We, the citizens of the world, are naming individuals who are complicit in the greatest crime against humanity in:

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Failure to inform of the risks and dangers of a medical intervention, of the status of clinical trials or of animal studies (or the lack thereof), of the relative number of injuries and deaths, of the contrived Covid death counts and flawed PCR tests, constitutes a crime against humanity. The Nuremberg trials convicted to death the doctors who experimented on uninformed and coerced persons.

Witness an attorney serving notice to UK Police

People being injected with the mRNA serums (injections) misclassified as “vaccines” have not been informed :

  • that the mRNA injections were developed in 2020, in one day on January 25, 2020, within a matter of hours
  • if animal studies were conducted for Pfizer or Moderna injections, their duration and results
  • that humans are the guinea pigs
  • that the clinical trials end in October 2022 for Moderna & May 2023 for Pfizer
  • that pregnant and lactating women were to be categorically excluded from the Pfizer & Moderna clinical trials, yet, they are being encouraged to get injected
  • that shedding can occur by the vaccinated, according to Pfizer documents and FDA advisories
  • that more deaths by Pfizer & Moderna injections have been reported in the first six months of 2021 than the combined number of vaccine deaths in the past 30 years
  • that all mRNA animal studies in 2005 failed
  • that for this reason there has not been a safe vaccine for coronaviruses ever developed
  • that mRNA gene/information therapeutics can alter one’s DNA
  • that mRNA gene/information therapeutics are pathogen generators
  • that mRNA injections create variants
  • that the Spike Protein (the pathogen ) travels from the injection site of the arm to accumulate in various organs that Antibody Dependent Enhancement, plus twenty other adverse events can accompany a Covid19 mRNA injection
  • that healthy lifestyles can strengthen one’s immune system
  • that mRNA injections only lessen the severity of the illness and don’t prevent infection or contamination
  • that herd immunity is not solely a function of vaccination
  • that isolation and lockdowns of the asymptomatic destroy herd immunity
  • that asymptomatic spread of a disease is false science
  • that the survival rate for Covid is 99.9% for the youngest age bracket
  • that annual flu statistics have been almost completely replaced by Covid
  • that the weekly number of deaths from 2019 into 2020 remained constant

…your failure to inform us of all these facts, while cajoling, coercing, bribing, and incarcerating us in order to give you our consent to be injected by deadly, experimental poisons that bear no resemblance to a vaccine, amounts to a crime against humanity, the scope of which the world has never seen before.

Combined with:

  • unscientific misclassification of active cases
  • double-standard mask mandates for the elite and their peons
  • quarantining asymptomatic people
  • nasal swabs contaminated with Ethelyn Oxide
  • lockdowns resulting in lost opportunities
  • forced vaccinations at penalty of forfeiting one’s job or one’s education
  • the constant flip-flopping on key issues
  • the planned and well-documented psychological warfare
  • the assignment of media to control the narrative
  • the censoring of doctors
  • the prohibition of proven therapeutics in proper doses was a ploy, so that experimental vaccines could be distributed under Emergency Use Authorization
  • the failure to inform that variants are always attenuated versions of the original virus
  • the constant gaslighting to get us vaccinated
  • the wrongful arrests
  • the teen suicides
  • the splitting of families

Plus more. These are the facts upon which these crimes against humanity trials must and will be held, in one form or another.

In this case, liability extends to vaccine manufactures, federal agencies and mainstream media for being willing accomplices in intentionally demoralizing the population and exterminating it. Instead of ceasing and desisting, vaccine makers want their lethal potions approved by federal agencies to be licensed and distributed in the form of booster shots.

On several levels the individuals listed at the bottom of this website should stand trial for having contributed to the unnecessary suffering and death of innocent people, and especially, given their positions of influence, for not alerting and cautioning people of the dangers of the vaccines. Their criminal negligence is a heinous crime against humanity.

Their accomplices include media executives and anchors, academicians, politicians, Church leaders, global financiers, controlled opposition pundits, doctors and nurses who simply obeyed orders, and anyone who pumped the fear propaganda or failed to provide informed consent in order to stay employed or make a profit.

That includes stockbrokers and all shareholders who depended on fear tactics to see their stocks rise in price.

If obeying orders was not a good enough excuse in the first Nuremberg trials, making a profit from others’ suffering is a far weaker excuse.

This is the greatest case of malfeasance, criminal negligence, terrorism, and genocide combined into one, for which, if found guilty, only the harshest penalty is suitable. There is no room for useful idiots in a civilized world. We determined that after WW2 and will confirm it again.

The list is by no means finalized. World citizens have a duty to hold the perpetrators accountable or future generations will never forgive us.

The facts are substantiated here. Pg 16 of this document lists the adverse events of COVID-19 Vaccines, represented here

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