This may just be the year’s biggest event!!! Don’t miss it!!!
We need all professionals to unite & come together in solidarity to protect our health freedoms. Educational, informative, awareness. Bring signs & brochures. We are here to stand united.

Canadian Frontline Nurses
BC Wide Walk Out

Other sectors are sympathetic and ready to join!

This is a MUST WATCH. Dr. Stephen Malthouse speaks to the mRNA technology and side effects of the experimental injection.

Front Line Nurse in BC

Quotes from the Newsletter #4

Across Canada we are letting our children down. We have stopped in person learning in some provinces, all outdoor recreation, socialization with friends and, just allowing children to be children. The worst thing imaginable is here now. We are asking them to take an experimental injection for an illness that they have over a 99 percent survival rate. How cruel is that? How selfish are we being? We don’t know the long-term effects this injection will have but we are still begging parents to allow their children to be sacrificial lambs. Show us the studies that say our children are at risk? There aren’t any studies showing us that the benefits of our children taking this experimental injection outweigh the risks. Today’s society is being selfish. They want so badly to get to their pre-pandemic norm that they are handing over their children without asking any valid questions.

We are already starting to read headlines of children suffering from receiving the injection. Just over a week ago the CDC announced they are looking into a possible link between the injection and children suddenly coming down with Myocarditis and Pericarditis (inflammation in and around the heart). At that time there were over 55 cases they looking into. Ask yourself, how many? How many children have to develop an illness from this injection before we say enough is enough? What are the long-term effects these children will have to live with now their hearts have been compromised? We don’t know any of these answers but yet we continue to bribe children with ice-cream and stickers.

What’s worse is we are now removing parents from the equation. The government is saying that children 12 and older do not need to have consent to receive this injection. Have we lost our minds? We are allowing the government health officials to determine if a child is able to understand the full scope of the decision they are being asked to make and what consequences may come from that. There is absolutely no way our children are making decisions based on the true meaning of informed consent. Some provinces have announced that they will be sending public health nurses into schools to do injections and parents don’t necessarily have to be informed. This is a total abuse of power and a complete disregard for the parent’s role in their child’s life. The government has to remember they are not the guardians, we are. No matter what statistics we look at Children are not being affected by Covid directly, it is the indirect decisions our government is making that is hurting them more. One of the biggest regrets we as a nation will have, is using our children as experimental guinea
pigs. We have to all do our part, ask questions, talk with family and friends and put our schools and governments on notice.

We need to stop this now, before it is too late.

The number one question we get through email is, WHEN WILL YOU BE COMING TO OUR TOWN?
So, we decided to take our powerful messages of hope, community and aspiration on the road. Our goal is it
pack up our things and head out west, stopping in as many towns as possible. This is where you come in. WE
NEED YOUR HELP! If you want our message to spread, we are taking generous donations to help fund our
tour. All donations are being accepted through E-Transfer at

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