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Leaders of the trucker protest that has paralyzed downtown Ottawa for a week say they won’t leave until mask and vaccine mandates are ended. “Let me assure the people of Ottawa that we have no intentions of staying one day longer than necessary,” said Tamara Lich, described as “the spark that lit the fire” when she was introduced at the press conference.

(There is a french translation of Tamara’s statement, then it goes back to english. If you want the ‘whole’ story, watch it to the end)

Representatives for “Freedom Convoy 2022” and the ongoing protests in Ottawa, Ontario spoke to the media on Thursday afternoon.

One of the principal organizers of the Canada-wide protests, Tamara Leach told the media that the protests in Ottawa will continue until demonstrators see a “clear plan” for the “elimination” of all COVID-19 mandates and restrictions across Canada.

Daniel Bulford – a former RCMP ofllcer and current
spokesperson for the “Freedom Convoy 2022” protests – says he has “very reliable information” that nobody directly associated with the protest has been arrested or charged by police, despite reports of multiple arrests relating to the ongoing trucker protests in the nation’s capital.

And Keith Wilson, an attorney representing the trucker protesters in Ottawa, confirmed to the media that GoFundMe continues to hold the “bulk” of the money donated over recent days and weeks to the trucker protest movement as it conducts “heightened” diligence to determine where the money is going or what is is intended for.

GoFundMe said Wednesday it has paused and is reviewing the fundraiser for Canada’s trucker convoy that has raised over $10 million to date.
A warning that the fundraiser is “under review” has been posted to its page and donation buttons and a list of previous donors have been removed.

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