Action4Canada founder Tanya Gaw talks to members of the Parent and Business Team about United Nations efforts to sexualize children and how these efforts can be countered.

WARNING: This is not appropriate for children. (This topic starts at about 25 minutes in)

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Children who become sexualized are less likely to be able to form and maintain stable families as adults. This shocking documentary exposes the harmful and graphic nature of sexuality curriculum that is infiltrating schools and sexualizing children around the world. Translated into seven different languages, The War on Children has already stopped harmful Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) programs from being mandated to children in a number of countries and states.
WARNING: This is not appropriate for children. 

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Stop the Global Agenda to Use Children as “Agents of Change”

Whether it’s the Radical Trans/LGBTQ AgendaCritical Race Theory or Climate Change Propaganda, the Agenda is to target children and use them as “Agents of Change.

Less than half of 1 percent of Canadians identify as Trans; racism is being manufactured by a lack of demand for immigrants to integrate and assimilate (causing growing division); and Climate Change is only surviving based on fear of the unknown as there is no true evidence to support it. Thankfully, people are finally waking up but we need to do more to protect our kids…because they are taking the brunt of this attack. 

**We will focus on the UN’s Agenda to sexualize children in this report … and then we will provide you with solutions! Read on!

Our Youth are Our Key to Our Success So A4C is Working on Training up Young Leaders!

When: Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 4:45pm PST/7:45pm EST Register in Advance

Join Action4Canada at the next Empower Hour and hear from our youth. They are crying out for help after years of being exposed to a woke (leftist) curriculum, and unnecessary and harmful Covid-19 restrictions resulting in physical, psychological and emotional abuse. It’s time to bring an end to the propaganda and political correctness! Read More and Share this Registration Link

Children & Youth are Being Exposed to What?!!

Parents, we cannot ignore this message. Our children and youth are being subjected to twisted ideologies using social justice as a means to indoctrinate and groom them.

Minors are being exposed to pornographic resources which are currently available in our public school system and libraries.

The “Sexualization Agenda” is robbing children of their innocence and opening the door to rampant sexual abuse and pedophilia, as well as leading many to having life-altering surgeries that permanently mutilates their bodies. 

It is critical that we take the necessary steps to address this immediately.

Due to the graphic nature of the material in the following report we have created a separate page for parents and childcare givers. Review HERE.

Here’s How We Got to This Point

Mark Dice gives an amazing overview using examples from the USA and Canada describing how this “Transfad Affliction” has grown into the monster machine it is today. Social media has created an extremely confusing environment for children, and parents would be wise to forbid their children from having access. The subliminal messaging in cartoons and on television has incrementally, and now quite blatantly, worked to distort and corrupt the minds of minors. For some, the damage will be irreversible.

Now…Let’s Focus on Solutions! Solution #1 – Give our Youth a Voice

Investing in Canada’s Future Means Investing in Our Youth!

Action4Canada is creating a Youth Freedom Movement. We have commenced our first ever youth leadership program, with 80+ youth in attendance, and are going into our final week of training. The results and feedback from the youths is amazing. As part of the program the youths write a speech and submit it on video. You can listen to some of their powerful speeches HERE.

We are focused on educating our youth, giving them a voice and teaching them how to effectively use it in engaging their peers, as well as the authorities, in their lives.

Help Needed: We need churches or businesses to provide space for our Chapters to hold the Youth Training Program in their own community in the future. Youth will then be able to meet in person, creating friendships and allies. A youth collaboration will help empower kids who feel like they are all alone, and as they unite they can reach out to others in their school and community to join the Youth Freedom Movement! 

Youth are the future generation and they are being indoctrinated, manipulated and abused in the public school system by being inundated with unscientific and politically charged social justice ideology. Hear from Quest as he appeals to Canadians and gives his own personal testimony.

Solution #2 – Join an Action4Canada Chapter

Join an Action4Canada Chapter and help further grow our campaigns reaching out to parents, business owners, supporting employees, children and candidates. There is strength in numbers and so we must work at increasing the membership of each Chapter, as well as  reaching our goal of having a Chapter in every city and town across Canada.

Solution #3: Help A4C Recruit and Elect Candidates

Help support and recruit candidates to run for office at all levels of government. We MUST remove and replace every elected official who has been complicit with this deviant agenda that is corrupting the hearts and minds of our children. Many provinces are having Municipal elections in the fall and this includes School Boards. The municipalities are key to the UN Agenda and we have the power to take back our towns and cities…but we need you! Join a Chapter today or apply to become a Chapter Leader. 


Do NOT allow political correctness, fear, or intimidation to stop you from taking action, standing firm, or financially supporting organizations who are on the frontline doing battle with you, and for you.

Remember: Freedom of speech, thought, belief and the right to life, liberty and security of the person are guaranteed. We do not need to beg, barter or ask for them…they are ours for the taking.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor and help Action4Canada continue to bring solutions and hope to the nation!

God bless you and God bless Canada!

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