Katie Wand sat down and had a conversation with Harry Wade, engineering student at Western University who was expelled for refusing to disclose his private medical information.

After being dragged out of Western University, in Ontario, on a matter of stoic principle, Harry tells his story, about how he is willing to risk everything for the next generation, as he begs the question, who will be the leaders of tomorrow?

Incredible quote by Carl Jung, read by Katie at timeline: 1:13:40

“We ought not to underestimate the psychological effect of the statistical world picture: it displaces the individual in favour of anonymous units that pile up into mass formations.

Science supplies us with, instead of the concrete individual, the names of organizations and, at the highest point, the abstract idea of the State as the principle of political reality.

“The moral responsibility of the individual is then inevitably replaced by the policy of the State (raison d’état).

Instead of moral and mental differentiation of the individual, you have public welfare and the raising of the living standard.

The goal and meaning of individual life (which is the only real life) no longer lie in individual development but in the policy of the State, which is thrust upon the individual from outside and consists of the execution of an abstract idea which ultimately tends to attract all life to itself.

The individual is increasingly deprived of the moral decision as to how he should live his own life, and instead is ruled… as a social unit…and amused in accordance with the standards that give pleasure and satisfaction to the masses.”

– Carl Jung, The Undiscovered Self

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Rebel News

University of Western Ontario Engineering Student Arrested AGAIN For Being on Campus Without Proof of Vax

In this interview we share exclusive footage of Harry Wade’s fourth arrest — the one that finds him charged criminally.

Prior to his expulsion, Harry Wade was a second year engineering student at the University of Western in London, Ontario.

His classroom arrest(s) went viral in November when he was barred from the institution that he pays to attend for his questioning of mandates that are questionably justified.

Having been cuffed and later dragged out of his classroom by special constables doing the dirty work of the COVID regime, Harry now faces criminal charges for taking a moral stand against the indiscriminate vaccination and mask mandate policies at his former place of learning.

In this interview we share exclusive footage of Harry’s fourth arrest, the one that finds him charged criminally. Harry shares why he could not be seen as being complicit in his arrest and demanded to either be carried or handcuffed when being placed under formal arrest.

I get his perspective on why he believes students sat idly by and watched him be frog marched out of class and, later, off of campus. We discuss how students are too scared to voice opinions that may go against the mainstream narrative for fear of institutional reprimand and being graded poorly.

In the end, Harry is left wondering if the crown will make an example out of him or dismiss the questionably justified charge?

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Unvaxxed Western student charged after fourth on-campus arrest

Calvi Leon  •  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter Publishing date:Dec 11, 2021

A former Western University student, suspended from campus for not complying with its COVID-19 vaccine requirement, is now charged following a fourth arrest on campus, his lawyer says.

Harry Wade, 22, is charged with criminal mischief in addition to three earlier trespassing tickets, Toronto lawyer Pina Di Biase said Friday.

“I didn’t go to class. I was just on campus in an open forum outside just trying to get some of the student opinions,” Wade said of his latest arrest Dec 2, after he and a group of people went to interview students about their thoughts on the situation.

“I was trying to capture and circulate for the public to know that it’s not just one attitude or opinion about my story . . . But within 20 minutes, I was arrested on the spot.”

Wade, who’s unvaccinated, was expelled from Western last month after being arrested three times following multiple trespassing warnings from the university.

“They’re going to be fought vigorously,” Di Biase said of the charges against her client. “He hasn’t been treated properly. His rights have been violated and there will be a vigorous fight for what’s transpired.”

A video Wade shared with The Free Press of the Dec. 2 arrest shows him being approached by two Western special constables while interviewing a person.

“You’re under arrest for criminal mischief,” one officer says to Wade on the video.

“I am not going to comply,” he replies, after the other officer tells him he needs to go with them.

The nearly two-minute video shows the officers trying to escort Wade away by his arms, but he resists and allows himself to fall to the ground.

“I am not going to comply,” he says, refusing to stand in response to one officer’s request.

Two of Wade’s previous three arrests on campus were captured in video clips shot in class and were widely circulated online.

The first arrest was made just days after Wade said he stopped wearing a mask to class, and following several warnings by the school not to trespass on campus.

Western officials wouldn’t comment about Wade on Friday, but said “the university has dealt with one individual regarding non-compliance requiring on-campus intervention.”

The school can’t discuss specific cases,  but “individuals who violate Western’s vaccination policy may be removed from campus, and may face other discipline,” spokesperson Marcia Steyaert said Friday.

“The university takes an incremental approach to responding to individuals who are non-compliant,” she wrote in an emailed statement.

Western was among Ontario’s first post-secondary schools to require anyone on campus, including all students and employees, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they have an approved human rights exemption and submit to rapid testing requirements.

So far, 30 of Western’s 37,000 students have been placed on “involuntary leave due to non-compliance” with its requirement. “These individuals have also received a notice of trespass to campus,” Steyaert said.

Since being suspended from the university last month, Wade said he’s kept busy giving talks, receiving endorsements and learning entrepreneurial skills.

“There’s a lot of other people in the same shoes as me. They’re going to face these kind same kinds of uphill battles. A lot of people can choose to run and avoid this issue, or they can confront (it),” he said.

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