An Act to develop a national framework for a guaranteed livable basic income. Why?

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Addresses are below.

This is my opinion quote. Below, find a pdf copy of Bill S-233, and the email addresses of the Senators.
Please email them your thoughts on this bill. Canada does not need this WEF creation.

The ‘livable basic income’ – It’s been well known for generations that if people need help financially, it’s better provided close to the people, that’s why municipally we have food-banks and employment programs. We have provincially run welfare, mother’s allowance and disability programs, then finally Canadian Pension Plan and Old Age Pension. We have all the financial protection programs in place already, in today’s age they might need to be improved upon, but we certainly don’t need a new federal program. So, this is really why I wrote this, because people need to really understand this bill.

The wording is “the provision of a guaranteed livable basic income would benefit individuals, families and communities and protect those who are made most vulnerable in society, while facilitating the transition to an economy that responds to the climate crisis and other current major challenges”. The climate crisis, as they refer, is created by the [World Economic Forum] WEF, and has been slowly pushed on us for decades. It’s another one of their fear tactics, it doesn’t seem like it, because it’s happened so slowly, and you’ve been subject to it since you were young so it seems right and normal to you. Now People have better facts about this, which is another piece of what is happening right now. It’s important that people pay attention, and not just ‘trust a process’ right now. The process is broken.

Lets say, someone is on a livable basic income, and the muffler on their car is to old and starts polluting the environment. What of it? What if they don’t have enough money to fix it until next month, but need to drive their car to get to work? What if this causes them to create more pollution then they’re allowed to, and their income is docked based on the imbalance they’ve created? How do they get the car fixed faster, so they can correct the balance? What if people who are not allowed to work in the transportation industry are eventually not allowed to own a car anyway, and are forced to take transit, and only hold jobs close to their homes? This bill, is far too loose in it’s wording and not needed.

What is the real reason for it?

I watched the entire situation in Ottawa unfold via live streams, when the UN riot squad was flown into North Bay by Trudeau and Klaus Schwab. I watched live, the entire 2+ days of the Senate Hearings, reviewing the need to continue the Emergencies Act, and I kept a spreadsheet of the way each Senator was going to vote… Prior to Trudeau getting in trouble from the WEF, about his interference with Canadian’s bank accounts, which caused people to lose trust with their banks, and pull their money fast.

This also started people understanding the World Economic Forum (WEF) intentions for the globalist economy and how Trudeau is entrenched within it. Which, is treasonous.

The members of our Canadian Parliament who are enshrined with the WEF

Chrystia Freeland’s family and political history

Klaus Schwab’s book: Covid-19 The Great Reset – Read it…the pdf is on this page.

Wall Street: Noted as one of the best current interviews.

(This quote – My editorial comments.)

OK, admittedly, this is a cartoon. But does it really go too far? A year ago, I’d have laughed at this. Now it’s terrifying.

Email the Senators: Just click on the email address and it should auto-populate in your email program.
There are 105 Senator seats. 14 are vacant. Below is a complete list, current as of March 15, 2022

[Use a generic subject, meaning don’t send an email with wording someone told you to copy and paste. Create something a little different. Some words together will get flagged as spam and will cause a bounce.]

Vaccine Choice Canada

READ THE BILL S-233 (scroll below for a message from Klaus Schwab)

Liberty Coalition Canada outline of bills before parliament including Bill S-233 – Full episode

Matthew Hallick, and Pastor Andrew DeBartolo take a look a some of the current legislation before the 1st Session of the 44th Parliament. 

Episode Resources: 

All Bills before parliament can be found here:

Private Member’s Bill C-226 (44-1):

Bill C-227 | An Act to Amend the Canadian Elections Act (voting age):

Bill S-220 | An Act to amend the Language Skills Act (Governor General):

Private Member’s Bill C-223 (44-1): and S- 233:

Video reading of Bill S-233

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