World renowned Cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, discusses the proven devastating harm from COVID-19 vaccine reactions particularly in young people.

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Time Stamp Discussion Points

1:20 – I can tell you first hand that Hydroxychloroquine does not cause giant scars on the heart.

1:45 – A fake paper was published by Lancet saying that Hydroxychloroquine hurt people in the hospital.

2:16 – The ‘vaccine’ has no effect against the Delta variant. This is no time to rush out and get the ‘vaccine’

2:45 – Credentials and introduction

4:50 – Thoughts on the decision of his peers who voted to give ‘vaccine’ to children 5-11

5:50 – The CDC is not like the Supreme Court, their recommendations are not a high level vote on making decisions. A CDC vote on a vaccine should not be considered

7:00 – There are no, absolutely no randomized trials with the Delta variant. It is here to stay, basically 99% of all the mutant strains we have now because it’s thriving among the ‘vaccinated’.

8:20 – Clarifying the term 90% efficacy.

8:52 – Explaining with a chart, what is ‘vaccine’ efficacy.

9:07 – People think it’s 90% effective, well it’s not. … goes on to explain why.

9:31 – What we see now is a giant waning in protection in adults. Delta can thrive in the nose and mouth of those ‘vaccinated’.

10:00 – Talks about recent study: “Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccination Against Risk of Symptomatic Infection, Hospitalization and Death Up to 9 Months: A Swedish Total Population Cohort Study”.

10:07 Pfizer and Moderna after about 200 days, dropped below 30% efficacy. Antibodies drop by about 40% per month.

10:30 – We know that antibodies against the spike protien, is a partial form of immunity. With natural infecting we have a full library of antibodies against all the fundamental components.

10:45 – [Natural immunity] we have robust T-Cell immunity, natural ‘killer cells’. Robust complete and durable.

11:30 – We are no longer in the pandemic of ‘Legacy’ we are in a new pandemic of ‘Delta’. It is the most mutated form we have. Lives in the nose and mouth of people. We are talking about pre-viral loads of the vaccinated. (see papers shown).

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