The People’s Party of Canada

Going to the websites of the parties one finds:

The governing party ,the Liberal Party , no financials to be found . No category for Financial Statements. In their 17 page Constitution mention is made of the National Board that oversees financial administration.  

The Official Opposition Party , The Conservatives,  no financials to be found . They have a section called Governing Documents but no section for Financials . When I write in Financials on their search area I get ‘ no results.’  The 26 page Constitution has no reference to financial statements per se , just the fund raising arm called The Conservative Fund Canada. 

The NDP, the Socialists , no financials to be found . Under the documents section no category for financials. Their 16 page Constitution mentions a Treasurer on their executive but that’s it. 

The Green Party , no financial statements as a category on their site. If you dig into their bylaws , by law  12 says you have to be a member to get access to the Party’s Financial Statements. 

The Peoples Party of Canada , financial statements is a category on their home page and when you click on that  it gives revenues collected and and how the money collected was spent, every category of expenditure right to the leader’s salary. And it did not apply for the covid wage subsidy program. 

So clearly there is only one Party that practises transparency. At least as far as their Party website is concerned. And one would think this would be a good place to show that feature . 

The BQ Party was not included given they only field candidates in one Province .

If I have missed something I would like to be informed and I will immediately add, correct, subtract —make right. 


Visit People’s Party of Canada’s Financial Page

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