It should be no surprise that the two candidates whom the corrupt state propagandists tell us are in the lead (Pierre Poilievre and Jean Charest) both have a WEF background.

Help Joseph Bourgault take the CPC out of WEF hands

Recorded April 26, 2022.
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WEF Operatives in Canada Exposed, with some surprises.

If you have been with us a while, then you know that the WHO and the WEF are enemies of mankind, and top-down executors of the covid-crimes-against-humanity.

The reader is also likely aware that Trudeau, Freeland, Singh, and many others are WEF operatives working against us within our governments. If all the parties are lead by and stacked with WEF agents, then their is really no difference between them. They are different finger puppets on the same wicked hand.

As more of us are waking up to the evils of the WHO and WEF, it seems that the WEF is scrubbing some of these puppets off their website. If being part of the WEF is becoming unpopular with an enlightened public, it may hurt their candidates’ campaigns. They can just distance themselves in public for now, and stay under the radar, while winning elections and continuing the infiltration of our government on behalf of our enemies. is a great site for detectives. They have archived large portions of the internet over time, so that we can access the internet as it was, at selected dates, in the past. We can compare and see when someone or something is scrubbed. If something like a political candidate’s cozy relationship with the WEF was scrubbed, it will still appear in their archives.

Here is a short video demonstrating the use of this “Way Back Machine” at, to look for the popular PC Party leadership race candidate Pierre Poillievre, on the WEF website.

Anyone’s name that appears on the WEF website cannot be trusted. All parties in Canada have been infiltrated with these WEF “Globalist Young Leaders.” The solution to government corruption is not electing more people from within the government. It’s time to bring in a storm over new outsiders and completely flush the whole system. Of course, conducting deep background and association checks, etc.

NOTE: To check if someone is a WEF operative, simply enter their info into the “way back machine”  (

We applied this test to the list of PC leadership candidates from the official site and generated the table below:

Of these candidates, who is WEF compromised?

It should be no surprise that the two candidates whom the corrupt state propagandists (lame-stream media) tell us are in the lead (Pierre Poilievre and Jean Charest) both have a WEF background. It’s also nice to see that there are some candidates who are not WEF.

Jean Charest:

Pierre Poilievre:

Joseph Bourgault

Canadian Truth Seeker on Twitter:

There is another candidate that does not even appear on their site that I want to tell you about: Joseph Bourgault

Please consider Joseph Bourgault with me briefly, you may want to join in helping Joseph take  the Conservative Party Canada away from the WEF infiltrators, and place it in genuine service to Canadians.

Joseph Bourgault is not just a man of man of words. He runs a very successful farm machinery manufacturing company in Saskatchewan that protected their employees against all the covid mandate abuses including forced injections. They also made presentations to the government of Saskatchewan outlining this approach and put extensive pressure on them to adjust their stance on the mandates.

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“Pierre Poilievre is full of shit!” says NHL legend Theo Fleury, as he explains how Pierre was chosen by the World Economic Forum. The original video was just Theo talking, so I added the Bill Gates and WEF pages to help drive home his points, and after alot of digging last night, I found out Pierre’s wife owns a bunch of different internet companies. They really are laundering money.

Joseph provided massive support to the Freedom Convoy Truckers. When the Trudeau regime obstructed (stole) the truckers ten million dollars in donations, Joseph’s organization Canadians for Truth stepped in and ensured that people were properly housed and fed, while also supporting the Freedom Convoy team with ensuring that the protest remained peaceful and organized not only with the truckers, but with the Ottawa police services. Joseph provided 3 weeks of accommodations, conference rooms and supported individuals who were not able to afford food or shelter. There was also expenses related to keeping truckers morale high during the duration of the event. The extent and cost of support Joseph provided for the Freedom Convoy was monumental.

I have also been involved in cases where Joseph Bourgault has demonstrated extreme dedication to defending Canadians during the covid war. This includes important work protecting children against the forced and coerced injections.


Joseph Bourgault cleared the last major hurdle to enter the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership race after successfully raising enough funds for the entry fee and obtaining sufficient nomination signatures. (Quote from LifeSiteNews)

What about the PPC?

People's Party of Canada set up in all 338 ridings ahead ...

Indeed Maxime Bernier and the PPC have been the only consistent party supporting human rights, the Canadian charter, and covid truth for the past two years.

We certainly will not abandon Max or the PPC. To this may I share two points?

First we can continue donating and supporting Max and the PPC, even during our transient time as card carrying PC party members from some time before June until the September leadership election.

Second, I posed this question to Joseph Bougault: “If we help get this donations threshold issue solved and you stay in the race, then people may join the CPC long enough to vote you into the leadership, before they may return to their commitment and membership with the PPC and Max, having at least supported this part of your campaign to wrestle control of the CPC out of the hands of the WEF. However, if you are the leader of the CPC, will you bring Max back into the fold, or form a amalgamation of the CPC and the PPC? If you win the leadership, and embrace Max, that would seal the deal for sure with millions.”

Joseph Bougaults replied: “We have not yet met with Maxime, but there are policies that they have been running on that we are obviously very aligned with. Therefore, we feel that this could be an important way to unite Canadians if there is alignment with the CPC and the PPC.”

Maxime Bernier left the CPC party because it was corrupted. We have a chance to help Joseph Bourgault take back the PC party and rid it of corruption and the WEF infestation.

May I please share one final thought on the big picture of federal politics in Canada? I am hoping that lawful justice will take down the covid criminals high and low, and we will not be struggling to survive in this current dystopia until 2025, just hoping that there will be legitimate elections. I do not have faith that the current WEF puppet regime embedded in all the major political parties will permit free and fair elections; however it is important that we have contingency plans.

No matter what else happens, taking the PC party back from the WEF is a very good endeavour.  It seems that any genuine ethical and intelligent politician right now should be very aware and very vocal regarding the covid-war, while standing in absolute opposition to the WEF, WHO, and all covid-crimes-against-humanity. Any candidate who is not vehemently opposed to the covid-crime-syndicate is, in my opinion, a complete joke and not to be trusted.

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