Debriefing by Haim Yativ, engineer, and doctor Hervé Seligmann, formerly of the research unit on emerging infectious and tropical diseases of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Aix-Marseille. Haim Yativ and Dr Seligmann analyzed vaccine data from Israel in  an article published  on the website.

The Citizen Collective of FranceSoir and the Bon Sens association are very attached to publications, data analyzes, feedback from various countries on vaccination, and are interested in the article. We asked to interview them in order to understand their analysis and its limitations. 

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The authors of the article declare that they have no conflicts or links of interest, other than having children in Israel. 

A complete debriefing which, after a presentation, discusses their analysis of the data, the validations carried out, the limitations and especially the conclusions that they ask to compare with the data requested via a request to the Ministry of Health, through the equivalent of the Israeli CADA (Commission for Access to Administrative Documents).

The findings are simple:  

  • There is a mismatch between the data published by the authorities and the reality on the ground.
  • They have three sources of information besides the emails and side effect messages they receive through the internet. 
    These three sources are  Ynet , an Israeli news site, the Israeli Ministry of Health database, and the US VAERS database (side effects).   
  • In January 2021, there are 3000 records of vaccine side effects including 2900 for mRNA vaccines.
    Compared to other years,  the mortality is 40 times higher.
  • On February 11, an article from Ynet presents data related to vaccination. The authors of the article “debunked” this analysis, based on data published by Ynet. 
    “  We took the data by looking at mortality during the vaccination period, which lasts 5 weeks. By analyzing these data,  we arrive at startling figures which give a significant mortality of the vaccine.  ”
  • The authors say “  vaccinations have caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have caused during the same period. “ 

Haim Yativ and Dr Seligmann declare that for them “this is a new Holocaust” in the face of pressure from the Israeli authorities to vaccinate citizens. 

They also invite specialists to complete their analyzes, and intend to give legal follow-up to this discovery, if it were to be validated by data from the ministry: contacted, the latter was not available.

The authors deplore the fact of not being able to communicate on this vital information for their fellow citizens. 

We have also published the full article translated into French.

The data needs to be confirmed following the request for access to official documents which will take 5 weeks (legal duration in Israel). 

Posted on the NAKIM website: Mon Feb 15 19 19:59 

Discovery of immunization data in Israel reveals frightening picture

The analyzes below of an article promoting vaccination against COVID-19 uncover all the vaccination data and a frightening situation.  
On February 11, 2021,  Ynet (the most well-known Israeli website) published a confusing post and a confusing  article titled “Data on the effectiveness of vaccination in Israel and its rapid effects on young people.” 
Our reanalysis of this data explains why during the mass vaccination project launched in mid-December 2020 during a lockdown, the new cases of COVID-19 confirmed daily did not decrease as they do during lockdowns, and, more importantly again, why the number of severe, critical and fatal cases increased during this period spanning at least one month. From mid-December to mid-February (two months), 2,337 of the 5,351 official Israeli deaths from COVID occurred. Our analyzes indicate order-of-magnitude increases in mortality rates during the 5-week vaccination process, compared to unvaccinated and those after completing the vaccination process. Presumably, 
The Ynet article is curated in a fascinating way and uses data provided incorrectly by the Department of Health. It is not known whether this was intentional to prove the efficacy of the vaccine or whether it was done in a wrong way because the data provided was misunderstood. Note that in Israel all vaccines come from Pfizer. 
We bring a very important example of the article, in relation to the table provided by the Ministry of Health. According to the text “However, 546 of the dead were such that they were not vaccinated at all or received the first dose of vaccination within two weeks before their death” differs from the picture. This is clearly unfounded as all of the data presented in the table and provided below only describes COVID-19 patients who received at least the first dose of vaccination. This is clear from an examination of the table. The grand total is 43,781 COVID patients who received the first or second dose of the vaccine. Of a total of 660 deaths, 546 received only the first dose. 
The data in the table, rather than indicating the effectiveness of the vaccine, indicates the adverse effects of the vaccine.

To this end, we must first understand that the table provided describes the condition of COVID-19 patients who received the first or second dose of vaccine on given dates, as started in the article. . emerges from the data that among 856 patients over 60 years in serious condition hospitalized at this time … “we assume that the article published on February 11 reflects the situation in the hospitals of the day before, therefore on February 10, 2021, or on February 11, 2021.  
On February 10, the number of serious active cases was 1056 according to the control panel of the Ministry of Health, see photo below.

This surprisingly shows that the more severe cases hospitalized on or near February 10 were in fact vaccinated with the first dose or up to two weeks after the second dose. See the table of vaccinated patients with 1031 severe cases and 220 critical cases at the time of the table. This corresponds to the Hebrew article from February 1, 2021  “Can it be shown that Pfizer’s vaccine is the major cause of high death rates in Israel and around the world today?” 

However, this is not the latest surprise we get when looking at data from the Department of Health. The number of people who received the first dose of the vaccine on January 19, 2021 can be subtracted from the number on February 10, 2021. During those 21 days, 1,331,881 Israeli citizens received the first dose. The table shows that 568 of them died, or 0.042%, and 39,047 of them became a case of COVID-19, or 2.9%.  
For the 2nd dose we focus on specific data two weeks after the 2nd vaccination according to the table.  
From January 26 to February 10, 2021, 909,102 Israeli citizens received the 2nd dose of the vaccine. Of these according to the table, 92 died, or 0.01%. 
Therefore, in the 5 weeks since the first dose, at least 0.05% of the recipients of the first dose have died. This mortality rate mainly concerns a relatively young population whose vaccination was announced on January 19, a period during which most of those vaccinated were under 65 years of age.  
In order to estimate the death rate of people over 65 who were mostly vaccinated before this period, we use data reported by the US-based VAERS,  
We found,  see article in English. , that the ratio of deaths by those over 65 vs those below 65 is approximately 4.42 (155/35). Thus, the mortality rate of people over 65 between the first and second dose of vaccination should be until January 19 0.042 (the mortality rate for those under 65) multiplied by 4.42, or 0.186% , which is close to the 0.2% reported by the Ministry of Health on January 21, 2021. 
This value of 0.2% of deaths was mysteriously changed later by the Ministry of Health and dropped to 0.005 without any explanation. The above considerations show that the death rate data provided first was correct, the updated death rate data could have been intended to suggest lower death rates in the elderly.  
The problems don’t end there.  
The number of deaths from COVID-19 among those vaccinated since the start of the vaccination campaign seems to explain the increase in COVID-19 mortality rates observed since December 2020. 
For this, we calculate the products of the number of vaccinated people over 65 years of age. of 0.2 and the number of people vaccinated below 65 of 0.04. This shows that most of the deaths from COVID-19 during this period are in people who have been vaccinated, as shown in the table provided by the Ministry of Health in early February. 
During the vaccination campaign from mid-December to mid-February, 2,337 of the 5,351 deaths from COVID-19 reported for Israel occurred, or 43.7%. Of these, as of January 19, 1,271 COVID-19 deaths have been reported for Israel. The table provided by the Ministry of Health on February 10 reports 660 COVID-19 deaths among those vaccinated, or 51.9% of deaths over this period. Only 1.3 million Israelis, out of 8 million (about 1 in 8, 12.5%), were vaccinated during this period. As a result, vaccination promotes deaths because 51.9% of deaths during this period concern the 12.5% ​​vaccinated during this period. In addition, the severe and critical cases during this period are more than the severe cases reported, the 
The horror continues. Deaths among the vaccinated must be added to the many stroke and heart events reported immediately after vaccination that are not included among the COVID-19 deaths which approximately double the deaths among the vaccinated, the number of which remains unknown and which we will try to find in the days to come.  
At this point, “  we are declaring that the vaccinations have caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have during the same period. “ 
Among those vaccinated and over 65 years of age, 0.2% of those vaccinated died during the 3-week period between doses, or about 200 out of 100,000 vaccinees. This compares to 4.91 deaths among 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 without vaccination, see below. This should not be confused with the COVID-19 of 0.279 deaths among 100,000 reported for those who have completed the vaccination process, i.e. 2 weeks after the second dose, see table in the Ynet article below. 
This frightening picture also extends to those under 65, among whom, during the 5 weeks of the complete vaccination process, 0.05%, or 50 in 100,000, died. This should be compared to 0.19 per 100,000 who die from COVID-19 and who are not vaccinated in this age group, according to the table above. As a result, the death rate for this age group increased by 260 during this 5-week period of the vaccination process, compared to their natural death rate from COVID-19. 
A simple way to get those points is to monthly COVID-19 death rates since the start of the pandemic and up to mid-December, 3,014 deaths, or 3014/9 = 334.9 deaths per month. The monthly death rates since mid-December are 2337/2 = 1168.5 deaths per month, so 3.5 times higher.  
We conclude that Pfizer vaccines, for the elderly, killed during the 5-week vaccination period about 40 times as many people as the disease itself would have killed, and about 260 times as many people as the disease. among the youngest. We insist that this is to produce a green passport valid for no more than 6 months and to promote sales of Pfizer. 
These estimated numbers of vaccine deaths are likely much lower than the actual numbers, as they only represent those defined as COVID-19 deaths during this short period and do not include strokes and cardiac (and other) events. resulting from the inflammatory reactions in dozens of reports documented on the NAKIM website, which themselves are only the tip of the iceberg,  see here.  

This does not take into account the long-term complications described in a criminal complaint filed in December 2020 in France and which has been translated into English,  see here. 
Looking back, this explains why severe cases of COVID-19 increased with the start of vaccination and why cases started to decline when vaccination was opened to young people and continue to decline as the national vaccination campaign loses. of its momentum.  
We hope this massacre will not include those under the age of 13, as these have an increased rate of adverse reactions, including deaths, to vaccines, as shown by multi-year data from VAERS reports in the United States. 
We summarize that the pandemic can be predicted for the coming weeks. Decreasing vaccinations and the age of vaccination will lead to a decrease in severe cases, mainly not because of protection from the vaccine, but because fewer people will die from the vaccine and other adverse reactions to the vaccine.  
This will be temporary because in a few months we plan to deal with the medium and long-term adverse effects of vaccination such as ADE (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement) and the vaccine-resistant mutants selected by the vaccines. But this is expected to happen after the next election and voters (survivors) will have no further opportunity to voice their disappointment in the ballot.

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