Since 2020, Leighton has acted as lead counsel in several high profile Constitutional cases, including the Lockdown challenge involving Dr. Deena Hinshaw, and many vaccine mandate cases involving CN, CP, AHS, The University of Winnipeg, The University of Alberta, Mount Royal University, The Salvation Army, BDC, and others.

Heather talks with Leighton Grey, B.A. (Distinction), LLB, QC, one of the top litigators in Canada.

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In 2009, was appointed Queen’s Counsel and at the time was the youngest lawyer in Alberta to be receive the title “Learned in the Law”.

Survived a cancel culture attack in 2020 orchestrated by the NDP Government and the CBC, based upon his conservative views.

BOOKs Leighton’s must reads
The Parasitic Mind – Gad Saad
Beauty: A Very Short Introduction – Roger Scruton
The Canadian Manifesto (Unabridged) – Conrad Black
How to Be a Conservative – Roger Scruton
Irreversible Damage – Abigail Shrier
The Madness of Crowds – Douglas Murray
The Right Side of History – Ben Shapiro

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Find out more about Dr Hinshaw’s cross examination:
Dr Hinshaw Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer Cross-examined in Court

Grey Matter: Alberta Lawyers Share Insights from the Front Lines of the Hinshaw Case

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Jeffrey Rath have a conversation about Alberta’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw’s COVID-19 court proceedings that took place in court on Tuesday. Jeff Rath has been involved in advocating and winning cases for First Nations at every level of Court in Canada for over 20 years. A large part of Rath’s practice concerns the protection and advancement of Treaty and Aboriginal rights and Treaty interpretation in the court of law. Among other successes Jeff acted as Lead Counsel in Mikisew Cree Nation Case. The Court issued a unanimous 9-0 ruling in favor of Mikisew in what has become a Landmark decision of that Court. During the conversation Grey & Rath touch on Rath’s history and how he became involved in politics and law, the current situation in the Deana Hinshaw case from the front lines, and the alternatives to how the government has handled the COVID-19 situation. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications for future episodes as we are aiming to deliver a new conversation each week full of new ideas and ways to explore the world around us. Remember to follow our other social channels for news, updates, and cool offers from our sponsors as we continue to challenge the status quo and bring thoughtful conversations to the hungry minds who are willing to dabble in the Grey Area!

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