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Christine Anderson of Germany


New Zealand #convoy2022NZ
A huge freedom / Anti mandate convoy passed through a small rural town in Central Hawke’s Bay New Zealand. This was the Eastern leg of a Nationwide convoy which will converge with other convoys to hold a mass protest at Parliament in Wellington.

Freedom Cowboys arriving at the Coutts, Alberta, Canada border blockade.
This video is from @azoffroadtours on TikTok.

Belgium – holds the line #freedom #liberty #freiheit #NoGreenPass #lalibertà #vapautta

A huge freedom convoy has formed outside Parliament in Helsinki, Finland

Dutch truckers drive a convoy through Friesland, Netherlands.

Czechia Freedom Convoy 2022

Italy – Truckers Convoy of Freedom

Worldwide Freedom Rallies Jan 2022

100,0000 Trucker Convoy History in the making [Way to GO Canada!]
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Christine Anderson (Germany) Speech to Parliament Nov. 2021

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