A truly independent very qualified world authority, Dr Michael Yeadon, who relates the facts without fear of Deep State intervening exposing experimental vaccines being pumped into duped masses that will kill.

57.52 minutes worth of truth!

There is a lot of TRUTH in the first part of the video, however I didn’t start making notes until 25 minutes. Please watch the first bit. It is just as full of facts as the below noted points.

25+ minutes he talks about immunity including T Cells.
30+ minutes: Odds of dying from Covid-19 vs the flu.
32+ minutes: Treatments including the effectiveness of Ivermectin.
33+ minutes: Similarities between SARS-CoV-1 & SARS-CoV-2, virus variants and “vaccine top ups”. The most distant variant is 99.7% similar to the original.
34+ minutes: Blood tested from people who were infested with SARS-CoV-1, 17 or so years earlier, showed that they still had T cells that recognized SARS-CoV-2, because they are 80% similar.
36+ minutes: Top up vaccines are being made, and we should be terrified!
37+ minutes: The origins of this virus.
38+ minutes: Once you’ve been infected you’re immune!
39+ minutes: Most of you are well advised to stay away from these experimental ‘vaccines’
40+ minutes: “Vaccine passports” vs Yellow Fever cards.
41+ minutes: How “vaccines” protect. If an elderly person chooses to get it, they’re protected. It doesn’t matter about what anyone else’s status is. Nor should you worry if you’ve chosen, rightly, not to get it.
42+ minutes: Passports only control you based on who ever is controlling the database.
43+ minutes: It is illegal for your government to coerce you into any medical treatment. It is against the Nuremberg Code. Don’t allow a passport system to come into force! NO safety, it’s all complete control.
This system is being put in place using LIES. Why? The end of human freedom.
47+ minutes: Frustrated that he can’t get this message out to many people. Collectively we need to do something unexpected, to get our voices heard. People speaking out with the truth, can’t get their message heard. The people who put up this fraud, know he can’t reach enough people.
50+ minutes: Hope that the United States of America have been able to show diversity in how this was handled. Where as in the UK, it’s been one message, hard to break into that and show the real facts.
51+ minutes: emergency use, with no information about long term side effects.
53+ minutes: Not one healthy child in the UK has died of covid-19. Not one! If people were not explained in writing about the side effects, before agreeing to getting the vax, they were not given the chance to make informed choice. Again against the Nuremberg Code.


Act now, share with people, help someone else find the information, they need to understand what has happened!

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