Dr. Simone Gold is a board certified emergency physician and an attorney, with decades of expertise. She was the spokesperson for over 600 physicians who informed the US President about the devastation the lockdowns cause in the lives of millions of people. These 600 medical experts showed that the damage from lockdowns is far worse than from a virus.

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Download her letter about lockdowns https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/downloads/science/letter.pdf

Dr. Simone Gold treated covid patients with a medicine that has been used for 65 years by billions of people: hydroxychloroquine. Every patient recovered from COVID-19 in a few days. Her hospital was however pressured by it’s biggest financer to prevent physicians from using this life saving drug. Dr. Gold refused to submit to this criminal influence, and continued saving lives with HCQ. As a result she was fired from her two hospitals.


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