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We are committed to independent, transparent and evidence-based analysis.

The coronavirus events in Germany have now almost completely come to a standstill. A large number of studies have now shown that lethality and mortality are flu-like in proportions. The health system was not even remotely overloaded.

Many basic rights were and are still restricted on the basis of urgently forced legal changes and the new applicable law empowers the federal and state governments to restrict civil rights if necessary, even after the end of this pandemic, the democratic processes have been shortened and suspended (e.g. postponed elections). Our free-democratic structures have been changed. Democracy has suffered great damage. Many people felt and still feel that the measures are degrading and incapacitating.

The task now is the objective and relentless analysis of the entire process, including the state crisis management by the federal and state governments, among other things in order to be as prepared as possible for future pandemics in the sense of a structured pandemic preparedness. This also includes a balance sheet or interim balance sheet of the damage that has occurred, which must be assigned to the virus or the prescribed measures.

Time is of the essence because it can happen at any time that a virus occurrence and / or suboptimal crisis management could lead to potentially avoidable damage and victims. 

We cannot wait for a parliamentary committee of inquiry to be set up, which experience has shown to have a longer lead time. Therefore, since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee has heard experts and witnesses on a variety of questions about the virus, crisis management and the consequences in weekly meetings. In particular, the collateral damage of the lockdown, which has not yet been evaluated, was examined in more detail.

The meetings are chaired by lawyers with experience in litigation. They are streamed live and remain available as a recording. Citizens can participate in the discussion by making contributions in the chat and by email. The results of the committee work until August 23, 2020 are summarized in an interim report. Further meetings will follow. A comprehensive final report with transcribed passages from the meetings and a rich collection of documents is in progress. 

All persons involved are committed to the principles of scientific evidence and are willing to conduct an objective discussion on the various topics without any personal, scientific or economic conflicts of interest.

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