On the basis of this filed claim, an injunction is being prepared to stay the “Vaccine Passport” provisions announced in British Columbia.

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The media and the government have conditioned Canadians to hyper-focus on the .03% of the population who are at higher risk every year during the influenza season. In the meantime the devastation being caused to the 99.97% is going unnoticed and considered mere collateral damage.

Millions of Canadians are out of work and can’t provide for their families, hundreds of thousands of businesses are being forced to close permanently, the elderly are being cruelly isolated and dying alone (not of covid but from pure loneliness), our children and youth are being psychologically traumatized, thousands of Canadians have died due to surgeries and treatments being considered “non-essential”, the suicide rate has increased exponentially, and our economy is being systematically destroyed.

Therefore, Action4Canada is raising funds to commence legal action against the Federal and BC governments in response to their extreme emergency measures. These measures are not supported by science or facts and are causing a great deal of harm to the majority of Canadians.

On December 25, 2020 we achieved raising 50% of the funds needed in order for our lawyer, Rocco Galati, to begin the Statement of Claim, which we will anticipate filing in April 2021.Thank you to everyone who has given so generously to rise up in defense of what should be…. our “guaranteed” rights and freedoms.

A little history …On Saturday, September 13, 2020, Action4Canada attended an event in Vancouver, BC to announce the decision to commence  legal action. We shared the need to raise funds and in an unexpected outpouring of generosity from the crowd we raised nearly $14,000 cash. This was an amazing start to the fundraising campaign.

A constitutional challenge is costly but we believe this is the best way forward. Therefore, we continue to seek your help. Please reach out to friends, family, co-workers, business owners and anyone else you know, and encourage them to give generously. The following Call to Action is a great resource to help share the message… Click Here

Whether you live in BC or not, this affects all Canadians.  The draconian BC Bill 19 must be challenged as it sets a precedence for other provinces to follow.

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