Information about Dr. Stephen Malthouse:

He is one of the founders of the Canadian Health Alliance:

Our immediate goal is to counter the misinformation, censorship, and coercion that is being used by Canadian public health “experts”, government agencies and our elected government representatives to target Canadians during the COVID crisis. These coercive measures have been used to insure acceptance of health policies that have undoubtedly caused physical and psychological harm, with no apparent health benefits. This damage, whether intentional or a result of incompetence, has involved individuals, families, communities, provinces, and the entire fabric of the Canadian nation.”

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Timestamp 40:10: “This is an experimental shot. There is no way that you getting the shot prevents you from giving it to anyone in your family”

Information about Chris Vandenbos:
That as active and retired Police Officers, our mission is:

To honour our Oath to uphold the Constitution of Canada, and to the best of our abilities,  preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge other duties as a Police Officer faithfully, impartially and according to law.

To continue to serve and protect the public, while remaining independent of political influence.

To repair and regain public trust which is being damaged and lost due to the enforcement of Emergency measures.

To encourage active duty members to join our court action requesting clarification on the validity of emergency measures being passed by our Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments.

We believe that these measures are not only in conflict with our Charter Oath but also place active duty police officers in an untenable position when directed by politicians and senior management to enforce these emergency measures.

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