Dr. Shankara Chetty – Successfully Treated 7,000 COVID-19 Patients – 0 Deaths

Dr. Shankara Chetty from South Africa recognised the importance of early treatment early on in the pandemic. He has successfully treated over 7,000 patients, none of these resulting in death or re-infection.

His focus, like many physicians, is to stop the fear of the virus and treat patients early to prevent hospitalisation and death.

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Dr Shankara Chetty concisely explains the dark science of the covid agenda
and the function of the spike glycoprotein poison

Dr Shankara Chetty is a world expert on the science and treatment of covid 19. He is also acutely aware of the covid-19 agenda which he describes in detail. In this brief and concise 11 minute video, Dr Chetty stitches together his medical knowledge with his political insights. He paints a clear and powerful picture of our current reality.

“This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned and so I think the justification for everything we see is warranted in understanding the endgame.”

(Excellent interview explaining that the spike protein was a man-made poison…. watch for yourself please)

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