In this one hour video, Dr. Sam Dubé interviews emergency physician and resuscitation instructor Dr. Mark Trozzi, and eminent pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson. The topic – debunking the blatant misinformation of the official narrative regarding the Delta variant, and much more.

Nothing more then a bad seasonal flu. People need to see how they’ve been manipulated.

“You have people who are fearful, can’t hear anything and are isolated. That is how you treat people in Guantanamo Bay”.

This is politics playing medicine. Doctors know what’s been going on, but they’ve been silenced.

There has been complete manipulation, this is a fake pandemic. This is fear mongering. Fear is needed to rob people of their RIGHTS!

Cures were being suppressed from the beginning.

State sanctioned child abuse.
Natural immunity wins hands down.

Discussion on massive lies!

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