeat violent sex offenders to chemically castrate them. Once that is prescribed, the paper then moves on to advocating the use of hormone replacement drugs. These hormone replacement drugs – as the statement clearly states – will permanently decrease fertility to extent not yet known. Finally, they advocate “gender-affirming surgeries” for adolescent girls. The truth is, the three-headed monster of government, medicine and education have been working together to create a barrier between parents and their children to such a degree that parents have next to no recourse once their child believes they were born in the wrong body. We can thank both Liberals and Conservatives for that.

This is why there are people trying to educate parents about what is going in with children.

The Open Society Foundations & The Transgender Movement

by Michael Biggs

Michael Biggs is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Oxford and Fellow of St Cross College. He researches social movements and collective protest.

The transgender movement has transformed cultural norms and social institutions at breathtaking speed. Most of us, becoming acquainted with the trans issue for the first time, are astonished to discover the extent of the gender revolution. The movement has accomplished in a few years what the movements for women’s and for gay and lesbian rights took many decades to achieve.

Part of the explanation is the amount of money behind transgenderism. The Gender Industrial Complex, as we may call it, has many components. Lucrative sponsorship comes from pharmaceutical companies and medical providers. Charities originally established to fight for homosexual rights (like Human Rights Campaign in the United States and Stonewall in Britain) wield large budgets. Last but not least, three American billionaires have bankrolled the transgender movement on a global scale: Jennifer Pritzker, whose activities were detailed in another blogpost, Jon Stryker, and George Soros.

This blogpost focuses on the Open Society Foundations (OSF), funded by Soros. This is not easy to discuss because he is vilified by right-wingers, whose criticism sometimes degenerates into anti-semitism (Williamson 2018). Therefore those of us who are liberal or progressive tend to react instinctively by dismissing any scrutiny of Soros out of hand. This is unjustified, as I will show by providing some facts about how OSF has funded the transgender movement.

OSF fully supports the objectives of transgender activists. Self-identification is “an essential legal right for trans people” (OSF 2014a). In other words, biological sex must be superseded by subjective gender identity, to include options “outside the binary categories of male and female” (OSF 2014b). Identity should not be “governed by age restrictions” (OSF 2014b). Therefore OSF funds “trans-led or LGBT organizations that promote progressive, rights-based processes for legal gender recognition” (OSF 2014a). It also advocates access to “hormonal therapy, counseling, and gender-affirming surgeries” on demand (OSF 2014a). This includes puberty blockers for youth (OSF 2013).

How much has OSF spent to promote the transgender movement? In 2011–13, it spent $3.19 million, which made it the top funder, followed by Stryker’s Arcus Foundation and Pritzker’s Tawani Foundation (Funders for LBTQ Issues 2015). OSF’s current database includes grants worth $3.07 million for 2016–17 (searching for keywords “trans” and “transgender”). The largest recipients in this current tranche are the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association ($642,000), Global Action for Trans Equality ($500,000), and Transgender Europe ($500,000).

open society reception area

Three million dollars on trans issues is a tiny fraction of OSF’s total expenditure, merely 0.3% (OSF 2017). Crucially, however, this funding greatly exceeds the resources given to alternative voices. This website, for example, receives no funding. To illustrate the difference that money can make, consider the commemoration of the victims of violence.

As we saw, OSF gave $500,000 to Transgender Europe in the past two years. Transgender Europe also received $1,072,000 from the Arcus Foundation from 2010 to 2017 (Arcus Foundation 2018). The organization’s projects include the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which is underpinned by a comprehensive database of victims throughout the world, Trans Murder Monitoring. This database counted 325 trans victims of violence in year from October 2016 to September 2017 (TMM 2017). The great majority of these occurred in Central and South America. There were only three in Western Europe, and thankfully none in the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, perhaps, the Transgender Day of Remembrance was widely observed in Britain in November 2017. In many universities, for example, candles were lit for each of the victims, the transgender flag was raised, speakers were invited, and services held. Searching university websites (the domain .ac.uk), we find over 2,800 webpages containing the phrase “Transgender Day of Remembrance”.

While no transgender person was murdered in the United Kingdom in 2017, 138 women were killed by men, including murders where a man was the principal suspect (Smith 2018). These data were compiled by Karen Ingala Smith, who receives no funding for this work. She started recording such deaths in 2009, under the rubric of Counting Dead Women. This was developed into the Femicide Census—in partnership with Women’s Aid—with minimal funding and pro-bono support by two legal firms (Femicide Census 2016).

Despite the diligent research over many years, this has left barely a trace in British universities. The equivalent search on their websites yields fewer than a hundred webpages containing the phrases “Femicide Census” or “Counting Dead Women”.

To sum up, more than a hundred women are murdered each year in the United Kingdom at the hands of males, but no day has been set aside to commemorate their deaths. Transgender murders are exceedingly rare—eight in the past decade (Trans Crime UK 2017; Evening Standard 2018)—and yet they have an institutionalized day of remembrance. Even if we consider the homicide rate rather than the number of homicides, Nicola Williams demonstrates that transgender people are no more likely to become victims than are women (Fairplay for Women 2017).

The prominence of transgender victims, compared to the virtual invisibility of female victims, is partly explained by the amount of resources devoted to compiling evidence and promoting commemoration. Thus funding from large American charities like OSF—along with the Arcus and Tawani Foundations—shapes the political climate in Britain and around the world.


All but one (indicated by *) have been archived on the Internet Archive.

Arcus Foundation. Grantees in Europe, Focusing on Social Justice, Beginning with T. https://www.arcusfoundation.org/grantees/?_paged=&focus=Social+Justice+Grants&amount=default&_year=default&location=Europe&post_title_start_with=T#scroll-anchor-1

Evening Standard. 2018. ‘Hounslow stabbing’, 22 March 2018. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/tributes-paid-to-victim-found-stabbed-to-death-in-hotel-near-heathrow-a3796261.html *

Fairplay for Women. 2017. How Often Are Transgender People Murdered? https://fairplayforwomen.com/trans-murder-rates/

Femicide Census. 2016. Profiles of Women Killed by Men: Redefining an Isolated Incident. https://1q7dqy2unor827bqjls0c4rn-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/The-Femicide-Census-Jan-2017.pdf

Funders for LBTQ Issues. 2015. TRANSformational Impact: U.S. Foundation Funding for Trans Communities. http://www.lgbtfunders.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/TRANSformational_Impact.pdf *

OSF. 2013. Transforming Health: International Rights-Based Advocacy for Trans Health. https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/sites/default/files/transforming-health-20130213.pdf

OSF 2014a. Explainers: An Essential Legal Right for Trans People. https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/explainers/essential-legal-right-trans-people

OSF. 2014b. License to Be Yourself: laws and Advocacy for Legal Recognition for Trans People. https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/sites/default/files/license-to-be-yourself-20140501.pdf

OSF. 2017. Open Society Foundations 2017 Budget Overview. https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/sites/default/files/open-society-foundations-2017-budget-overview-20170202.pdf

Smith, Karen Ingala. 2018. 2017. https://kareningalasmith.com/2017/02/12/2017/

Trans Crime UK. 2017. Trans Homicides in the UK: A Closer Look at the Numbers. http://transcrimeuk.com/2017/11/16/trans-homicides-in-the-uk-a-closer-look-at-the-numbers/

Trans Murder Monitoring. 2017. TDoR 2017 Updatehttp://transrespect.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/TvT_TMM_TDoR2017_SimpleTable_EN.pdf

Williamson, Kevin D. 2018. “An Epidemic of Dishonesty on the Right.” National Review, Feb. 22. https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/02/parkland-shooting-hoax-latest-right-dishonesty-epidemic/

Shared from https://4thwavenow.com/2018/05/25/the-open-society-foundations-the-transgender-movement/

Do You Understand The Flag You or Your Business Fly & The Politics Surrounding Them?

Rainbow Pride Flag by (gay man) Gilbert Baker 1978

This flag originally featured eight colours of the rainbow, each with its own meaning. Hot pink stood for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for serenity with nature, turquoise for art and magic, indigo for harmony and violet for spirit. Today, the flag uses six colours; hot pink was removed, and royal blue replaced turquoise and indigo. Baker has redesigned the flag several times over the years, but this version of the flag has become the dominant symbol of the LGB+ community.
Comments by Gilbert Baker

Transgender Pride Flag by (trans woman) Monica Helms 1999
“This symbolizes us trying to find correctness in our own lives”. Was purposely designed so that no matter which way one holds it, the orientation is correct.

– Light blue: traditional colour for baby boys*
– Pink: traditional colour for baby girls*
– White: Babies with ‘no sexuality’; those who are transitioning, neutral/no gender, intersex

Philly’s Pride Flag by city hall staff 2017

Brown & Black: minority people of colour.
Philly’s First Annual Pride Parade, “black & brown stripes are an inclusionary way to highlight black and brown LGBTQIA members within our community,” said one source. “The brand-new Pride flag which promises to be a step toward inclusivity, to spur dialogue within the community, and to impact the worldwide conversation.”

Seattle’s Pride Flag by city staff June 2018

[The mayor of Seattle] Durkan ended her speech officially proclaiming June as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Pride Month,” an update reflecting the same sentiments of the new flag. The organizers and attendees gathered around the old Pride flag, and waved it before moving upstairs to raise the new flag.

Both the Philadelphia & Seattle Pride flags were created by politicians with government funding.

Daniel Quasar, “I saw what Philly and Seattle were doing with the flag, and I wanted to see if I could improve on those ideas to help elevate the message.”

Progressive Pride Flag by (queer artist) Daniel Quasar 2018

– Red: life
– Orange: healing
– Yellow: sunlight/new ideas and thoughts
– Green: nature/prosperity/ growth
– Blue: serenity
– Violet: spirit/pride
– Light blue: traditional colour for baby boys*
– Pink: traditional colour for baby girls*
– White: those who are transitioning, neutral/no gender (new born baby)
– Brown: marginalized people of colour
– Black: those living with or having passed from HIV/AIDS

We struggle a bit with symbols for intersex, and people with intersex variations; many of us don’t see the need for them, while other people seem to like something to identify with.

How Was The Intersex Flag Created

This flag represents biology.

Morgan Carpenter on X

Intersex Flag by Morgan Carpenter, Designer 2013

There is no commonly understood symbol or flag, even within intersex communities. Many attempts have seemed derivative, of a rainbow flag, of gender stereotypes, gendered pink and blue colours, of transgender symbols, or an infinity symbol used by some bisexual groups. This is one attempt to create something that is not derivative, but yet is firmly grounded in meaning.

The colour yellow has long been regarded as an intersex colour, neither blue nor pink. Purple, too, has been used for the same purpose – including on this site.

The circle is unbroken and unornamented, symbolising wholeness and completeness, and our potentialities. We are still fighting for bodily autonomy and genital integrity, and this symbolises the right to be who and how we want to be.

Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag by Valentino Vecchietti 2021

Incorporates yellow with the purple circle, which is the design of the 2013 “Intersex” flag designed by Morgan Carpenter, with the Progressive Pride Flag by Daniel Quasar.

Gays Against Groomers Pride Flag 2023

REFERENCE LINKS FOR: The Kids ALSO Want The Pride Month Rainbow Mafia To Leave Them Alone

‘The Unseen Side of Early Transition, Mastectomy at 13 Years Old | Layla Jane Fights Back!’
Chloe Cole

Gays Against Groomers:

*Articles and documents mentioned:*

CANADA: Public School Teacher Tells Muslim Students “You Don’t Belong Here” After Some Skip Pride Week

Robby Starbuck’s tweet about Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California

Massachusetts middle school students tear down rainbow decorations and chant their pronouns are ‘U.S.A.’ during Pride celebration: Officials slam ‘intolerance and homophobia’

‘To the LGBTQI+ Community – the Biden-Harris Administration has your back.’

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Black Lives Matter: Produced By George Soros

by Baxter Dmitry

Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson claims to be leading a grassroots revolution for racial and economic justice, but it can be revealed that he has close connections with the privileged and is funded by George Soros and the elite for the purpose of inciting terror and furthering their agenda for a civil war and the disarmament of civilians.

The Soros Agenda – How It Got Started & Where It’s Going Now

DeRay McKesson lives in a house owned by a board member of George Soros’ Open Foundation, and the BLM leader takes home a salary of $165,000 paid for by Baltimore schools district taxpayers.

Soros groups have had several connections to Black Lives Matter organizers and activists. According to Politico, the Soros funded group The Democracy Alliance donated to several race-based movement organizations that ally with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Many of George Soros’s groups have provided funding and guidance to the Black Lives Matter movement and affiliated organisations, with the billionaire investing $33 million in BLM alone.

Shared from https://humansbefree.com/2016/07/black-lives-matter-produced-by-george-soros.html



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