US Senate: ‘Establishment Covid-19 narrative is a lie’

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Over the weekend, members of the United States Senate, spearheaded by Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, joined to speak out against the false Covid-19 narrative. Not surprisingly, mainstream media did not report on this incredibly significant event. A video of the Senators’ announcement to officially investigate the Wuhan lab leak and, more specifically, the cover up thereof – what has aptly been referred to as ‘Batgate’ – was posted on Rumble. Rumble, a Canadian online video platform, has been growing in popularity due to the staggering censorship being carried out by its rival YouTube. The content is gripping. Common culprits include Anthony Fauci, China, Big Tech and the media. – Nadya Swart

Senator Marsha Blackburn on censorship by Big Tech:

There has been a lot said about big tech censorship of what transpired around the origins of the Covid-19 virus and where this came from, how it moved to a pandemic. And then there are also questions about what the American people were told and the timeliness or lack thereof of what they were being told. We know that Facebook recently reversed their decision on taking down any kind of information that said it came from the lab in Wuhan, [and] that Beijing should be held to account. YouTube had previously announced that it would censor any content that contradicted the Beijing-run and China-funded World Health Organisation.

YouTube even took down a video from some medical doctors who were questioning the value of these lockdowns and were questioning what it does to the population and especially what it does to our children. Twitter; they locked down the account of a virologist, a Chinese virologist, who was saying [that] this is what they are doing, gain of function research, this is what they’re doing in the Wuhan Institute of Virology – holding the Chinese Communist Party to account. I will tell you this; big tech has really stepped over the line on this one. We all have suggestions of how we as a Senate should move forward and things that we should do to make certain this never happens to the American people.

Senator Braun on where to start in order to expose the truth about Covid-19 and its official narrative:

I’ll tell you where we need to start. You had a unique thing happen, I think, just last week – where, by unanimous consent (that hardly ever happens on a critical issue unless you’re maybe renaming a post office or something), we got it through the Senate to ask our own intelligence agencies to release the information that we house and – for as much havoc as this has created, not only for our own country, [but] across the world – why we wouldn’t start there. With President Biden, [who] spoke to Secretary Blinken, [and] asked him – he said; ‘No good reason why you would not release that information.’ We need to start there to get to the bottom of it.

And when you talk about Big Tech; being mum on the subject, basically when you’ve got every US senator that wants to at least start there – we need to have accountability. And I think it’s for them to step up and lead the charge. They are the place that people look to, listen to – where are they at? And we need to start there. Let’s hold our own intelligence agencies accountable. Release that information, declassify it.

Senator Marshall on the cover-up (aptly named Batgate):

Senator Blackburn, thank you so much for giving us a chance to sit here and talk about the Wuhan lab leak and the cover up thereof – what we appropriately refer to as Batgate. It occurred to me – as I was sitting there reading Dr Fauci’s emails recently – that everything I learned in tenth grade science, everything I learned as a doctor about the scientific method, about hypotheses and developing theories – that we just threw that all out the door. You know, I was shocked as I went back and reviewed some of the letters that were written.

But really, what rose my suspicion was somewhere back in January of 2020. The Chinese were saying that there was no person to person transmission, the WTO agreed and the CDC didn’t stand up to them. And that led for me to have a phone call with the CDC. And all the national journalists were reporting that the United States scientists were investigating this new novel virus. And when I talked to the CDC, they said; ‘Well, we’ve got scientists in Beijing, but they are thousands of miles from Wuhan – so we really don’t have anything to tell you.’ And then the next thing I see is this letter signed by a group of scientists who have ignored even the possibility that this virus could have risen from the laboratory.

They totally ignored it. They threw out the scientific hypothesis that this was even feasible. And to then come to find out [that] most of those scientists, if not all of them, were receiving some type of funding then and in the future from the NIH and our CDC sat there and nodded their heads in agreement. And then national journalists, a Big Tech companies; that they worked together to suppress this story, they worked together to censor those of us who thought that this virus may have originated there. And not only did they suppress, they actually shamed people who thought that this might have come from a laboratory. And then finally, we see in Dr Fauci’s emails a collusion; Dr Fauci [and] Big Tech working together to suppress this story.

Here we are. We’re 17 months later. We still don’t know anything (much) more about this virus. I think that we have to hold the CCP accountable. And if the United States is in any way accountable, they helped fund laboratories that led to the development of this virus, then we need to be held accountable as well. And we need a deep dive into what viral gain of research rules look like going forward as well. We’re never going to get to the bottom of this unless we stop this cover up of the Wuhan lab leak until we stop Batgate.

Senator Johnson on China’s guilt and the complicity of the media and social media:

I want to point out that the evidence about a potential lab leak theory has been hiding in plain sight for months. You know, the fact that our federal agencies, under the direction of Anthony Fauci, have funded this type of research for years has been laying out there hidden in plain sight for months. Shame on the media, shame on the social media for not paying attention to it, for completely ignoring it. The result of this 18 month gap of fully exploring the true origin of the Covid virus probably means we’ll never get to the bottom of it. China has had 18 months to destroy this evidence. Make no doubt about it, China is guilty. They are culpable. They knew they had a coronavirus. They knew they had a deadly pandemic type virus in Wuhan. They didn’t allow flights out of Wuhan to the rest of China, but they let that virus infect the entire world. So, we already know China is guilty. We already know they had to be held to account. I think we also need to hold the news media and the social media accountable as well. This isn’t the only area of suppression. I could list a long list of false narratives, false stories that the drive by media promotes and then never really adequately tracks. But when it comes to Covid, I have personal experience with censorship and suppression that I believe has cost tens of thousands Americans their lives. The NIH guidelines as it relates to treatment of Covid remains a compassionless guideline to basically do nothing. Go home, isolate yourself, be afraid – and if you just happen to get sick enough where you have to check yourself in the hospital, check yourself in the hospital, maybe we can save your life.

I held two hearings on early treatment. Dr Peter McCullough laid out the four pillars of pandemic response. The first one is to try and stop the spread – well China is guilty in not doing that. The second pillar is early treatment; basically how we apply medicine to every other condition, early detection, early treatment, then in hospital treatment and finally vaccine. Why did our health agencies, why did Anthony Fauci, why did the mainstream media suppress and censor doctors who had the courage and compassion to treat patients early with cheap, generic repurposed drugs? Why did that happen? There is growing evidence – it’s not being reported on by the media – [that] Mexico’s having great success with Ivermectin, certain provinces in India are having great success with Ivermectin. Where’s the reporting on that? We’ve seen studies where 50% to 85% of lives could have been saved – it prevents that much death.

Apply that percentage to the 600,000 Americans that lost their lives – which is why I believe the news media will never admit their complicity and why they will never admit they were wrong here. But it’s not too late. Lives can be saved. We’re still going to need early treatment. No matter how effective the vaccine is, no matter how effective immunity from having been infected is, other people will get infected – other people are going to need early treatment. So I am begging, I implore the media – pay attention to people like Dr Corey, Dr Peter McCullough, the other doctors who had the courage and compassion to treat patients. It’s not too late. We need to start and really robustly support early treatment now.

Senator Wicker on the undue and dangerous power of Big Tech platforms:

The last quarter of a century has seen enormous growth in the Internet, and much of it has been positive, as we all know. But the result of this quarter century has been that it has allowed a handful of Internet, Big Tech platforms to grow enormously large, enormously rich and enormously powerful to the point where they decide what is the news. They decide what information the public is going to get and what information is going to be blocked. And it’s not just the Wuhan virus, which is an outrage as my colleagues have just described. We could cite chapter and verse, time and time and time again about these big platforms deciding what we will hear and what we can’t hear.

So let me just help out by saying Senator Johnson is right, and I will cite a few examples; Google threatened to cut off several conservative websites, including the Federalist. How do they have the power to do that? How can they justify doing that? Companies restrict or terminate conservative users accounts and content on social media. Facebook announced its suspending the account of a former president of the United States. That is too much power for them to decide who can and who cannot make news and be quoted.

Twitter moved to censor any coronavirus coverage that they thought, in their judgment, might cause widespread panic. How does a multi-rich, powerful Internet platform get to make that decision? And I could go on and on and on. That’s why I’ve joined with senators like Senator Blackburn in trying to correct the section 230 gaps, but also why I’m introducing legislation to make it clear that these large Internet tech platforms cannot discriminate based on their own opinions and based on what they think the public should and should not be allowed to hear. This is a serious, grave threat to freedom and the open exchange of ideas under our Constitution. And I’m glad to stand with these members on this task.

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